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Back Then

Back Then

Author:Sweet Rosa


A young male named Sia Black, well known as Prince Sia. Prince Sia had lost a battle between land... He ran away and now lives in the forest. Haven't seen a human in over some time eell until Princess White came along his pathway. What gonna happened now?
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  May 20, 1400

  Nightfall has come along, my Fire just about to go out as I was cooking my fish, as the tree hair flow with the wind, blowing out my fire. Not even a second later my fire went out as my fish was half cooked. As everything was dark, I ate my fish very slowly until one of the bushes started to shake. I pull out my knife. Out came a girl who came out wearing all white "Hey, are you ok, and what your name?'' I said as I pull out my hand. "No, and I can get up myself and my name is White rose, by the way" As she said while getting up. We both walk to the same tree. She sat down near the tree as I walk over to the rock. "Want some fish?" I said. She nods her head, I gave her the other half of my fish. " So what's your name?" she asked. "Am Sia." I said while eating my half fish. "Will... I called you Black rose." As she was smiling. "So what happened to you, or why are you here?" I said. "Will my sister Devil rose or Queen Devil. We was fighting over the throne." White rose said as she looked down at her feet. "Fight between the throne" I said. "Well Goodnight." She said as she put her head into the ground.

  May 21,1400

  I woke up and found out that White Rose and my knife was gone. So I slowly got up and started heading for my bag where all my stuff is. Then out of nowhere, she pops out of the tree with a pan in her left hand and my knife in her right. "Hey, want some cooked Leaf eggs?" She said "Um... No thank you. Plus where did you even get that?" I replied to her as I took back my knife from her." Well, I will just show you what the mother looks like," she replied with a very big smile at the end. As she grabs my hand and starts to run all the way to the 'GrassLand' where the 'North Kingdom' or the 'Ice land' is. When we hit the North, she looked down and point at this little green thing then said "That is called the Mother Leaf, soon she will be a full-grown Tree. What we are eating is the Leaf eggs or Œufs en feuilles." She expand herself "Oh" I said the Mother Leaf looked at us then looked at the pan that White Rose was holding. She started to grow very big. "We need to run... NOW!" White rose said, as she was going for the deep wood where my camp was. So I started following her, Sooner or later the Mother Leaf started to follow me. "Come on we need to los-" White Rose said. She was cut off from what she was about to say said reason was the Mother Leaf pick both of us, she was so big she was about the size of 3 full-grown whales. "WHERE MY BABYS!?" Mother Leaf yelled as white rose trying not to cry. Then I saw someone in my camp area, then it hit me White Rose still has the eggs. "White, throw the eggs!" I yelled at her, she did what I said, the eggs hit that person that was at the camp, the Mother Leaf throw us to the ground, as she started to chase that person. I blackout. I woke up in all darkness to my right I saw White rose she was dead. To my left, I saw that person that was at my camp and he stabbed me. "Is this how I die now?" I asked myself. But I woke up to find out that White rose was looking at me as the tree moves around. "We are in a moving tree." White rose said, "W-Who riding it and W-what happened?" I said while rubbing my hand on my head. "Will you took a hit while falling making you pass out for hours, and I took y'all in, So maybe y'all can help me." Said someone as the tree stopped "Am Tiny!" She said. "I made a deal with Tiny. The deal was she helped you and we do the same." White rose said, "What do you need help with?" I asked "To kill Death." Tiny said. No one said anything. "

  Will ok, like do it!" White rose said

  May 22,1400

  "We here!" Tiny said as me and White Rose step out of the tree. We were at a 'Village Of Light' so we are on the East side of this world. As we walked for quite some time we saw a little boy that looks like he was crying, so Tiny went up to the little boy and said "Hey, it ok.." The boy turned around he was Death and he was feasting on Tiny Father, Life She cries, as Death picks her up and throws her to White Rose they both felled to the ground. I ran up to him and went on his back to rip off his Horn and then I put the Horn into his head as blooded started to goes all over me. As his body turns into dust. I walked up to Tiny and then I said "It ok... Its life and death meaning he still be in your heart or my mother use to say 'Amour par tous, guérir par un'" I helped her up. She looks at me then said, "Thank you." She started to glow and then she changed into a Golden Fox or Renard Doré, White rose ran up to me then kiss me. She also started glow too then she said "I know we met each other when we was little! We was supposed to get married! I love you, Black!" She said as tears went down her cheeks. She started to glow a bright white color and soon later changes into a white deer. "W-white!" I yelled out as the same thing was happening to me.

  "Is this how I die now?"

  It started to rain, and inside those rain, there were little green dots and they are life. Every Death in the world, are now living but human. House, Kingdom was now tiny village's.

  Amour par tous, guérir par un

  May 21,2019

  The book closed. "Miss.Rouge? What happened to know now?" Said a little girl. A Lady in her middle 50 wearing a red dress "Some said that the Golden Fox Rule over the fox and have 3 little cubs name Green, Red, and Blue. One boy and Two Girls but they are teens now and the other two White and Black rose got married and have 3 Children One girl and Two Boys and one is coming up. Every and only May the 22nd they come back but in human form and see what they have done with this world they have saved. "Miss. Rouge said "Oh, well hopefully I get to see them." As the little girl said to check out her book. "Me too " Miss.Rouge reply "I never saw that ring on your figure!" Said the little girl "Will I am getting married tomorrow!" Miss. Rouge said "Will, see you tomorrow Miss. Rouge! Mommy, Mommy!" As they both wave goodbye to each other. Miss. Rouge took out a a paper. And wrote 'Dear White & Black Rose. I can't wait for you to come to my wedding. Hopefully your happy for me.

  From your daughter.'

  The end

  For now