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Love never ended

Love never ended



These young couple really loves each other but now they face family challenges, the man is the top lawyer and the wife shes just started her career , their family is against their marriage because the husband is a bread winner at home, but because of their love nothing will come between them no matter how powerful they are.
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  It was in the afternoon when James went out to get some fresh air since the case he was busy with was almost over, while he was thinking about the outcomes of the case a young beautiful lady pass by the court, she was from the university going to her place that she was renting, she had her earphones on listening to music, she wore tight jeans with white t-shirts with a long tail behind her back, she has a short hair, she wore a small makeup, and brown lipstick carrying her backpack, while she was singing along with the song she noticed that someone was looking on every move on her from the top floor, she checked who it was and she couldn't even take away her eyes for some second because the guy who was looking at her was a very tall handsome young guy, who wore a black suit with a colorful t-shirt underneath, he got a very clean hair. she walked over while staring at the guy only then when the guy waved his hand to her that she woke up from daydreaming a second ago, she felt embarrassed but she also waves to the guy after that she tried to pass faster by him since he couldn't follow her he just stood there and looked as she passes by.

  Hours pass by and the case was over, immediately after the case James went downstairs and called his assistant to check on the girl he just saw a few hours ago. When the assistant came over he handed me the documents and said boss I've already checked her out, her name is Victoria Ackarms, she's a new student in art university she's studying to be a famous actor. The assistant has all the detail about the girl in the file. James took the file and checked it through when he sees that the information about the girl he felt like he will collapse because it shows that she was just 19 years old and she just moved into the town a few months ago, and she's much younger than him as he was almost 30 years bachelor with no one to love at the moment, all he was focusing on was his career, and business. He kept quiet for a few minutes then he told his assistant to go and ask the girl on a date tomorrow night. The assistance was surprised because his master doesn't do this kind of thing, he agreed without asking more questions.

  Tomorrow morning Victoria was preparing to go to school while she notices that there a luxury car outside the complex and kept asking who was it waiting for since this place is only rented by students, whose blesser was that, because she slept late she didn't wake up in time after she saw that man she kept on thinking about him and asking herself if he will appear again someday, so she took the fruit and rushed out to school, just when she went out of the gate a man was already standing outside the car, he called her by the name "Miss Victoria can I take you to school", she couldn't believe her eyes and that the guy was talking to her, she paused a little bit and "asked do i know you", the guy said, "I'm Levi the assistance of James he asked me to come and take you to school".

  Victoria looked at the guy in shock and said sorry "Levi I don't ride with strangers, she turns around and left for school".