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Run away from home

Run away from home



Sharia was spacing when a maid came in and saying she was called by his father in the office. Sharia turn around and signed the maid to leave her room and wanted to be alone. But when she noticed the maid was still there waiting For her. She climb off the bed lazily and follow the maid to the office of her dad. Sharia hated his dad so much for bringing a mistress at home just when her mother is dying.Sharia was mistreated also in this household that everything happens to the mistress and her daughter will be blamed to her. [Inside the office] As she saw a man leaning on the swivel closing his eyes like he was in a deep thoughts.She didn't even dare to make a noise and Just when she was about to leave the man speak.
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  A large cold palm landed on sharia's goddess face with a sound.

paaakk !


  Her body trembled , became numb and cannot move a single move.

  This gave her the feeling that she can't come to life.

  She felt dizziness but only she can do is closing and opening her eyes as wide as she can, just to clear her vission and make sure she won't pass out.

  After trying several times she regained her senses.

  she has a thin and light body but remained calm as she could.

  Even though she is shaking inside.

  Out of shockness she smiled fiercely and look at the man with her two marble fearless eyes throwing a dagger look at him.

  She didn't even dared to shred a single tear.

  But her heart aches more.

  Regaining her strength she manage to speak.

  Is that all you can do? For I know you have beaten mom to death.

  And even made her taste the taste of hell.

  Do you plan to kill me now?

  Do you want to bury me after mom's?

  She utters while mockingly laugh.

  The man squinted his eyes holding back his anger and speak again.

  I won't repeat myself, weather you like it or not you will marry him.

  Even though you became a slave I would not care as long as you are useful to me.

  Are you really my father?

  Why are you making things hard on me.

  Is your mistress and your so called daughter only matters to you?

  Isn't it enough for you that you stained your hands with mom's blood?

  Are you even still a human?

  Sharia said unstoppable.

  While tears were about to roll down on her face she look side ways and put on her fake smile.

  To meet her fathers gazes. She felt burning like tearing her heart into pieces.

  The pain she felt is killing her slowly.

  Like eating her soul.

  The man shouted calling his body gaurd who was just listening to the conversation of father and daughter.

  Drag this woman out of my office now

  makes sure she won't ponder anywhere.

  Gaurd the hell room of her and as possible let her stay on her room for the mean time.

  Shouted the old man angrily .

  She remains unmoved hence she glares hardly from head to foot at his father's and sighted a long sight in disgust.

  The body gaurd was about to act as the old man says but Sharia put up an dying glares at him makes him feel remains unmoved and looked down like a scolded cat.

  Sharia pave her way to her room.


  Sitting alone while reminiscing the memories she had with her mom.

  She closed her eyes to prevent the tears coming out to fall.

  But it was too late, the tears she held up a while ago already begins to roll down unstoppable.

  With a pung of pain in her heart, thinking that her father is more capable of doing anything ,and she knows how scram her father was.

  She thinks nobody can't stop him.

  Thinking her mother was no longer belong to this world. makes her heart aches more like there's someone stubbing a needle on it.

  She stared at the ceiling, still recalling the times she was very happy with her mom.

  She misses her mom very much that makes her cry more until her eyes swollen.

  Even in her sleep she dreamed that she talks to her mom.

  <The Dream>

  Sharia, honey a sweet delicate voice is calling her name. Upon hearing her name was called,she turns her back and saw an angelic face which belongs to her mom.

  She smiles sweetly like a child and run to her mom's embrace.

  Mom where did you go?

  I've been looking for you the whole time.

  She ask sweetly with a gentle sweet smile on her face.

  Her mom just smile and touches her daughters hair down to her like porcelain face gently.

  My dear Sharia please take care of yourself,don't let anyone bully you.

  Don't fear anything, fight for what is right.

  Be a good girl always.

  I will always be right by your side.

  I love you my dear daughter.

  Sharia looked up to her mom, and her mom was smiling gently as always.

  Mom are you going far away?

  Mom why are you talking nonsense again?

  You talk like as if you gonna leave me forever.

  Mom don't worry I promise I will always be a good girl as long as you're by my side.

  I love you too mom.

  She hugged her mom tightly like she's not letting go.

  Her mom stroke her hair smoothly again and with the angelic smile on her face

  Her mother started to emit the white light and slowly disappearing into the light with an apologetic smile but sweet.

  She hugged her tightly but seems like she won't stop the scene.

  Her face become pale ,

  her body trembles unstoppable, and her breath is hard to catch up.

  She's now in panic realising that her mom is gone and nowhere to be seen.

  She shouted her mom's name again and again until there's no voice coming out from her mouth.

  When she got tired she rest for awhile and search again and again but nothing happens, then her tears starts to fall over her face.

  She curl her body into like a ball and cries her heart in vein continuously.

  Cursing the world why is it so cruel.