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Love will last for ever

Love will last for ever



Someone standing beside the lake he is calling her loudly but she tried to hear what he is telling but not clear his face also she wants to go near to him but not reaching she walks quickly but when she is about to reach she heard something ringing her back.. ' she was dreaming ' oh no today finally I am near to him really near again I missed his face... Kathy wakes up from her sleep she was gloomy she murmuring that what actually he wants to say? From last few years, she was repeatedly seeing the same dream first she thought someone is seeking help from her she shares her dream with friends and family members but they made fun of her now she was keeping her all thoughts and dreams herself but she was waiting for the day to see the dream until the end and help the person who craves her help.. Today she put Alam to wake up ahead she has so many things to do she wants everything perfect for her first day in college. She is so excited... Kathy's long time dream to get admission in a reputed university she did hard work she wants to get admission her own finally that day came out she prepared everything one week before. Still, she has things to do she did her makeup it a too-long first day only so she wanted a light make up she checked again and again in the mirror, at last, she finalized her look is fine. Her uncle is a famous astrologist when she was a young he told her parents that she will get love marriage only. At her age 18, she will find someone who will be with her until she dies. Big day coming so she prepared everything.
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