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Because I love you

Because I love you



‘they are my children, not yours!’ Camilla never expect herself to be pregnant for the man that he hate the most. She is eagerly to leave with her twins but the children are getting help to match their parents. The children crashed their father’s engagement with another woman. Everyone was shocked from of their presence.
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  Camilla Reed woke up, she got up from the bed in a daze.

  She was dizzy and felt that her throat was extremely dry and thirsty. She try to stand up from the bed to look for some water, the moment she touches bed to stand up she felt something not right.

  The bedding feels different, it is so much smoother then the one she used to have. She slowly opens her eyes and look around, it is not her room. A beautiful crystal chandelier hanging on the ceiling, the room is double the size of hers. She felt soreness all over her body.

  Then she saw someone sleeping next to her. The man sleeping next to her is Felix Clarke, they grew up together but they are not in a good term. They fight with each other growing up.

  Camilla was in shock, trying to recall what happened last night but she can’t remember any of it.

  Camilla covered her mouth and trying her best to calm down. She carefully lifted the blanket, get out of the bed to pick up her clothes that scattered all over the floor. Dressed up as soon as possible to leave the room.

  However, when she walk past the bed her hand was fiercely pulled.

  Camilla is in shock and shouted ‘Let go of me!’

  Instead of letting go her hand, Felix put a little force and pull her towards himself. Camilla dropped on the bed facing Felix.

  Felix gazed at Camilla with a cold expression but his eyes is full of rage. He was angry that the woman he hated had taken advantage of him being drunk and had sex with him. He asked: ‘Camilla, what did you do to me last night?!’

  Camilla recalls that last night she was with her family and was given a drink before she pass out. She was angry but reply Felix calmly: ‘Why are you so angry? Isn’t I’m suppose to be angry because u took my virginity? I think I have more right to shout at you.’

  To anger Felix more, Camilla purposely said: ‘Besides, your performance last night was not up to expectations. You should compensate for my loss’

  Felix was so angry at Camilla, he stared at her and saw her exposed collarbone with the love bites. Last night scene flashed through Felix’s mind, his lower body start to react and he felt the surge of sexual desire again. To calm himself, he removed his gaze from Camilla.

  He wonder if he was drugged by Camilla for having this strong reaction against her.

  Camilla notice that Felix become absent minded and she taken this chance to push Felix away. With the fastest speed Camilla runs to the door.


  Felix shoutout her name, Camilla paused, turn around and make a funny face to Felix: ‘What are shouting at? I’m not satisfied with you performance and don’t wish to stay here any longer with you! I don’t want to see you again.’

  ‘You!’ Felix was so angry hearing what she say and was getting out of the bed to chase her but his mobile rang.

  Camilla finally escaped from Felix room, she try to recall what had happened to her last night. Looking at her phone, she was not sure who to call. The person who drugged her last night was her own father. Her family plotted against her.

  Her mobile rang when she reach the hotel entrance.

  ‘Camilla where are you? You are not home the whole night, Dad is very angry with you. Please come back at you soonest’ the person speaking on the phone is her half sister, Bernice.