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Find true love



Mita is witness of a murder by accidentally. She has to run away from criminals for saving her life. That night, she also got into accident by car. The business tycoon Karan saved her life and gave her shelter because she pretended to lost memory for saving her and her family life. She wanted to tell the truth to Karan. But she couldn't. Why? Read it.
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  I came into this city to enjoy my life. But I didn't know my life would be full of drama and action. Before that night, my life was boring and simple. It was my daily routine to get up early morning, do some chores, get ready, go to office, do lot of works, do some gossips with colleague, come back home, eat dinner, watch TV and sleep. There was no fun and friends because of my busy schedule. My family loves me and I love them. My mom does home chores, my father does job, my elder sister got married and my brother does study. Here I am single. Because I am boring and unattractive according to boys and their family. The main reason is dowry and I am against it. My family made me understand but I don't listen them. At last, they gave me instruction to find a guy by own and get married. But it's not simple and I decided to enjoy my life a bit.

  When I came in this city, I shut down my mobile. I took some cash. I told my family that I was going on training towards office. And in my office, I took some days leave. Actually, I was tired from my life. But I didn't know that I was going to make a huge mistake.

  I booked a hotel room. It's late night that's why hotel canteen was closed. But receptionist told me that there was a restaurant by near which open 24 hours. I went into restaurant and took dinner full of stomach because of taste.

  I decided to go hotel by foot. I was walking with earplug into my left ear and listening music. I was enjoy the lyrics then I heard someone voice. I looked here and there. It was empty road that's why I decided to walk fastly. But I heard again someone voice. I looked some guys was taking a guy. That guy had some bruise. Normally, I think before doing action but I didn't know what happened to me that night, I did action without thinking. I followed them. They carried him into a building which was  under construction. I followed them. They sat him into a chair and binded with rope.  They were looking professional criminal. They were beating him. And he was crying to stop them but they were not listening. They stopped when one of them mobile rang. He told them to stop. The victim man's blood was running from his wounds. I was scared. They went to another side  for speaking on phone. I ran towards victim. He looked at me with horror. I asked for his mobile. He pointed me towards his pocket. I took out and dialed police number but He denied me and said, "it's not use to call police. They are corrupted. Put my phone on recording. And run fastly otherwise they kill both of us." I nodded and I run a side where I was hiding. I was praying God to save him. But they came back and told him, "our boss ordered us to kill you."

  He asked in slow voice, "why do you want me kill? What did I do wrong to you or your boss?"

  They laughed. One of them opened his mouth, "you didn't do anything wrong but your brother did. He loves you that is your mistake. We kill you after that we will kill your brother. It's our boss rule."

  "Who is your boss? And what did my brother do mistake?"

  They laughed again and criminal again told, "you are not in position to ask anything." He took out the knife and stabbed the victim. I didn't imagine it that's why I shook from head to toe.

  I heard one of them voice, "shh.... Did you hear that voice?"

  They nodded then I came into my sense that voice was mine. They started to search me and I ran away from there. I was running and they were following me. I tried to hide but there was no use. I knew they will find me.  But I was running non stop. I came on the road and my legs was shaking. I was thirsty. I tried to stop any vehicle. But nobody stopped. Then on the bus stop, a bus stopped. I sat into bus. My heart was racing fastly and my mind was not working. I was thinking. If they saw me, they will kill me and what about my family? I took sim card out from my mobile and broke. I threw mobile and broken sim card outside the bus. I decided to go back my city. I took out from bus on the last stop. I thought to go bus station. I was walking but I didn't see and a car hit me by back.

  I flew into sky and other second hit on the road. I was feeling pain and blood was dripping from me. I wanted to open my eyes but it's hard to open. And I got unconscious.


  I felt pain. It's hard for me open my eyes. I tried to move but it's impossible. My body got frozen. I was praying to God to save me. I didn't want to die soon. I didn't see anything now. What would happen to my family after me? I was hearing voices but I couldn't understand anything. I felt sharp pain again and I got unconscious.


  I got into conscious again. Where am I? I died or not. I couldn't see anything. Even I couldn't feel my body. I tried to open my eyes. It was seemed impossible. But I was forcing to open my eyes. At last, I opened my eyes slowly. I looked my surroundings. I couldn't see anything. I blinked my eyes many times. I could see some figures. I heard voices but I couldn't understand. I tried to understand and see clearly. At last, I could see. There was a doctor and nurse. Doctor opened his mouth, "can you see us?"

  I tried to nod but I couldn't feel anything. He said, "it's ok. You woke up just now that's why you are feeling nothing. Take some rest."

  I closed my eyes again. I was feeling unconscious again. After some times, I  woke up by noise. I opened my eyes. I could see clearly. I saw that doctor and nurse with a man and woman. I didn't know them. The man asked without patience, "when will she wake up?"

  "Keep patience sir. We are trying to our best."

  "She is unconscious since last three days. If you are trying to your best, she would have wake up." He was looking angry.

  "I am sorry sir. It's major accident." Doctor tried to convince him.

  "But you called us that she woke up. But she is unconscious now." The woman asked.

  "Yeah, she woke up that's why I called you. We have her medicine to take some rest. She will wake up soon." The doctor said.

  The nurse looked at me and said to them, "she woke up."

  They looked at me. Doctor checked me up and asked, "can you hear me?"

  I nodded. He asked again, "can you speak?" I tried to open my mouth but I was feeling thirsty. Doctor noticed it and asked nurse. Nurse let me drink some liquid drops with syringe.

  "So what is your name?" The doctor asked.

  "My name?" I asked. I looked everyone into the room. I didn't know them. Then I recalled the incident before accident. They might be with criminal. They looked each other. The doctor asked again, "if you tell us about you and your family. We will call them."

  I asked, "don't you know me? Then how did I come into hospital?"

  The doctor asked, "you didn't remember anything." I looked that man and woman. They were not happy with my response. I shook my head with no.

  The doctor told, "you got into accident." He pointed towards man, "he is Mr. Karan. He saved you and took you into this hospital. You were unconscious since last three days. He beared you hospital fees."

  I asked, "why? I mean... Who hit me and why did you save me?"

  He sighed, "I hit you by my car that's why I took you here. Care you tell us about you and your family." He was almost shouting.

  My body shook from his voice. May be, I was weak. The woman said, "calm down, bro. She is patient. You can't talk her like that." The woman looked at me, "hello, I am Sameera. Don't you remember anything."

  I shook my head with no. I took my head into my hands, "ouch it's hurt. If I remember anything, why would I lie to you?"

  The doctor said, "it's ok. You take rest." I nodded and closed my eyes. The doctor motioned them to go out. They all went outside.

  I was so confused what I should have done. I didn't know that man was alive or not. Those criminal is searching me or not. I didn't know anything. And the worst thing, I was hospitalized and in pain.