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You're His Love

You're His Love

Author:Jacinta Ezeh


Olivia fell in love with Michael for a long time.... To be with him, she choose to be the other woman. But at last, the man she loved..............
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  Ah ... I feel pain …"Olivia Baker was suppressed by the man and he fiercely entered into her body. Her fingernails grabbed onto the bed sheets. She used all her strength to endure the pain caused by the man's violent movements. "Olivia, scream louder!" Michael George pressed down her nape and stuck it behind her ear. "You're getting more and more boring and disgusting," he said viciously. Olivia closed her eyes, but she couldn't hold back her tears. Tears fell down from the corner of her eyes. Michael 's movements became even harder. He was intentionally hurting her and torturing her. "Olivia, just scream. Don't act like this. What you do right now makes me feel disgusting!" "Do you hear me? "He pinched the fingers her nape and gradually pulled back his strength, as if he was going to strangle her to death like this. "It hurts." Olivia couldn't bear it anymore and murmured in pain.

  Michael seemed to be satisfied. He finally put down his hands from her nape, but his movements in and out were still fierce and forceful.Olivia almost fainted …But at this moment, the phone on the bedside table suddenly rang. Michael paused and let go of Olivia, picking up the phone. "Emily Clinton, what's wrong?" Unlike the cold and vicious voice just now, his current voice was gentle and tender, making people intoxicated. Olivia slowly opened her tearful eyes. Her heart was filled with pain, and she grabbed the sheets tightly. "Don't be afraid, I'll be right over … Alright, I'll be right back … "He whispered softly and hung up the phone. His body immediately clung to Olivia's back, speeding up his venting movements. "Emily is suffering from a power cut. She's scared. I'm going to find her immediately. Compliment me! If Emily wanted to see him, he would hurriedly finish his movement as soon as possible and went to Emily’s house to accompany her. What a joke.

  "Michael, since you are in such a hurry to see Emily, why don't you just leave?" Olivia sneered coldly, but her heart ached.In his eyes, she was trash, and Emily was the supreme treasure in his hands."Olivia, you are just a bitch. You have no right to know what I do!" Michael rolled her over and leaned over. He stared into her eyes and said fiercely, "If I give you money as a deal, you should please me! Isn't that how women are used?"Olivia closed her eyes painfully.Yeah, she took his money, and now, she deserves the pain …

  A few seconds later, Olivia opened her moist eyes with difficulty and said in a bitter voice, "It's over,Michael. I don't want to continue with this kind of thing with you. Aren't you going to marry Emily? Coincidentally, I'm leaving. You should stay with her for the rest of your life."Michael didn't say anything for a long time. He only stared at Olivia fiercely."End?" His finger touched Olivia's slender neck, and then he forcefully grabbed her. "Olivia, what right do you have to tell me to end this? Not only do you owe me money, you also owe me a life!"

  His eyes were bloodshot and ferociously red."My sister was hurt by you. We don’t know where she is. I don’t know whether she is alive or not! But now you actually say that you want to escape, why do you think you should? Olivia, you should bear the guilt for the rest of your life!""I really haven’t planned that car accident. I didn't do it …""Shut up, Olivia!"Michael suddenly tightened his fingers and pinched Olivia's face. He was furious, "I saw the accident with my own eyes. You drove the car and knocked over my sister's car, causing her to sink into the deep sea … I have witnessed, but you still want to lie to me, how shameless are you?"Seen it with your own eyes?Olivia's eyes widened. She didn't drive that car at all. Where did he get to witness this?"Olivia, let me tell you, I want to torture you for the rest of your life! I want you to live in regret for the rest of your life! This is what you deserve, this is what you owe me!"