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Light Blooms From the Ashes

Light Blooms From the Ashes


Ruge was going to a hotel to catch her husband and his mistress, but incidentally, she met the man who robbed her first-time three years ago. This man was her nightmare, not only because he took her innocence, but also he had brought her the greatest pain and shame of her life ---- being in hospital because of a lower body laceration. His size was too big...... Ruge tried to escape but failed, and that nightmare, she experienced the second time. She knew as for this man’s wealth and influence, she could not defend him but to endure it. Before she go, this overbearing man even threatened her, “Woman, get a divorce. Or otherwise, I can make you betray your husband every night! You know I can make it!” Ruge had held the opinion of divorcing her scumbag and violent husband long ago, but she could never run away from her sucks marriage. She thought, it might be an opportunity this time...
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Mia received a strange express delivery and opened it in confusion. When she saw the room card of a hotel in front of her, she was a little stunned.

Who had sent her this?

"Ring!" The phone rang.

Mia picked up the phone and tapped it gently. When she opened the answer button, she heard a strange female voice—

"Mia, have you got the room card?"

"Who are you?"

"It doesn't matter who I am. You take this room card and go to room 2320 on the 23rd floor of the Cherry Hotel. Then you will see your husband making trouble with others."

"Why should I believe you?"

"Haha, aren't you going to divorce Jacob? If you don't go, you won't get the evidence. Are you away from this marriage?"

The person on the other end of the line did not say much and hung up the phone directly.

Mia's hand, which was holding the phone, trembled a little. She had already known that Jacob had been a woman outside for three years.

But she still couldn't suppress the trembling and anger in her heart. All kinds of emotions rushed over and annihilated her like a tide.

She had been married for three years, but she had never had sex with Jacob, nor had she kissed her.

At that time, the company's capital chain of the Mu family was broken. The prospective father-in-law, together with his fiancé Jacob, designed her and sent her to the bed of Oliver, a tycoon in business. After a night of romantic behavior, the Mu family got a capital investment. Jacob also kept his promise to marry her and became her husband.

However, he never touched her.

Mia knew that he thought she was dirty.

From then on, she began to get married without any reason.

Her youth had long withered. At the age of 26 years old, she looked extremely old.

Now, she was going to divorce. This idea was already very firm.

Half an hour later, Mia took a taxi to the destination and took the elevator to the 23nd floor, at the door of room 23200.

She closed her eyes and swiped her card through the door.

All they could see was the silence in the room. There was no sound. A faint smell of smoke wafted into their noses. The smell of smoke was so familiar and strange.

Mia's heart trembled inexplicably.

A tall man stood by the window like a sculpture, with his back to her, and her face could not be seen clearly.

It was not Jacob.

The man was just a back figure, standing there like a sculpture. His whole body exuded a cold aura, which seemed to be lonely and lonely, but he enjoyed loneliness very much. With a back figure, one could see that he had extraordinary temperament.

Mia looked at the card in her hand and instantly understood that she had been calculated.

She turned around subconsciously and wanted to leave, but she accidentally touched something and let out a loud noise to alarm the man.

The man suddenly turned around and his eyes were sharp. The moment he saw her, his whole body froze and his thin lips blurted out two words, "Faith?"

Mia didn't hear what he said, but she saw the man clearly.

Mia's body trembled instantly. She quivered her lips and said in surprise, "Yes, it's you."


The man who had a night-long romantic relationship with her three years ago.

Why was it him?

Mia's heart was in a mess and she suddenly stepped back.

"Stop." The man shouted in a deep voice.

His deep and sweet voice was like a cello. His cold face was full of pride, and his temperament was reserved and noble.

Mia was shocked and forgot to react.

She saw the tall man walking toward her step by step with a complicated expression on his face.

Halfway through, he suddenly stopped, and the excitement, love, and pity in his eyes suddenly became cold. It was not sudden. He said in a deep voice, "Mia?"

"Mr... Mr. Gu, I went to the wrong room."

"The wrong room?"

In Oliver's view, this was really a stupid excuse.

"I really went the wrong way..."

"You want to climb into my bed again?"

The man interrupted her coldly, and there was a storm in his eyes. He rolled a few times, and there was a low air pressure that was like the coming rain and the blowing wind.

Mia kept stepping back and said in a trembling voice, "I didn't."

The man approached step by step. "You didn't? Ha, three years ago, you climbed into my bed for the Mu family and schemed against me. What are you doing now? The capital chain of the Mu family was broken again? Or did Jacob not satisfy you?"