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Popular Badboy Meet Nerdy Girl

Popular Badboy Meet Nerdy Girl



A popular bad boy,main guitarist of a band and the hottest in Excellence Academy named Nick Evans meet a transferee nerdy girl named Zoe Tuazon. Nick believe love at first sight when she saw Zoe and after a couple of days Nick didn't make a move to Zoe because his friends knows that Nick's only dating is hot girl not a nerdy type. After a couple of months they became friends and they always hanging out and when Nick is ready to confess his feelings for Zoe,he heard the news that Zoe is On A Relationship with his ex Best Friend Zoe And Joel (Ex Best Friend of Nick) and Nick just hide his feelings.
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  A popular boy,main guitarist of a band and the hottest guy in the Excellence Academy named Nick Evans is on his way to his class when someone approach him 'a hot girl but nerdy type' and ask him "Hi do you know where is Mr.Chiu's Class? BTW I'm Zoe Tuazon A Transferee Student and I'm on Mr.Chiu's Class How About You?". "I'm Nick Evans" 'shake hands' "Actually were on a same class I'm on my way to Mr.Chiu's class" and they go to Mr.Chiu Class

  -Lunch Break-

  Nick and his friends enter the cafeteria and he find Zoe eating alone so he told to his friends to eat and don't wait him cause his not eating with them. Nick goes to the table of Zoe and ask if he can sit and eat with Zoe. "Hi Zoe,can i sit with you and eat lunch together if you don't want its fine". Zoe looks around and she found that all girl is looking at her and she responds "Uh yeah sure and wait why when you sit with me all the eyes of the girls are on me?" and Nick look around and he find that his friends are looking suspicious on him,his friends think that Nick like Zoe.

  Well Nick's friends are right but he doesn't want to confess his feelings to his friends because his friends known that he only hook up or dated hot girls not nerdy type and Nick respond "I'm sorry I'm going to find another seat" he go with his tray and sits with his friend and Nick's friends start to ship them in a joke way and they laugh

  -Going Home-


One Of Nick's friend

confronted him if he have feelings for Zoe but Nick didn't answer and just laugh and after a couple minutes he denied it and say "Mmmhh nope just being friendly to a new student,you know what in our generation if you talk to a lonely girl or new in this town or school,people always have a issues"and no respond after what Nick said and when Nick is on their house Nick is having a bright smile,and go to room and open his loptop to find account of Zoe. He decided not to tell his feelings for Zoe to Niall and just open his loptop to find Zoe's account

  will Nick find Zoe's account? Read the next chapter!

  I'm just new for making story im sorry if I can't reach your standards but I'll do better next time thank you for reading