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Katy Williams

Katy Williams

Author:Imaginary friend


This novel is about a young girl by name Katy Williams who hails from a rich home and finds herself experiencing life on a whole different level; getting to experience heartbreaks n rejection from quite a lot of people. Always feeling like she's in a competition with her elder sister who was the complete opposite of he she is; she was what you'll call a "Royal spec" But at the end Katy finds out she's a much better person the way she is
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  The bright light from the morning sun pierced through the window n shown on a young girl as she tries to get out of bed. She got up and walked towards the window; looks at the sun gave a depressing sigh as she said sacastically "yay! Another day" and she walked into her bathroom...

  A voice yelled from outside her bedroom "Katy you're gonna be late sweetie" she quickly brushed her teeth and had her bath, got into her school uniform, picked up her bagpack and left for the dinning room where the rest of her family where already seated. she comes from a family of four; her dad; Jonathan Williams, mom; Regina Williams and an elder sister; Stacy Williams, the other occupants of the very large house were home staffs. Getting to the dinning she greeted her parents and her sister who had already started with her breakfast, "hurry up with you're breakfast, we're gonna be late" said Stacy, she started on her breakfast with a little bloom on her face. She had eight toasts with a large glass of juice; she was a foodie but she particularly enjoys her mom's toasts. Soon the family of four stepped out, the children went to school with the driver and both parents went separately in their own cars to their various work place. Mr Williams was a surgeon and Mrs Williams was a Marriage counsellor, both kids were in high school Stacy was in her final year while Katy was in SS1.

  Katy Williams is a nerd; she was a chubby bright and intelligent girl with a round face and eyes that sparkels when she smiled; a smile accompanied with a deep beautiful dimple, though she thought it was weird that she had only one dimple, she is caramel skinned. Even though she is an introvert; she's quite funny and loves to talk a lot but her size weighed her down in a lot of ways, she had a flattering amount of everything in the right places though overshadowed by her size, she is always angry at herself for being so big, she wanted to be more like her elder sister. Stacy is slim with an appropriate amount of everything in the right places, she is a muse, so beautiful and almost perfect which Katy assumed made her the most popular female student in the entire school but she isn't as intelligent as Katy but Katy fails to see this, she just adored her sister too much.

  Morning classes were over and the bell rung for break time, Katy always spends breaktime with her friends; they were a small circle of 3 friends; a boy and two girls. They were the smartest kids in the science class but they lack the ability to socialize properly, they were hardly noticed by anyone and they didn't like it. Even they wanted to be like the popular kids; the ones with high followers on Instagram and other social media platforms but life they say isn't always a bed of roses.


  At home having a snack in the kitchen, Katy got a call from Zach her boyfriend; asking her to come over to his place, he had to talk with her about something.

  She quickly finished with her snack and moved to her bedroom to get dressed and go to his house.

  Zach is a class above Katty; he is a fine young boy, dark in complexion, a good amount of tall and slim with an attractive pink lip topped with a darker lip. He lived a few blocks away from Katy, he was mostly left in the care of home staffs as his parents were almost always on business trips, it was more like he had no parents.

  The bell rung; it was Katy, he welcomed her with a warm hug and a kiss and they went up to his room, having settled in Katy said "so what's up, you wanted to discuss something?" He shrugged his shoulders and moved closer to where she was sitting; kissed her forehead and started saying "baby, don't you think it's time?" Katy narrowed her eyes as if trying to read his mind but said nothing as he continued "I mean, haven't we known ourselves well, like can't we take a step forward?" "What do u mean?" Katy asked as if she didn't know what was going on, he started again "don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about" "Zach go straight to the point" she said louder than expected, he heaved a sigh and said "sex; baby I want to make love to you" Katy was a little shocked that he actually said it; she had dreaded this day; hoping it'll never come but here it, starring her in the face. She started to say "Zach we are too young for this, I mean we're still in highschool for crying out loud we can't" he got up with annoyance turned to her with grave anger on his face, she hadn't seen him like this before. He yelled out "till when, till when Katy; why must you always be so timid, others are doing it" her phase became pale trying to fight back tears, he walked up to her and started saying "I'm sorry baby, I didn't mean to yell at you, I'm just saying this is a way to getting to bond properly" she was shocked at what she was hearing and then said "we bonding well, we don't need sex right now..." "We do.." he cut her short "...we do need sex and if you don't agree it's better we go our separate ways" tears finally rolled down her cheeks, she was speechless thinking of times people told her Zach didn't love her; how could he, they were right about everything, he didn't love her; how could he be in love with a fat ugly girl like herself - she thought. She got up, wiped her face and started out of the room, getting to the front door she thought he'd run after her to plead with her but he never did.