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A Beautiful Dream

A Beautiful Dream



Growing up in a family of Six(6) which included Sofia,her three sisters and parents seemed so warm and peaceful until Sofia was separated from her family's by her father's cousin who had taken her away for the holidays. Life took a new turn when she had to adapt to the new environment and learn to live without her Father whom she loved so much and her siblings with Mother.
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It was early hours of the morning, the weather seemed beautiful and the normal day activities had longed began.

Siting beside her mother was little Sofia looking so innocent and beautiful as she watched her mother careful making breakfast for the family.

"Mother I want to find a good man like my father someday and make sure to never give up on him while we grow old together" said Sofia with all sincerity in her heart.

"Your father has asked Uncle Mike to come pick you up so you can go and spend the holiday at his place, he has a beautiful daughter of your age and he is expecting another child soonest ; said Jenny, Sofia's mother who seemed to not be even a bit happy as she made the statement.

Stuck between excitement and sadness yet unable to tell which part she was to show and which should be kept hidden was the state of the little confused girl who just thought of the live without her family how it will seem like and the need to find out from her father if it's true.

It was already afternoon, while the rest of the children were playing,Sofia could be seen sitting by the corner and counting what seemed like nothing as she spoke to herself.

"If I were the one going for the holiday in another country I would be so happy that at least I will get to see new places, different people and learn new things" Said Evelyn, Sofia's eldest sister.

I don't want to live outside here,I don't want to start reliving again with people who are not my family, Sofia said as she was almost crying but was interrupted by her friend who had just thrown a toy at her.

Later that day when her father had returned,after dinner she went as usual to sit beside her father and without hesitating her father had stretched out his arms to wrap her in his embrace.

The thought of waiting a long time before having this scene again sank in her heart as she gulp down her saliva and asked gentle; Father, mother had said that Uncle Mike is coming to pick me up for the holiday but I don't know if I will like it there and besides I don't want to leave you or mother and my sisters for too long.

Don't worry you will like it there and besides you have to learn to change your environment and get to meet new set of friends said her father as he held her tight in his embrace as if he was equally not ready to accept her absence.

Days had passed so quickly and it was the day for Sofia's departure, her bags had been carefully packed by her mother who handed it over to her uncle while she tried to get Sofia set for the journey. Standing beside her was her eldest sister who was almost in years and her younger sister who barely understood what was going on but was playing with their baby sister as their mother asked them to say farewell to their sister.

The farewell seemed like a long scene until uncle Mike told Little Sofia it was time to go.

All through the journey she had quietly sat by the window staring at the trees and landscapes as the adults chatted and bought things along the journey.

The journey lasted for about five hours before they got home.

Daddy is back I want to hug you father ; said uncle Mike's daughter while she bluntly stared at little Sofia who seemed the same age as her and wondered why her father was holding the child and bags.

Julie this is your third cousin and she will be staying here with you for the holiday, so be nice to her and show her your toys to play with as well ; said uncle Mike to his daughter.

Is she the one? She seem a little bit older than Julie .the sudden voice made everyone turn and the one who just spoke was Michelle, uncle Mike's wife who was looking at Sofia with what seemed like a mixed feeling.

Come dear and let's go get you relaxed,you must be tired and hungry; said Michelle as she tried to help her undress and quickly take a bathe while she quickly went to fix lunch.

A week had passed and Sofia had with little effort managed to adapt to the new environment especially with Julie by her side and the children from the neighborhood.

The environment was quite different from the family house Sofia had just left. It was a surrounding with different blocks of flat and houses facing each other and when you open the door of the house it's quite easy for someone to see the interiors of the house .

The people were friendly and quite their neighbors' keeper.

Within a month it was easy for Sofia to fully adapt and of course got along so quickly with the other children from even the next houses aside their blocks.

It was a month and some weeks and Sofia started looking forward to going home while Julie had resumed school since it was the beginning of a new session.

Sofia was a class ahead of Julie and therefore seemed more advanced than Julie so she was more like the care taker of Julie.

Sofia you have to get enrolled in a school by next week,your father asked that you stayed here a little longer and maybe go to school till he comes around to pick you up ; the one speaking was uncle Mike while he tried to get his shirt properly buttoned.

But why is father not coming now to pick me up? Asked the Five year old Sofia in disbelieve while hoping to hear the uncle say he was only joking.

But she only realized he was telling her the Truth. This was going to be her new home and family till when her father comes to take her home.