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Bringing My Trial Marriage Husband Home

Bringing My Trial Marriage Husband Home


Knowing that her family was going bankrupt, Queenie Gilbert was depressed and helpless. She went to a bar to get vent but accidentally spent a hot night with Mr. Handsome. Returning home the next morning, Queenie was told a piece of bad news. Her father wanted to put her in an arranged marriage to Grayson Alston, an old man who had no interest in women. Her objection was in vain, and she was drugged by her father. When she woke up, she was in Grayson's bed. An old man? Totally wrong! He was actually Mr. Handsome! That night, Queenie was amazed by his passion and desire on the bed again! From then on, she began her life as a lover of Grayson. To her surprise, except for his dominance in bed, Grayson spoiled her a lot. Whatever Queenie wanted, he would satisfy her. Just when Queenie was about to accept Grayson, she found some secret about his identity...
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"Queenie, something bad has happened at home. The Gilbert Group is about to go bankrupt. Come home quickly!"

It seemed that her father's previous call was still ringing in her ears. Queenie Gilbert was sitting in front of the bar. Unlike the lively atmosphere in the bar, she was very quiet.

The Gilbert Group was a company left behind by her mother. It was originally bequeathed to Queenie, but her father had taken over the company with the excuse that Queenie was too young. After many years of poor management, it had come to the verge of bankruptcy.

Queenie put on a bitter smile and drank sullenly.

She didn't know how much she had drunk. After paying the bill, she was ready to go home.

It was very quiet on the streets of C City at night. Queenie wanted to go to the underground parking lot. She staggered her way to the parking lot but she failed to find her car despite walking around many times.

As she walked, her legs suddenly went limp and she fell to the side of a car...

"Oh... My car!" Queenie giggled, took out the car keys from her bag, and pressed it. At the same time, a person close to Queenie pressed his key too.

The car let out a "beep" sound. When Queenie heard it, she thought, "Yes, this is my car!"

She opened the door to the front passenger seat and got into the car, she wanted to climb to the driver's seat from that side.

The man close to Queenie, Grayson Alston, opened the door of the driver's seat. As he did so, he saw a woman who was about to climb towards his side. He frowned slightly and said disgustedly, "Get out!"

Queenie curled her lip and glared at him. "This is my car, how dare you ask me to get out? It's you who should get out!"

Grayson smelled alcohol from her breath and knew that she was a drunkard. He wanted to pull her out of the car, only to find that she had already leaned over and sat in the driver's seat, trying to put her car key into the keyhole.

As soon as Grayson reached out his hand and touched Queenie's shoulder, Quennie pulled Grayson into the car...

Queenie looked at Grayson's side profile up close and approached his ear.

"Another woman who's here to seduce me? This is a unique way of doing so..."

While Grayson was thinking of this, he suddenly heard her singing, "Someday I'll wish upon a star, wake up where the clouds are far behind me, where trouble melts like lemon drops, high above the chimney top, that's where you'll find me, oh!"

Grayson felt that his ears were tortured to the edge!

Listening to the sound of her hard breathing, Grayson knew that this insane woman still wanted to continue singing. He quickly reached out his hand to shut her mouth, preventing her shrill voice from piercing his ears.

"Mm!" Queenie struggled and waved wildly. She accidentally grabbed Grayson's belt and pulled at it desperately!

Grayson held Queenie's lips with one hand and tried to remove her hand from his belt with the other hand.

A few seconds later, Queenie's hands stopped struggling, but they were pressed against his chest.

Grayson's breathing began to become unstable. Perfect! The woman was either going crazy on purpose or perhaps she was deliberately seducing him. In any case, she had succeeded!

Just as he was about to pull her out of the car, Queenie unfastened his belt and pants in the chaos.

"You're a criminal! I'm going to arrest you!"

Queenie shouted and grabbed Grayson's hand. She wanted to take out her handcuffs but she couldn't find them. She was a little anxious at the moment, so she could only point to him. "You, come to the police station with me!"

Grayson's mouth twitched. Was she a police officer? Did she mistake him as a criminal in her drunken stupor?

Well, it seemed that he was really unfortunate this time!