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Only You Deserve My Tenderness

Only You Deserve My Tenderness


Evelyn never expected that she would meet the man whom she just slept with, on the blind date. And the man was the youngest tycoon in the construction field, Leon Rodriguez. If they got married, he could help Evelyn's family to solve their financial problem. But Evelyn refused without hesitation, "sorry, sir. I'm not interested in being your wife." "I promise, you will be interested soon," Leon said confidently. "What happened?" Evelyn asked curiously. Leon handed a gossip newspaper to her, saying smugly, "Everybody knows we spent a night together in my villa. Now you have to marry me, Mrs. Rodriguez."
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A splitting headache! This was what exactly Evelyn Green felt after a hangover.

Evelyn was awakened by a deafening knock on the door. Before she responded, her stepmother Angelina Moore had already pushed the door open and broke in. She threw a formal dress in Evelyn's face.

"Come on, stop fooling me. It has been a full week since you came back, and you should have recovered from the jet lag. Get up and put on this dress now. Young Master Rodriguez doesn't like anyone being late."

Evelyn frowned and sat up in bed. Of course, she should not forget that her father Connor Green had deceived her to come back from abroad for a blind date.

As far as she could recall, her father was an honest and even somewhat timid man. Unexpectedly, he had learned how to lie to his daughter after living with Angelina for a couple of years.

Evelyn knew nothing more about this Young Master Rodriguez, but certainly, nothing less than that this man must be rich or powerful. Connor and Angelina were pure business persons who wouldn't do anything that couldn't bring them benefits.

Evelyn glanced lazily at the long rose red dress on her body. If she was not mistaken, it should be the latest version of Christian Dior, which had not been available at home and had only been unveiled in magazines.

For adding a hefty price tag to her, Angelina really paid through the nose to wrap her up.

"I see. Just go out." She said indifferently.

Angelina crossed her arms around her chest and did not show any inclination to leave. She glanced at her without much enthusiasm, as if she was reminding Evelyn that she was the only hostess of this family.

"I am not used to undress in front of anybody." Evelyn said, keeping her eyes calm and cold on Angelina.

Angelina snorted and left the room. She could barely control her temper if the Green's family was not so necessary to rely on Evelyn's marriage.

Evelyn changed her clothes but did not make up, and her long hair ending at her waist was hanging down loosely. It was obviously that she couldn't be more perfunctory.

She had no interest in this blind date.

In this world there was a kind of person who was born to be beautiful, and coincidentally, Evelyn was. She was a gorgeous lady with fair skin, starry eyes, black eyebrows and peachy lips. The long rose red silk dress she were wearing made her look fresh and charming.

Angelina looked at her slowly walking down the solid wood staircases, feeling envious and jealous. The scene reminded her of Evelyn's mother Vanessa Green, who used to be the best-known lady in B City. Evelyn and Vanessa were really alike, and Evelyn was a chip off the old block. Angelina suddenly felt very uncomfortable as if she had swallowed a fly.

Connor and Angelina walked Evelyn out.

At the gate, Angelina deliberately told her to have a nice day with Young Master Rodriguez.

Evelyn stopped and looked at her with ice-cold eyes. She asked coldly, "Aunt Angelina, how nice should it be? Nice play in his bed?"

Angelina felt guilty under her cold gaze, and she could not say a single word for quite a while.

Connor hurriedly explained, "Evelyn, I'm sure your Aunt Angelina didn't mean that."

"Really? God knows." After saying this, Evelyn opened the door and got into the car. 

The car was a Mercedes-Benz Viano Extra Long. Usually, Connor would like to use it to keep up appearance only when he went out for business negotiations.

The blind date was arranged in a fancy western restaurant. The waitress took her to a private room at the end of the second floor. Because of the traffic jam, she was late for five minutes already and she was pretty sure that the man had arrived first.

"Young Master Rodriguez is waiting for you." The waitress said with a smile and then left in a polite manner.

Evelyn knocked on the door with courtesy. "Come on in." She heard a low and cold male voice and then opened the door to walk in.