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the forbidden heiress

the forbidden heiress



Lily grew up with her mother after her father left them. The reason he left them was to protect her from his family. Her mother and father were never married, which made Lily an illegitimate child. What Lily didn't know was that her father was the derictor of their large family business and was a very wealthy man. After her father passed away, Lily inherited everything, which was quite a shock to Lily and her family. Her grandfather strongly disagreed that Lily should take over the family business. But her grandmother was behind her as she had watched over her for years.
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  "My dear Lily, please remember. Even if I can not always by your side, you will always be in my heart. Know that I love you and your mom the most in the world." Lily saw the man walk away. She tried to run after him but her mom held her in her arms and tried to calm her.

  "Dad please don't leave! I will be better. Please stay!". But her dad kept walking and never looked back.

  Lily woke up suddenly and was bathing in sweat. Her heart felt clenched like a fist and kept pounding so fast that she thought it would stop beating for sure. She walked too her window and opened them to let in some fresh air. Lily tried to keep a steady breath and tried to relax a bit.

  It had been a long time since she dreamt about her father, but the wound he let behind had never completely healed. Even now 22 years later it stil hurt. She was 5 years old when her father left her and her mother. The first few months she hoped that he would return. Everyday after school she would run home to see if he had come back. She would run to there house and call for him. But he never answered. And every night she would look out her bedroom window to wait for his return. Her mother found her there often, sleeping in the niche in front of her window. She would always look at her daughter with pain in her eyes. But she would never show her heartbreak to her daughter. She would only cry at night.

  Lily was still standing in front of her window when she finally felt her body relaxing. Even though it had been so long it still could startel her. After the last fearful feelings were gone, did she close her window and walked to her nightstand to look at the time. Her phone showed her that it was only 5 am. Normally she woke up at 7 but knowing how she woke up she knew that it would be impossible to go back to sleep now. She then decided that it would be beter just to stay a wake.