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Lie to Me

Lie to Me



The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment when you are between asleep and awake when you don't know the difference between reality and fantasy when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened. Taziana Imperial used to be everyone's friends, everyone's role model, and by everyone. Her beautiful smile and being a good-hearted woman. Some people said, she's just too good to be true. But sad to say, everything changed because of betrayal and broken promises. She's now everyone's nightmares. 'When you look into a mirror and don't know the person who's looking back at you, it's time to change. And so I did. But why is that, everyone seems like they're not happy for what person I became? When in fact it's their doing, I am their artwork. They made me, they're the one molding me and be the person they wanted me to be.'
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  "Welcome back, Ms.Taziana…" the driver welcomed me with a wide smile.

  I don't know why he is smiling. Do I look happy being back? Well, I'm not happy and I will make sure everyone around me will feel the same way.

  I did not say anything, I didn't even give him a glance nor a smile. When he's done loading my things, he opened the backseat. I did not move, instead, I'm glaring at him. My head started to pound because of the heat and polluted air. "Give me the key," I said in a hard tone. He looked shocked at what I said. "Now!!" I gritted my teeth just to refrain from shouting.

  He handed me the key in an instant. I smirked. Good. At least he knows who I am.

  "Ms.Taziana, please. Your father might get angry if you're going to drive alone…"

  "Shut up." I finally said and left.

  I'm back. For how many years living abroad, here I am and there's no turning back because this is where I belong.

  But I felt nothing. I felt empty deep inside.

  Am I the only one feeling sad about being home? Maybe because this place reminds me of nothing, but pain. I thought it takes time to heal. But why is that I'm not healing?

  "Welcome, Ms.Tazi…" Rain greeted me as soon as I entered the lobby.

  I roamed my eyes inside the lobby and felt amazed by the design. The building had a good structural design and the interior design was awesome. Having exquisite taste was not bad at all. But I’m not here to be amazed by this place, I’m here for important matters. I saw the name of the company written on a gold plate- Imperial Group. I smirked. It’s where I belong.

  "Is everything ready?" I said emotionless. I did not acknowledge his greetings and just continued walking towards the elevator.

  "Yes…" he answered.

  He's been my assistant for how many years. If there's one person who knows me well, he's that person. He doesn't need further explanation to do what I want and that's what I liked about him since I hate repeating myself. The hallways were so quiet, employees were just watching us without moving from their seats. They’re eyeing us, or should I say only me, as if I’m a ghost walking in front of them. Only the sounds of my heels hitting the marble floors cause the noise.

  Every step I take, it causes my heart to pound and trembles. No ones ready for this, even myself. It's like the sounds of drums in the contest trying to dominate the noise that will only stop after announcing the winner. Rain opened the door for me. All eyes were on me as I entered the room. Shocked, that's what they look like. I roamed my eyes, and there, I saw the person I've been waiting to meet again.

  My sister, half-sister.

  So, they never expected me. Do they really think that Czarina would be the next CEO? Well, sorry to disappoint you guys, it's me, the rightful heir would be your next boss.

  "Traffic," I said as I seated to my chair without minding their impressions of me. "You already know the agenda of this meeting. To those who don't know me, I'm Taziana Imperial, the newly appointed CEO of Imperial Group." I said without a hint of emotion in my face. "As from today, all pending projects will be under review before proceeding. Provide all the reports needed. I wanted it done as soon as possible."

  They were all looking at me with disbelief. As if I’m like a bomb that will blow anytime, even my sister was just looking at me.

  "Ms. Tazi, how can we be so sure that the company would be in the right hands since we don't know you enough to trust you…" one of the GM said.

  I saw my sister smirking. I felt insulted, but I never let it visible. How dare! Really? Questioning my credibility was like declaring war with me.

  "First, call me Madame or Ms.Imperial, whatever you think that suits me well. Just don't call me Ms.Tazi since we're not close enough and I don't have a plan to. And for your question…" I paused for a while, straightened my back, and held my chin up. "You think you have a choice? It's either you trust me or you leave this company, simple as that…"

  He faked a cough trying to hide the embarrassment. Serves you right, don't try to mess with me again.

  "Ms. Imperial, how about the project that needs only your approval? We can't afford another delay for those projects…" a girl with the short hair said.

  I raised my brows for what she said. "Ms. Fuentes, I'm wondering how you got your position," I said with a mocking tone. "Don't be stupid if you want to keep your job. Did I say ALL PENDING right? Don't you get it? Or you're just plain stupid?" She bowed her head because of what I said. How I hate repeating what I've said, it's a waste of time. "Is there anyone who wants to say a word?" No one replies. I stood up. "Okay, have a nice day everyone." I finally said and left the room. I don't care what they're going to say about me. I don't give a fuck.

  "How dare you.!" Czarina entered the office with a furious face. "Why are you doing this to me?" she asked me in a hysterical tone.

  "Czarina, it's been awhile. How have you been?" I smiled, but deep inside I'm annoyed. Where’s the manners? Entering into my office without knocking! Same old Czarina.

  I looked at her.

  She never changed, her physical appearance, the beauty she got from her mother, it’s all the same. She's wearing a business suit that suits her well. But even how beautiful your outfits are. It will never cover the ugliness of your personality.

  She looked at me fiercely. She's like a stray cat, picking a fight with me.

  "Cut the bullshit, Taziana. You know very well why I am here. Stop being plastic!!”

  I smirked. "I am sorry, I don't know what you were saying…" I said while continuing to read some documents. I did not give her another glance that made her more annoyed.

  "You have guts to come back after everything I've done for this company. You don’t have any right for everything. You already abandoned your right from the day you left…”

  I stood up for what he said. My blood starts to boil because of anger. The smile plastered on my face a while ago faded, left with anger. I looked at her and think murder at the back of my mind. She steps back with fear in her eyes. She's now trembling while looking at me that made me burst into laughter.

  "Oh… did you really think I will let you become a CEO? Really? My dear Czari, you have no place here. You will always be nothing compared to me and now that I'm back, I will get everything you have." I said while touching her long hair like a psychopath.

  "You crazy bitch!!!" she said while crying. She pushed me hard just to have distance between us. It gives me contentment, I feel happy now that she's crying in front of me as if I stole candy from her.

  I looked at her, amused "Oh please, tell me something I don't know." I said in a crazy tone and burst into laughter again. I’m just starting, just wait for more pain and tears. I'll bring hell to you, my dear Czari. I smiled wickedly.

  It's good to be back after all. I want you to feel how I feel back a few years ago. The unbearable pain I felt even now, I want you to suffer too.

  "Ms. Tazi, your car is ready…" Rain as he entered my office.

  I gathered my things and stood up. "Alright, you know what to do."

  Greetings from employees, welcoming me as I’m walking the hallway. They were smiling at me, but I did not smile back nor look at them. Do I have to? It’s not even necessary.


  I stopped myself from walking when I heard a familiar voice. The familiar feeling, the pain in my chest that still feels the same after all these years. And by that, I already know who's calling me. I looked at the man in front of me. The color blue-eyed welcomed me, I feel like I’m looking at the depth of the sea.

  Dawson Del Fuego

  My biggest nightmare.

  "I'm sorry, do I know you?" I asked while looking at him intently. He looked shocked at the same time disappointment visible on his face. "If not, please step aside! You're blocking my way." I continued.

  I heaved a deep sigh when I reached my car. My eyes began to tear and my heart began to shatter. Seeing him again was like torture for me. The pain is like a poison, it’s killing me little by little. All I want is to stop my heart from breathing to free myself from this pain.