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The men in the village had gone out to work, and there was not even a driver. The grassland in the whole village was deserted. Lin Rufeng, who retired from the army, returned to the village and contracted the grass in the village. He worked hard, nourished the crops, and developed the village.
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  "Xiaolin Village, I, Lin Rufeng, am back!"

  Along the long journey and the stone mountain road, Lin Rufeng looked at the small village at the foot of the mountain not far away. His eyes were full of excitement.

  Four years ago, when Lin Ruofeng graduated from high school, he resolutely joined the army. But a few days ago, because of the incident in the army, Lin Rufeng decided to retire.

  Full of excitement, Lin Ruofeng rushed to the small village.

  "Hey, isn't this the big boss of the strong family, Ruofeng? Didn't he go to the army? Why did he come back?"

  When Lin Rufeng passed by a farmland in front of the village, a middle-aged woman in her forties suddenly made a slight "gee" sound.

  "Aunt Zhang, it's me. I'm retired now."

  Lin Rufeng said with a smile.

  Seeing the people in the same village, Lin Rufeng felt very warm in his heart.

  "Are you retired? It's so fast."

  Aunt Zhang shook her head with a smile.

  "Yeah, Aunt Zhang, you're busy. I'll go home to have a look first."

  Lin Ruofeng was about to leave, but Aunt Zhang turned her face and suddenly called him, "Ruofeng, you can't go home now."

  Lin Ruofeng stopped and asked doubtfully, "Can't go home? Why?"

  "Because, because, alas—"

  Aunt Zhang let out a long sigh.

  "Did something happen to our family?"

  Looking at Aunt Zhang's hesitant look, Lin Ruofeng's face suddenly changed.

  "This, this, the bald man Wang of the west of the village went to your house."

  Aunt Zhang sighed and said helplessly.

  "Bald Wang?"

  Lin Ruofeng's eyes suddenly widened and he ran away.

  Wang baldzi's name was Wang Meng. He was a gangster in the west of the village and a rascal. He stole chickens and dogs in the village. Because there was an egg-sized position on the top of his head without hair, everyone privately called him Wang baldzi.

  Because he had helped others to build a prison for two years, after coming out, people gave him a sum of money. Wang Meng returned to the small village, built a building, and gathered a few hooligans who were equally ignorant. They ran amok in the village all day and made the whole village uneasy.

  It was definitely not a good thing for him to go to his own home.

  Five minutes later, Lin Rufeng saw his own house. At this time, the house was surrounded by women, children, old, and young. In his own yard, there came the sound of twin sister Lin Xi sobbing.

  Lin Ruofeng's eyebrows suddenly stood up. This Wang Bizi, this beast, how dare he bully his sister!

  Fortunately, he came back in time!

  "Please get out of the way for the blind date!"

  Lin Rufeng pushed through the crowd and entered the yard. His eyes were wide open.

  In the yard, Wang baldzi was pulling his sister Lin Xi, while his old grandfather couldn't move his arms under the pressure of two gangsters.

  Lin Rufeng didn't see his parents. If his parents were at home, Wang Bozi wouldn't dare to bully Lin Xi so openly.

  "Bald Wang, you're courting death!"

  Lin Rufeng was furious. He appeared in front of Wang Meng in one step and raised his fist to hit Wang Meng in the nose.


  Wang Meng shouted and fell to the ground.

  "And you guys, release my grandfather!"

  Lin Ruofeng once again turned his eyes to the two gangsters who were pressing his old grandfather, with fierce sparkle in his eyes.

  Being stared at by Lin Ruofeng's ferocious eyes, the two gangsters were shocked and quickly let go of the old man to help Wang Meng up.

  "Grandpa, are you okay?"

  Lin Ruofeng walked up to his grandfather with a worried look on his face.

  "You are, ah, you are Ruo Feng. Ruo Feng, you are back. Haha, that's great."

  Lin Ruofeng's grandfather, Lin Guanshu, was so old that his eyes were blurred. It was not until Lin Ruofeng was very close to him that he recognized this grandson.


  At this time, Lin Xi also screamed and threw himself into Lin Ruofeng's arms. His shoulders twitched, and he vented all the grievances he had suffered in the past few days.

  "Who hit me?"

  At this time, with the help of two gangsters, Wang Meng got up from the ground and touched his nose. His nose was dripping with blood, and he was immediately furious.

  However, when he saw that it was Lin Ruofeng, he patted his thigh and said, "Oh, it's really a big loss for the temple of Dragon King. We don't know each other."

  "Who is your family?"

  Lin Ruofeng frowned. He felt that something was wrong. Although Wang Bizi was not a good guy, it was still a bit out of line for him to rob Lin Xi in the daytime.

  "Haha, brother-in-law, you just came back, maybe you don't know what's going on."

  Wang Meng proudly came to Lin Ruofeng and said, "Here's the thing."

  "Your mother, also my future mother-in-law. She accidentally fell into a ditch and was hospitalized in the county hospital. The operation costs hundreds of thousands of yuan. Look at how poor your family is. If your sister didn't ask me for help and borrowed 30,000 yuan from me, your mother might not have been able to enter the hospital. Now, I'm here to borrow my money. If I don't have money to pay back, I have no choice but to come and rob her."

  "What? My mother got hurt?"

  Lin Ruofeng turned pale with fright. He pulled Lin Xi and asked in a hurry, "Xiao Xi, is what he said true?"

  "It's true."

  Lin Xi nodded and whispered, "Me too. I can't do anything about it, so I borrowed money from him."

  "You, hey, why don't you call me?"

  Lin Xi was also doing this for his parents, and Lin Ruofeng could not blame her.

  "I called your troops. They said that you would go out to carry out your mission and couldn't get in touch with you."

  Lin Xi whispered.

  Lin Rufeng remembered that he did carry out a secret a few days ago. In that mission, he fell off the cliff and died of serious injury. When he stayed there, he seemed to see an old man with white hair and a sage-like demeanor pointing at his forehead, and then he fainted.

  When he woke up again, he found that his injury was magically healed, and at the same time, he suddenly had a lot of spiritual inheritance knowledge in his mind.

  It was a kind of ancient inheritance that involved geomancy, hypnosis, X-ray vision, medical skills, military skills, cultivation, talents, gossip, astronomical geography and so on.

  Just because of this magical ancient inheritance, Lin Rufeng finally thought of retirement and returned to his hometown to develop.

  Lin Ruofeng shook his head and stopped thinking about it. Instead, he turned his eyes to Wang Meng and said coldly, "I'll lend you 30,000 yuan, right? OK, I'll pay you back!"

  "What else do you have? What do you have to pay back?"

  Wang Meng sneered and said, "Today's deadline. Unless you can pay 30,000 yuan, today's matter is not over."

  "Thirty thousand, right?"

  Lin Rufeng opened his parcel and took out three stacks of money from it. He threw them at Wang Meng's face and said coldly, "What a coincidence! I just took 30,000 yuan from my retirement. Take this money and get out of here!"


  Wang Meng was furious.

  "What are you talking about? If you don't want to be beaten, you'd better get out of here!"

  Lin Rufeng snorted, "I haven't learned anything in the army in the past few years, but I have learned a lot when it comes to fighting. Do you want to be beaten again?"

  Wang Meng's face froze. He remembered that when Lin Ruofeng punched him in the nose, he had no room for resistance. He thought to himself that a wise man would not fight when the odds were against him. He picked up the money that had fallen to the ground with hatred and left in disgrace.