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A Secret Baby For The Wild CEO

A Secret Baby For The Wild CEO



Esther spent a night with a billionaire CEO who she had forgotten at an instant and had no idea of who he was. Years had passed only for her get kidnapped and raped. She could not believe who had kidnapped and raped her in the dungeon demanding for his baby. Was it all a dream? Or did it all happen?
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In the darkness, I was awakened by a sudden coldness. Someone had poured a pail of water on me.

“What the fuck!” I thought it was my step-sister’s trick again. To run away from their torments of me, I’d rather rent a damp basement than pleaded with my father to allow me to live in that cold mansion.

But why did they still not let go of me? Also, how could they get my house’s key? Without much consideration, I grabbed the stun rod under my pillow. Just as I was about to take it out, something chilly pointed at my temple.

I couldn’t doubt that thing might be a... Pistol?!

What’s the hell happening? Damnit! I wasn’t in LA, was I? Only the mafias in LA were such savage.

Crack! The lamp was turned on. The bright light pierced into my eyes painfully. After getting used to the light, I tried hard to open my eyes to see what’s happened.

Six suited men standing around my bed with all poker faces, like bodyguards on TV.

What the hell happen?! Before I could figure it out, a deep voice came behind those guys.

“Where is the baby?”

I looked in the direction of the voice, a man sitting on the sofa.

GOSH! I was stunned, staring at his god-like face. I’ve never seen such a handsome man.

Each of his features seemed to be carved by God, with a straight nose, and deep eyes with navy blue cores, differentiating from others. Though not comforting one’s mind, his eyes were more like the whirlpool in the ocean that suck me in and swallow my bones without mercy.

A huge pressure passed on me through his sight, I couldn’t help but shiver. What the hell he just said?! A baby?!


“Excuse me sir, you made a mistake. I have never seen your baby or whoever’s!” I explained.

I was fucking sure that I didn’t take any baby home!

“For the last time, where did you hide the baby?” Hearing my reply, that man was pissed off.

I felt helpless while watching his face become colder and colder.

“I swear I have not seen your baby sir. I’m still single and even no boyfriend for three years!” I yelled out.

“It seems that you are trying to challenge my patience." The man's voice was full of coldness.

Snatching the pistol from the bodyguard's hand, he pulled the trigger and brought it close to my forehead.

"If you dare to lie again, I guarantee that the bullet will go through your head at any moment," he threatened me.

He was so close to me that I could even see the muscle of his strong forearm clearly. He must go gym regularly.

No, it wasn’t the right time for me to release my hormones.

Feeling that my wet clothes were about to be dried with my tension, I needed to focus my attention to find a way of escaping from here as soon as possible.

"Look, why are you so sure that I took the baby away? Have you taken some investigation to prove it was me?" I asked cautiously.

"Where were you on Valentine's Day three years ago?" He suddenly changed the topic, pressing the pistol harder on my forehead.

Damnit! There must be a deep mark on my forehead now.

But what hurt me more was I recalled what happened on Valentine's Day three years ago. I lost my first love and my first time on that day.

I closed my eyes in pain. Because of what happened on that day, I was driven out of the family by my father. I didn't want to talk about that day to anyone again.

I bit my lip, trying to get rid of the feeling of being betrayed by the whole world. Would anyone understand the feeling that things used to cherish go breaking suddenly?

I took a deep breath and hid the sadness in my heart. "I think this is my privacy." I looked at him calmly.

"Oh?" he sneered, "it seems that you really don't intend to answer my question correctly."

"Then there is only one way." While saying, he untied his tie. Soon, his black shirt was undone, revealing his sun-tan chest.

The bodyguards saw his movements and immediately walked out of the room in a line.

Figuring out his intention, I asked in horror, "No no no...What are you doing?"

"Take off your clothes," he ordered, with his pistol still pointing at me.

WHAT?! NO! What’s the hell he going to do to me?!