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To Be A Magic Hero

To Be A Magic Hero



  The oriental magical continent that conceals numerous mystery of spirit cultivator, there was a teenager, although born of ordinary but he got countless strange encounters, realized the world's mystery, broke free from self-bound and reached peak, which was widely spread over the oriental continent.
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  In a rented room on the outskirts of San Francisco City, Yasin Green was sitting on the bed silly, staring at him in front of him, his expression was as wonderful as it was because of the world in his eyes. The world he was in contact with was already different. His eyes could magically penetrate the wall and see the scenery on the other side of the wall.

  "Damn it! perspective, it's actually seen through, I can see through.."

  On the bed, Yasin Green's eyes flashed into a scarlet glow, his fists clenched tightly, as if excited, uneasy, or as a surging ambition was unleashing. With such a magical ability to see through, Yasin Green believed that his fate would be rewritten by himself. In the future, he would no longer be the little wage earner who looked down on him. To do something big.

  After a while, Yasin Green calmed down. He lowered his head and touched the piece of jade that was hanging on his neck.

  However, it was this yin and yang jade that gave him this magical perspective. Yesterday, Yasin Green had been fighting for his sister Yuki Green and a few bastards. In the process, Yasin Green was beaten with blood His blood penetrated into the jade yin and yang jade, which opened his eyes to the Ghost Eyes.

  "Carman, you guys wait, I must revenge this hatred, dare to tease my sister, I must also let you pay the price!" Yasin Green gritted his teeth.

  "Ah.. Yasin, you're awake. It's too good, it's all a bad sister. If it weren't for your sister, you wouldn't have to suffer such a big crime.."

  At this moment, outside the rental room, a beautiful and delicate woman was carrying in a bowl of medicine. She saw Yasin Green sitting on the bed and ran to hug him with tears in her eyes.

  Yasin Green patted his sister Yuki Green's shoulder and supported her with a grin. "Sister, don't worry, I'm alright. I won't blame you for talking about this again. I definitely want them to pay the price. "

  "Yasin, you're fine, as for the social bastards, don't provoke them anymore." Yuki Green wiped the tears in his eyes and said to Yasin Green, "Come, Yasin, drink the medicine first, the doctor said Your internal bleeding is very serious. "

  Yasin Green took the bowl and swallowed the medicine in one breath. In fact, his wounds were all healed, but in order to reassure his sister, he still obediently drank the medicine.

  "Yasin, you've been recovering at home during this period, so you don't have to go to work." Yuki Green rubbed Yasin Green's head, his face full of pity. A good life made him feel like he was being bullied because of himself.

  "Okay, Sister, I'll stay at home. You can go to work quickly. I'm fine." Yasin Green smiled at Yuki Green. Even if he didn't go to work, he could just try his perspective and see See if they can find a way to get rich. If so, then he and his sister, Yuki Green, would not have to worry about their lives, and no one would dare to bully them.

  "Hum, then you don't want to run around at home. I'll come back to cook for you at night." Yuki Green walked out of the rental room and went to work in a factory not far away for the two of them.

  Just before Yuki Green walked, Yasin Green also went out. With this magical ability to see through, Yasin Green eagerly wanted to experiment. With these years, he had been running around with his sister. He looked down upon him, had enough bullying, and money was his only desire now.

  Walking on the street, looking at the endless stream of pedestrians, Yasin Green strolled down to a footbridge. Under the footbridge, there was a "gambling stand". After betting, Yasin Green walked to the outside and looked around. The owner of this gambling stand was actually a young girl, about 18 or 9 years old, with a handsome appearance and a cigarette on his mouth. A sister—in—law.

  "Come, bet, buy big, buy small, buy away!" The girl swayed a pair of dice and smiled at the people around him. The sound of the dice and the dice cupping seemed to attract everyone's nerves., One by one began to scramble to start betting. At this moment, the girl had stopped shaking the dice and pressed the dice on the ground.

  "I'll press five hundred and buy big. The first few rounds will be big. I don't believe that this will be small." One face struggled and took out five pieces from his pocket. As a result, they started to buy big ones too. Some were down to one hundred, some were down to two hundred, and some were down to five hundred. Only a few people bought small ones.

  Very quickly, the bet amounted to more than 2,000 dollars. Yasin Green stood on the side and focused. His left eye looked at the pair of dice. As he focused, his right eye seemed to be Something changed instantly, giving it a sense of illusion and uncertainty.

  The Ghost Eyes, the left is yin, the right is yang, the right eye can penetrate everything, so under the observation of Yasin Green's right eye, the situation inside the dice directly appeared in front of him, one four, one three, one two, Two, three, four, nine, small.

  "Really, you can see through it!" Seeing the situation inside the dice cup, Yasin Green was excited and stared at the girl's dice cup.

  "ha—ha, everyone, then I'll open it." The girl skillfully spit out a cigarette ring, her expression as usual. She reached out and quickly lifted her hand. Immediately, a series of scoldings were heard from around her.

  "Fucking, two, three, four, nine o'clock, it's actually small and lost again!"

  "Me too. Forget it, I won't play anymore. In just an hour, I've lost more than 3,000 dollars and I'm going to be scolded by my wife again."

  The girl picked up a dozen bills, revealed a pair of white teeth, and smiled. "Excuse me, everyone, two three four, nine, I won."

  The gambling continued. In the next period, Yasin Green stabilized his mind and looked at it for a while. Basically, he already understood the rules of guessing. 4 to 10 is small, and 11 to 17 is large. The number is the size of the dice.

  Moreover, by using the Ghost Eyes to observe, Yasin Green basically understood the rules of the girl's dice rolling, but he also had to say that this girl was indeed a master of dice rolling, which was difficult for ordinary people to do. Under Faye's observation, it had no effect at all, and his clever methods were like useless.

  So, at this moment, Yasin Green entered the room. Looking at the girl's dice cup, Yasin Green squatted down slowly. With a natural expression, the girl saw another gambler enter and admit it. And said, "Handsome guy, play two?"

  Yasin Green nodded honestly and took out a hundred dollars from his pocket to buy the big one when the girl was about to drop the dice cup.

  "You're going to buy it!" The girl opened the dice cup, and the one who was exposed to everyone was a four, a five, a six, four, five, six, fifteen, big.

  "My mother, why did you open up again? I already knew that I would continue to buy big bucks." The gamblers around them started to scold again. With an angry expression, someone left and someone joined, and Yasin Green was very low—key. Won a hundred dollars, and the girl did not observe the existence of Yasin Green.

  However, in the next hour, as long as it was Yasin Green's shot, he would win with every purchase. In just an hour, he had already accumulated from one hundred dollars to four or five thousand dollars. They were so unbelievable that they had been following him. As long as Yasin Green bought whatever they bought, the surrounding gamblers had the pleasure of winning.

  So easily earned four or five thousand dollars, more than his monthly salary, Yasin Green was equally happy, but on the surface, Yasin Green's performance was very ordinary.

  However, the girl's eyes were already spitting out. She stared at Yasin Green angrily. From the moment this kid came to the gambling stand, the money in her pocket could not go out. It's time to work.

  "What, beautiful woman, don't bet?" Yasin Green's eyes stared at the girl. His black eyes were so calm that he couldn't tell what he was thinking.

  "ha—ha, handsome guy, you're lucky, bet, why don't you bet? What if we both bet?" The girl leaned forward, her big eyes fluttering in glamour. She used the Ghost Eyes to peek at the girl's boobs.

  I wipe! From this look, Yasin Green's black eyes also became a little uneasy.

  Noticing Yasin Green's eyes, the anger in the girl's heart was even worse. This damn pervert, Auntie Ben must have even lost her underwear today.

  "Hello, do you dare to bet?" The girl patted the dice and looked at Yasin Green coldly. The gamblers around her also glanced at them and wanted to see them. Look at how this guy and this girl are going to bet.

  "Uhh! Bet, why don't you bet?" Aware of his gloom, Yasin Green quickly converged into other thoughts as he looked at the girl and asked with a smile. "Beauty, how do you want to bet?

  "It's very simple. If you win or lose, you'll bet all the money on you." The girl looked at Yasin Green with a high—spirited look. "Of course, if you lose, go naked!"