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Romantically yours,

Romantically yours,

Author:Yannis Aria


Sundrea loved Hector since she was a teenager. The only problem was that Hector loved her sister and the two was already bethrothed to each other. But, one fateful night brought them together and had their lives intertwined forever---her sister ran off with another man and was nowhere to be found. And she was left to do the task of marrying him. She was so happy that her dreams were finally coming into view, but, he felt the opposite...
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  Sundrea was playing by herself in the garden when she accidentally pricked her finger on the thorn of one of the roses planted in there. She couldn't help but touch one while she admired it especially now that it's all in full bloom. She saw the blood gushing from the cut. She felt the panic building inside her.

  "Mommy! Mommy! Can you please come over here?" She called out. Minutes have already passed but her mother is still nowhere within her sight.

  "Mommy! I'm afraid! I need you here!" Her voice started to quiver. She was frightened by the sight of her own blood. Her vision became blurry when her eyes started to well tears. "Mommy!" She cried. And her finger was beginning to throb. "Mommy!" She continued to call for her mother with hope that she would be with her that instant.

  "Hey! What happened to you, kid? Are you alright?" Said a manly but soothing voice behind her back. She was startled.

  She peered at him through her shoulders but was astounded by the sight that she was seeing in front of her. Standing behind her was the most handsome boy that she has ever seen in her entire eleven years of existence. Boy, he was so tall! She was sitting in the grass and she craned her neck even more just to look up at him.

  He has the most beautiful eyes that she has ever seen---deep set and with the color of a dark shade of blue, like a mixture of blue and black. His black hair was ruffled by the strong winds. Then, he did the most unexpected thing, he flashed her a smile that made her young heart skipped a beat. Even his teeth is perfect, she said to herself.

  "Are you alright?" He repeat his question because all she did was look at him.

  Still, she hasn't answered him. She just look at his face. She seemed to swallow her tongue.

  "What happened to you? You can't speak? Are you still shock?" He asked her again refering to the 'minor' accident that she bumped into.

  "N-no." She stammered. She suddenly felt so shy before him.

  "Then, will you tell me what happened?" He still hadn't seen her bloodied finger because she was holding tight to it with her other hand.

  "It's my finger..." She slowly showed him the wound on her finger.

  "What happened?!" He quickly knelt so we can be in the same level. "May I?" He asked for permission if he could touch me.

  She nodded because his face is now was close to her. She became more aware of his features and it affected her more than earlier. He is flawless, she thought to herself.

  "The wound is not that deep." He said as he examined the cut in her finger. "We just need to clean this first. Let's go inside. We need first aid kit. Come on," the boy lead her towards the entrance of the building.

  She was observing him secretly as they were walking at the hotel lobby. How old is he anyway? She silently inquired. He greeted the first hotel staff that we saw.

  "Ah, excuse me Mr. Cruz? Can you please give us a first aid kit?" He asked the man politely.

  "Of course, Young Master. I will be right back." The man smiled at him then turn to leave.

  "Young Master? Who are you?" She was puzzled by the reaction of Mr. Cruz to her knight and shining armor.

  He looked back at her but didn't bother to answer her question. He just smiled and her heart went fluttering again.

  "May I know your name, Mister?" She didn't answer her first question.

  "Mister?" He chuckled. "I'm not that old. In fact, I assumed that I'm older than you by just a few years."

  "But---" She was cut off by the arrival of Mr. Cruz. He handed the small box containing what they needed. They thanked Mr. Cruz and he bowed to them in response.

  "Come, let's sit down so I can see to your wound properly." The boy pull her hand towards the nearest chair at the lobby from them. He then, open the box and started to look for what he needed. "This might sting a bit." He said.

  "O-okay...a-aaahhh!" What he said was true. It did sting, but not just a bit. Her eyes started to water again.

  "It's alright," He blew on her wound.

  She just gazed at him with her eyes a little daze because of the sting on her finger. "T-thank you, Mister?"

  He laughed. "I told you, I'm not that old."

  "Then, how old are you?" She asked him innocently.

  "You wouldn't quit, would you?" He was smiling. But he looked at me and saw that I was waiting for his answer. "Ok. I'm seventeen years old. How about you?"

  He was the same age as her sister. "I'm twelve. You're right about being older than me by just a few years," She mumbled. "By the way, what's your name again? May I know it? So, I can ask my mother to send you a gift as a thanks for helping me." She couldn't look at his face directly so she focused looking at the bridge of his nose instead. But it didn't help to calm her heart.

  He smiled at her. "It's alright. You don't have to do that,"

  "Please, I like to insist." She begged him. She wanted to know his name.

  "Alright," he smiled again and that made her heart fluttered more. "Call me Knight,"