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I Slapped The CEO

I Slapped The CEO



He may be the wealthiest and the most powerful man on the face of the earth; he still had no right to intimidate us. When he ruined our lives that caused my father's death, I did not make a move. However, when he hurt my little brother, I did not make a second thought. Without saying any word the moment I stood before him, my right hand flew across his face, leaving him dumbfounded for a moment. I slapped the CEO!
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  I dashed out of the room and went straight to the auditorium. I saw people coming in and out in formal dress and suits. The brisk sound of their heels against the tiled floor and the occasional screeches of my rubber soles told me I was out of place.

  I held my chin up and entered the main entrance. The registrar stopped me, asking for my invitation card. I bent my body forward and placed both hands in the middle of the table. With my mouth close to her ear, I whispered in a rough tone, gritting my teeth.

  "The hell invited me in. Am I understood?"

  The woman hung her mouth open, too dumbfounded to find a word! I turned around fast, avoiding the approaching guard.

  "Stop!" I shouted at the doorway.

  The crowd in that vast hall turned to my shrill but cold voice. The sea of faces did not scare me, and the glaring light of the cameras did not wear down my courage.

  The man who just handed the microphone to the lady of the ceremony lifted his head in my direction. His brows knitted in a frown, perhaps, wondering why I was there. He continued to step forward to take his exit from the stage, but my voice rang again against the four walls of the vast arena.

  "I said, stop!" I pointed my finger at him, my eyes emitting fire and brimstone.

  To my relief, the crowd hushed, and everyone gave their full attention to me. Even the guards who stood around the corners in their badged, white uniforms, hung their mouths open, staring at me.

  I hastened my pace, sprinting across the short distance before I turned right to take the stairs. Taking two steps at a time as I climbed the staircase, I cast a murderous gaze at the man who scanned his eyes at me from head to toe.

  "Are you looking for me, little miss?" he asked, lifting one brow at me, followed by a smirk.

  To him, I may look like a teen because I was skin and bones. I wore a black, denim jeans, a cream top tucked beneath its hip band. With my high ponytail dancing to the rhythm of my hurried steps, I lifted my head high--my eyes never leaving his face.

  Standing two feet higher than me, his built was sturdy and lean. With a seemingly- sculpted face to define perfection, he was indeed inarguably handsome. His dark and deep-seated eyes that shone under two perfectly-arched thick brows then cast me a scorching gaze.

  "I am."

  He tilted his head in an amused smile, letting his guard off. The moment I was a few feet away from him, I planted my toes forward. Now standing some inches higher than me, I didn't say a word. I swung my arm and flew my right hand across his face, leaving him dumbfounded!

  "Unless I am still standing alive, not even you who dwell among the stars can hurt the most precious soul in my life. Once is enough, twice is too much!"