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My Hot Miss President

My Hot Miss President


A part-time contract made Ye Fan become the fake boyfriend of the president of the ice-cold female president. He only wanted to make some small money. After he lived a comfortable life, there were so many beautiful women around him. From then on, there were endless troubles. "What... beautiful woman, boyfriend is transferring his profession. Do you want to add extra money?"
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  "The first contract of the boyfriend rent contract is that the contract can be turned on 24 hours a day. The international party must continue to turn on the phone; the second party must fully cooperate with the requirements of the company; the third one, any physical contact must be approved by the contract... four... five..."

  In a quiet coffee shop located in the east district of Huahai, there was a private seat next to the window.

  A young woman wearing a light blue dress with her black hair hanging down was reading out a contract seriously.

  The woman's beautiful eyes were as bright as autumn water. She had crescent eyebrows, long eyelashes, and plump red lips. Her facial features were exquisite, and her temperament was graceful and refined like a fairy coming out of a picture scroll.

  Opposite her were a young man in a wrinkled white striped shirt and a pair of hole-shaped shoes. He had neat short hair and well-featured facial features. He looked like a man and was listening carefully.

  Every time a woman read a piece, the man would sincerely nod his head to show his consent.

  "Secretary of the contract, contract, Su Qingxue, overseas, Ye Fan, the signing time..."

  After reading the contract carefully, Su Qingxue heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, she looked at Ye Fan, who she had seen for the first time today, and was quite satisfied.

  As expected, she was very accurate at judging people. Judging from Ye Fan's facial features and the information he handed over on the Internet, she knew that he was a loyal and simple person and would listen to whatever he said.

  Moreover, this man's appearance was not bad. Although he was well dressed, after a little dressing up, he was enough to be her fake boyfriend.

  "That's about the contract. We'll rent it for three months first, and then we'll see what's the situation later. Do you have any objections?" Su Qingxue pushed the contract over and asked in a cold voice.

  Ye Fan carefully took over the contract, and then carefully read it one by one. When he reached the last page, he asked politely, "Miss Su, I have a few questions, and I need to confirm them first."

  Su Qingxue nodded. "That's what I should do. Ask."

  "That's right. What if I can't go to your place because I'm having a class at school and delay some time?" Ye Fan asked again.

  Su Qingxue took a sip of coffee and said blandly, "You are really thoughtful. It seems that you are also a well-behaved tutor."

  Ye Fan smiled shyly. "It's not bad. After all, after taking the salary, you have to be worthy of the students."

  There was a hint of satisfaction in Su Qingxue's beautiful eyes. She also admired Ye Fan's attitude. He had to work hard when he got the money. This kind of person was trustworthy.

  "Don't worry. I won't pursue such a trivial matter. I will avoid looking for you when you teach me." Su Qingxue had long considered this point.

  "That's good. I think Miss Su is a reasonable person." Ye Fan thanked her.

  Just then, Ye Fan's one hundred-yuan old man's cell phone rang, and the caller showed "Mu Mumu".

  Ye Fan picked up the phone and said to Su Qingxue apologetically, "I'm sorry, Miss Su. My student's call."

  Su Qingxue didn't mind, either. "You pick up the phone first. Maybe your student has something urgent to deal with."

  Holding the phone, Ye Fan seemed to be too embarrassed to disturb other people in the cafe, so he deliberately ran to the outside of the door.

  This polite behavior added a good impression to Su Qingxue's heart.

  Outside the cafe, Ye Fan picked up the phone and asked, "Mu Mumu, what's the matter?"

  A girl's crisp and sweet voice came from the other side, "Mr. Ye Fan! Come and save me, sob... My account fell back to platinum from the diamond section..."

  "Well, I'll do other part-time jobs later. I'm quite busy these days, so I have to go to your house another day." Ye Fan looked embarrassed.

  "Ah? A few days? I... I'm not going to lower my level again, am I? Well, Ye Fan, come and save me..." Mu Mumu begged in a soft voice.

  Ye Fan said earnestly, "Don't worry. As long as the teacher is here, sooner or later, I will help you to get the diamondback. As long as you pay enough tuition, there will be no problem for the master and the king!"

  "But... I've paid you for this month's allowance. I really don't have much," Mu Mumu said pitifully.

  Ye Fan smiled and said, "Teacher knows that you're not easy. It's almost next month. You'll soon have to pay for your pocket money..."

  "Humph! You're so annoying. Just remember my allowance." Although Mu Mumu was depressed, she still said expectantly, "Then come to my house as soon as you're done with your work. I'll wait for you."

  "No problem! I'm the most trustworthy one in your teacher's eyes!"

  After Ye Fan appeased the students, he walked back to the cafe with an apologetic smile.

  "Sorry, Miss Su, I've made you wait for a long time. It seems that the students nowadays can't do anything without the teacher. They always do wrong questions, and then they are anxious. Alas..." Ye Fan was very emotional.

  Su Qingxue was also understanding. "To be a teacher, you need to be patient. Are you in a hurry to go there?"

  "No, no, I intend to cultivate my ability to learn and think independently. I can't help her as soon as there is something wrong." Ye Fan was full of hard work.

  Su Qingxue secretly agreed. She was a very independent woman, so she felt that Ye Fan was more and more interested in her. It should not take much effort to find such a man as a fake boyfriend.

  "I have no other opinions. Let's sing it," Su Qingxue said with a poker face.

  Ye Fan nodded with a smile and thought in his heart, "This little girl looks the same as the fairy sister, but she is too cold. Does she really just look like her?"

  But since she had successfully applied for a special part-time job on the Internet, it was better to observe her for a while. Anyway, it was quite pleasing to see that she could get a considerable commission and had a stunning beauty as her girlfriend—even if it was fake.

  After taking the contract, Ye Fan signed his name without hesitation.

  His handwritings were iron paintings and silver hooks. He was experienced and elegant, which looked full of the charm of Chinese characters.

  When Su Qingxue saw the signature, she couldn't help but appreciatively look at it. In this society, there were not many people who could write well.

  After signing the contract, Su Qingxue handed a thick envelope to Ye Fan and said, "This is 20,000 yuan in advance. You can count it."

  Ye Fan took the heavy envelope with a smile and put it into his loose beach trousers pocket. "There's no need to count. 20,000 yuan is between 1.8cm and 2 cm in thickness, plus the thickness of this envelope is 1.2 cm, this thickness is just good..."

  There was a hint of astonishment in Su Qingxue's beautiful eyes. She had never thought that someone could even judge the thickness of the money. How much did he like the money?

  However, she did not reject such a person. A person who loved money was easy to be obedient, which was exactly what she needed at present.

  Su Qingxue took out another piece of paper from her bag. There were more than a dozen pieces of paper, and some messages were written on them.

  "The information revealed some information about you and me, including how we knew each other, and how we got together. You can take it back and have a look, so as not to be discovered by others," Su Qingxue said.

  Ye Fan didn't expect the woman to be so professional. He took over the document with a smile and said, "I'll read it when I get back."

  "It's ten o'clock tomorrow morning, the B2 parking lot of Yuqiong Building. Don't be late." Su Qingxue said and got up, ready to leave.

  "Don't worry, Miss Su. I'm the most time-consuming person."

  "That's the best."

  Ye Fan looked at the cup of scorched syrup in front of the woman. Before he finished, he asked, "Miss Su, you still have half of your coffee."

  "I don't want to drink anymore," Su Qingxue said flatly.

  "That's a waste. It's 30 yuan for one glass." Ye Fan didn't say anything and took it over and drank it all in one breath.

  Su Qingxue didn't have the nerve to stop him. Although it was a good habit to be thrifty, she felt uncomfortable again when she thought of the " indirect kiss" between her and this guy.

  They walked out of the cafe together. Several guests and waiters couldn't help but look at Su Qingxue a few more times. Such a fairy-like woman was rarely seen in life. As for Ye Fan, he was automatically ignored, who was dressed in extremely simple clothes.

  When they arrived at the parking lot, Su Qingxue drove the car door of a blue Maserati Gudabab. The beauty of the car made all the passers-by look at her.

  As if thinking of something, Su Qingxue turned around and asked, "Which grade do you want to teach?"

  "What's wrong, Miss Su, in high school?" Ye Fan asked with a simple smile on his face.

  Su Qingxue shook her head. "Nothing."

  "I'm a college student who can provide guidance for high school students." Su Qingxue became more confident.

  The Maserati sports car left quickly with a strong wind, taking away a lot of envious eyes.

  Ye Fan finally took out a pack of Red double happiness and lit it for himself. He took a deep breath and swallowed the clouds and mist.

  It was another very expensive part-time job. He was in a good mood.

  He walked to the parking area of the non-car on the roadside and took out a rusty second-hand bicycle.

  Seeing that the sky was getting darker, Ye Fan muttered to himself, "It will take 30 minutes to get to Jinxiu Apartment here. It seems that we have to hurry up. Mrs. Zhao said that there is still three air conditioner to be repaired..."

  Riding on the car, he pushed with both legs, and the bicycle, like loaded with a jet engine, jumped out of the original place with a whoosh!