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Forever Yours

Forever Yours


When she was treated by the professor as a punching bag, he instantly rushed there, followed by the school leaders who apologized to him. When she was despised by wealthy ladies, he directly came to buy the whole mall. When she got cheated by the man who she once had a secret crush on sb, he arrived quickly and brought her back to their villa. "Uncle, I got married. It is said that my husband is old and ugly, but I was born to be his wife. Whether I am alive or dead, I can only be his wife." She trembled and backend into the corner. He took out a marriage certificate, and lifted his thin lips slightly, "Honey, the rumors are false, I’m not that bad. More than that, I don’t even know you are such loyal to me. Since you love me so much, then, get me a baby!" A few months later, she held on to her aching waist and shouted, "Divorce! I take the baby!" "I want the baby, too." Lifting her chin, he smiled wickedly and presumptuously. "How about having another one, then enough to share?"
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White clouds drifted across the clear blue sky, making way for the glare of the sun, letting the ground bask in the warmth of the sun.

Rose petals were scattered on the path for the ten coming Rolls-Royce cars, petals were being released from a helicopter in the sky too. Balloons and bubbles were floating in the sky while the pleasant wedding music was being played. What a magnificent scene it was!

Today, it was a big day for Philip Wembley, the son of a rich man in A City, and his bride Sierra Ian, the daughter of the Ian family. The traffic police had been on duty since early morning to clear the road for that day. Everyone knew that the head of the Wembley family was an old fogey who was extremely superstitious. If the auspicious hour was being missed, no one could imagine how enraged he would get.

The bride, who was immaculately dressed, was in the first Rolls-Royce. Looking at the rose wedding bouquet in her hands blankly, she tried to hold back her tears.

She was not Sierra Ian. She was Sierra's younger sister, Aurora!

"Bride, it's time to get off the car." The door was opened, and the face of a stranger made Aurora lean further inside the car.

But where could she hide?

After Sierra had run away from the wedding, her father had forced Aurora to be a substitute bride since she is Sierra's younger sister, whether she liked it or not.

Her father had firmly exploited her vulnerability, therefore, she could only admit defeat.

Aurora took a deep breath after her feet touched the ground. She followed the group of people into the hotel rather unwillingly.

She sensed that something seemed to go wrong somewhere.

The last time she met him was at the "escorting the bride to the groom's home" wedding procession. However, she had not seen him since then.

Rumour has it said that the groom is not only inauspicious and impotent, but he is also an ugly old man.

A man like him is able to get married just because he was born into the rich Wembley family.

Damn it!

How dare he used such mean methods to force me into marrying him!

It was no wonder that my elder sister had to run away from the wedding!

"Oh no! Bad news! The groom has run away!" A little girl ran over and shouted anxiously.

"What? He has run away? How could it be?" Aurora's bridesmaid asked and she also became a little worried.

"I'm not sure! The Wembley family has sent people to look for him, but they haven't found him yet!" The girl replied.

Aurora's eyes lit up and she asked right away, "So does it mean that I don't have to get married today?"

"No!" The little girl replied firmly but she also began to panic. "Old Master Wembley let me tell you that even though there isn't any groom, you still have to go through all the necessary rituals later on. The wedding ceremony will still be on as planned. All of us are counting on you. Do you understand?"

"What?" Aurora could not believe what she had heard, grabbing the little girl by her arm and she uttered, "Don't you think that they are too much? The groom has run away, and yet he still wants me to carry on with the wedding? I won't marry him! Dream on!"

"No, you have to marry him today!" The bridesmaid stared at Aurora and replied. "The Wembley family cannot afford to lose their face publicly! Aren't you the top bachelorette in A City? You are able to handle this trivial matter effortlessly, right? Otherwise, how can you be the bride of the Wembley family?"

Aurora Ian was tongue-tied.

First, she was forced to be a substitute bride, then the groom disappeared. And now, she had to go through the ceremonial rituals alone, all by herself.

How could the series of events that happened be simply described as "trivial matter"?

"Go in quickly! If you miss the auspicious timing, could the Ian Family afford the compensation?" The bridesmaid ordered sternly.

Turning her gaze away, Aurora raised her head arrogantly and said, "Don't you regret this!"

The bridesmaid sneered at Aurora and dragged her away at once.

At first glance, Aurora saw her father among the guests in the hall.

He lowered his head with guilt appeared on his face. She really wanted to walk over to him and mocked him.

However, she had a better way to take revenge on him!

Some of the guests noticed that something was wrong. Whispering among themselves, they began to discuss about the groom's whereabouts.

Aurora's father lowered his head even more.

He had just received the news that his son-in-law to be, Philip, who was supposed to marry his daughter, had suddenly disappeared. Due to his disappearance, all arrangements that were previously planned had to be altered.

He worried that the groom left because he had already found out that the bride had been replaced.

On second thought, it couldn't be, could it?