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Loved by a Hot-blooded Soldier

Loved by a Hot-blooded Soldier


He got whatever he wanted. That's what people talked about Steven, a redoubtable hot-blooded soldier. However, after years of anonymity, he chose to become a bar bodyguard. Because he would never abandon his promise to his dead comrades! And he was about to protect the woman, named Pearl, who he never met. On his first day of this job, he handled a mess for Pearl and got her attention. He thought his only duty was to take care of Pearl, his boss, but didn't realize he was so attracted to her. Meanwhile, the hidden enemies and Pearl's suitors showed up. Amidst the chaos, he got his first taste of defeat. But so what? From that moment on, he made up his mind... Woman, buddy, and power, he guarded! The story of battle, rights, and love began here...
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Eastown was a city with an open port. The night came and summer humid was cast away.

Blazing neon lights turned up in the city, looking like a reflection of the stars in the sky.

Along the South Street, a nightclub called FullElite MIX started its business early. The sound inside was deafening. It was a mixture of heavy metal music and human noise. Countless eyes were sweeping wildly on the beautiful women wearing hot dresses, which exposed their graceful bodies. This invisible visual harassment meant vanity, which made the hot bodies swinging and twerking even harder.

A crop haired young man at his 20s, who was about 6ft and dressed in ordinary canvas suit, parked his second hand scooter next to the front door. He stood there, stared at a recruiting poster, frowned, then walked in.

After passing through the noisy hall on the first floor, which was like gathering a group of devils having a party, Steven glanced around and then went to the second floor.

"Stop, who are you looking for?" As soon as Steven lifted his foot, a voice came, and a man in a suit blocked his way! He looked at Steven with vigilance.

"Brother, don't be nervous, look!" Steven grinned and waved the resume in his hand. "I'm here to apply..."

"Nervous? Puff! You don't deserve it!" The man in the suit snorted and didn't hide his disdain for Steven. He was the security manager, who was good at martial. He had dealt withmany troublemakers. Looking at Steven's average-looking and even thin figure, he couldn't help but curl his lips.

"Hehe, yes, brother, you're well trained. It's obvious that you're a martial arts practitioner." Steven smiled faintly, yet his eyes showed a fierce look. The security manager was shocked and took a step back, almost sitting on the stairs. He didn't know if it was an illusion or intuition. He suddenly felt that the man in front of him was like a sharp sword sealed in the scabbard. Once unsheathed, the sword would make people bleed all over the place.

"Brother, can I go now?" Steven asked with a smile again, and then waved the application resume in his hand.

"Ah! Okay, I'll take you there." The security manager came to his senses and couldn't help but wipe the cold sweat on his forehead. He said in a hurry.

"Thanks!" Steven nodded.

Steven followed the bouncer manager to an office on the 2nd floor. The bouncer placed Steven’s resume on the table with respect. “Sister Payne, this man wants a job.”

"Got it. You can leave now." The woman called Pearl said in a cold voice. She did not raise her head and was writing something. She just waved her hand.

"Yes!" The security manager nodded respectfully and took a step back. Then he turned around and walked out carefully, closing the door gently at the same time.

Pearl didn't read the resume immediately, and she didn't even greet Steven. She was just busy with her own business, so the room was very quiet.

Steven stood there and didn't speak. He looked at everything here curiously. This was a small office, but it was mainly black which made it look even solemn, giving people a feeling that they didn't dare to make trouble. To be honest, it was rare for a woman's office to be arranged like this.

In the end, Steven looked back atthe woman in front of him, and his heart moved. Actually, he had seen beautiful women before, but there were not many like this one.

Her eyes were light and she had perfect curl hair.. Her beautiful oval-shaped face was white and flawless. Her almond-shaped eyes under her crescent-shaped eyebrows were charming and beautiful. Her nose was thin and high, and she had a snow-white thigh under her high-open cheongsam.

For no reason, Steven's heart was pounding. He stood there and stared stupidly at the woman in front of him. He looked at the woman's thigh, and his saliva almost dripped out.

This was not the most important thing. The woman’s noble presence and aura moved Steven’s heart. She didn't seem to be the manager of a nightclub, but rather a manager of a large cooperation. She was elegant, good-looking, and strong-willed. Steven slightly put away his exaggerated thoughts.

"Your name is Steven. Steven Cavaliere?"

Pearl finally picked up the resume. She glanced at it and asked casually. Her voice was beautiful and gentle, but there was a sense of majesty in it, as if she was a high-ranking queen asking her subjects.

"Yes… ma’am!" Steven replied with a smile.

Pearl looked up at Steven curiously, and the doubts in her eyes flashed away. The people who came to apply for jobs usually, regardless of men or women, as long as they entered her office, they would feel frightened when facing her. However, this man was so calm that she was a little surprised.

Since this man was different from those cowards, and he was different from the rich playboys who came here for fun, he had a faint melancholy temperament, a tall and straight figure, and a calm and strong self-confidence, which gave her an inexplicable attraction. In short, a decent man.

“Is everything OK, boss, ma’am?” Steven asked with a respectful and curious smile.

"Ah? Oh?" Pearl suddenly came to her senses then felt a little annoyed by her thoughts. She couldn't help but blush. How could she be absent-minded just now? Facing this young man's eyes, she suddenly became like a junior high school girl, a little restless. It seemed that he was the boss, but she was like an interviewee. She was really annoyed! With her ability, let alone managing a small nightclub, even if it was a big group, she also thought that she was able to handle it with ease.

Pearl couldn't help but lower her voice. She sat up straight and cleared her throat. Then she said seriously, "I have read your resume. You have a clean background and a decent appearance. If you are willing, you can go to change clothes and go to work now. I will give a standard monthly pay to begin with, if that’s OK to you. Of course, if there is a guest to tip you, it is also yours. We don't charge you any commission!"

Without hesitation, Steven could not help but nod.

Steven seemed very excited that he got the job, as if everything was as expected. He leaned forward to the table, looked at this women from above.

"Patter!" The pen in Pearl's hand, which was constantly rotating, suddenly fell on the table. Initially, she was a little flustered. However, Steven's action startled her. "This bastard won't..."

Pearl was a little surprised and dropped her pen. She was a little uncertain at the first place. With Steven’s action, her panic exposed. “What is this guy doing…” Pearl thought to herself.

“Well, boss, I have one more thing to confirm with you, just in case. If one of the girls that worked here has a crush on me and needs my service beyond my work hours-” Call this self-centered, or a “job interview blower” question, Steven asked it with unnatural confidence, “er… how do I charge… I mean, what’s the hour rate on that?”