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This novel is about a girl who has a crush on John. In a science project, he brings a machine which he stole from his uncle's place. As he is not familiar with the machine he presses an unknown button and followed by a blinding light he along with Evana, Jacky, Prazu they will be able to experience their past life. Due to the pure love between Evana and John, they will receive a life-changing blessings.
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  I am Evana Rella, a junior high school girl. I do have another name Joana given by my best friend Prazu. I just don't know why she enjoys making a new name for me joining my name with my crush's name. I have to pretend to be sick of it every time

even though I am not

. I quietly enjoy it but I don't wish my best friend to know that. You may relate to what I mean.

  It all started exactly one month ago. We were all excited to hear that we will have a new friend in our class. But who thought he was going to be someone special for my heart. In class, I couldn't help but peek at him without being caught.We were quite close. But I always buried my feelings deep inside my heart, I feared it would ruin our friendship.