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Azian Prince Of Dragons Book Two

Azian Prince Of Dragons Book Two

Author:Mckayla Chinyama Queen


After her parents divorce, Kaya Reneé Joston moves to the small town of Torent. Spending her final year at Rodney high, all she wants to do is cruise through the year unknown, whilst keeping a large distance away from her father and his new step family. But her plans fall out the moment she sets eyes on unearthly gorgeous Mr. Popular-AKA Azian, or rather Azian sets eyes on her. A Golden dragon prince god hiding in the human world, whose god like dragon (Alpha) will not shift ...but suddenly speaks for the first time when he lays his golden eyes on her. Azian knows there is something about this human, who causes his dragon to speak for the first time whenever she's around. She may be the key to his first shift, a shift needed in order to take his place on the throne. But she's not his mate, Her sister is.
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  The gentle wind lifted up the beautiful dark blue curtains of the large window, allowing them to lift and gently sway in the wind. The woman who stood before it sighed, opening the large double doors walking toward the balcony, glancing over the suburban town she was in. she watched the light traffic in the streets below, normal people going about their day. 

            “fragile little humans,” She muttered underneath her breath, turning away. Her large purple gown swirled behind her as she made her way towards the sofa. 

  Lifting her long pretty legs up onto the sofa, she laid down, eyes studying the cream colored ceiling,running her long fingers through her purple hair. She bit her lip, reaching for a hand mirror bringing it toward her face revealing beauty resigned in its prime definition. Soft blood red lips, paired with mystic green eyes,

         “perfection,” she whispered eyeing all that was reflecting.

  After a moment she sighed, swinging her perfect legs over the side of the chair. Her toes wiggling in the soft carpet, chuckling to herself. She deserved all of this. It was her hard work and hers alone that had brought her to this very moment. Her gown sagged from her shoulders but she didn’t mind, reaching down to her ankle, rubbing the sudden growing ache that had developed. She suddenly sat up, rolling her eyes as the balcony curtains lifted and a strong wind blew in.


                  "Alec,” she hissed, “must you always arrive uninvited?" She asked her gaze stuck on the empty balcony. A figure stepped out of what seemed like thin air, a smart black suit adorned his body, his dark eyes and pitch black hair, swayed in the wind. Alec gave her wicked smirk, his fangs already out as he licked his lips taking her appearance in,

              "Hello Stephania" 

  She lifted her hand up and a thick robe flew into it. She covered herself up, flipping her luscious hair back effortlessly as she eyed him, standing up.

                "I see this realm is doing you a lot of good" Alec began glancing around. His posture was impeccable, towering over everything. A grim dark aura surrounding him.

                        "What can I say? I work hard" she replied with a slight shrug, sweeping her gaze across the room with a smirk of her own.

  The Vampire super sped toward her so suddenly her breath hitched at the feel of dead cold hands grasping her neck and pulling her in,

                   "Who did you bewitch now witch?" He whispered lowly, trailing his fans across her bottom jaws.

  She held her position firmly although her breathing rate had increased, her chest rising and falling rapidly.

  His sharp gaze landed on a picture hanging by the wall, of a human man with his arms around a young girl. He chuckled at the sight, pulling back,

                     “poor fool.”

  Stephania glared at him, rubbing her neck,

               "Is it too much to ask you to be be civil for once?" she spat.

  He turned away from her studying the villa,

                 “oh my dear Stephania, I would, if I was capable of it,” He turned back to face her, "how is my daughter?" 

  Stephania sat down on the sofa, crossing her long legs, aware of his eyes following her movement. She played with her fingernails poshly as she replied,

                               "Fine, the girl is fine, not that you care,” she added looking up at him before sighing, “she is adjusting well to this new arrangement just as long as she has all the Gucci and Versace this tiny human realm has to offer, she's happy" she explained in an uninterested tone, her fingers trailing the outline of the cushion beside her.

                   " I suppose that's something she has in common with her whore of a mother" Alec casually replied.

  Stephania shot him a glare and he chuckled,

               "How dare you! She is her father daughter after all." She hissed back.

  Alec smiled showing his fans,

                      "I would be careful if I was you Stephania, you know very well not to push my boundaries, I can be very...uncivil," he replied, his eyes glowing a deep shade of brownish grey, “I have shown you mercy despite my nature, do not take it for a weakness, the consequences could be….deadly.”

  She gulped slowly, a shadow of fear crossing her pretty eyes,

                 "At least show me some respect, I have helped you a lot in the past, Alec, you must remember that.” she countered although the fire in her tone was lost and replaced with that of a growing submission.

  Alec scoffed,

                     "you mean how you helped me find the dragons by leading me to the bands of Arkiah.” He plainly stated as if the task was no accomplishment to boast of at all. He failed to see past the reasoning that the dragons had been thought to be dead after the great battle five thousand years ago. Only they hadn’t. Growing by thousands in wait of a prince, with a golden dragon side and a prophecy on his head to extinct all other races. Without her help, they would have never known of the prophecy or of the breeding dragons in the heart of Ignere, the dark forest.

                        “Where did that lead us to? The golden dragon boy is now somewhere in this filthy human realm, challenging our thrones! A prophecy to end us all growing on his head with each fleeting moment, now over shadowed by Abigailabove all people, the mother protector, the most powerful witch in the realms! Very soon he will come of age and take the heart of his destiny, while his idiot of a father sends his little spies to my kingdom. With each passing second, the dragons grow stronger and when they find their prince, they will strike. The prophecy shall be fulfilled and then what will become of your so called help?"

  "The dragons may come,” Stephania replied calmly, “but without their prince, they will not win, and I guarantee you, they will lose. Actually,’ she twirled off smirking, “I would say they already have,"

  At those words Alec turned sharply eyeing the witch. studying her calm and confident demeanor curiously,“you’ve found him.’ He plainly stated, reading her like an open book. His eyes narrowed taking a step closer to the witch, “you’ve found the dragon boy."

  She offered him a cocky smile, leaning back with her leg swinging back and forth over the other,

                     “that's right, I have found him, residing in this small town of Torent. Why do you think I relocated here?"

                 "He is here?"

  She rolled her eyes,

                  "I thought you said my help was worthless" she spat.

  The vampire moved quickly toward her, his powerful hands gripping her neck and lifting her up in one swift motion. She gasped for air, bare feet inches off the ground,

                "Watch. Your. Tone. Witch," Alec hissed gritted teeth, “Do not forget whose presence you stand in."

  He tossed her back onto the couch like a ragged doll,his eyes blazing,

                 "Know who stands before you. I brought you into this realm, and I can take you back to the witch kingdom. Right in the square of Riota and watch as they burn you to ashes. You know what they do to your kind, especially to the dark rebel leader," he threatened.

  She nodded quickly, straightening her gown,

               "forgive me, my lord."

  He growled moving away, facing the window, not giving her another look as he walked onto the balcony, studying the scene beneath him,

                 "so the Prince of dragons is somewhere in this little town. Abigail’s protector magic is stronger than I presumed," He stated watching the wind lift the curtain, before glancing back at Stephania.

  She gulped, head lowered, refusing to meet his gaze. She was not ready. She knew when she looked up, he mustn’t see any fear in her eyes.

                 "I assume the plan is already in action?" 

                   "Yes," she replied rubbing her sore neck, "he will never know"

  Alec nodded at the good news.

  The sooner the better.

  His eyes trailed toward a coffee table a few feet away, walking toward it,

               “is this your latest victim?" He grunted lifting one of the many photos that were spread over the table. They had all been burnt in a certain spot.

                       "Yes,” Stephania replied sighing, "the girl is a nuisance."

                              "You may have scorched her face, but even I can see she is beautiful,” he looked up at her, humor dancing in his soulless eyes, “ is that why you despise her?" he paused facing her, "because she's prettier than you?"

                      "She is not!" Stephania concurred, a viciousness in her tone.

                            "Oh my dear Stephania, " Alec began trailing a finger over the girl in the photo, "even through all your spells and portions, your beauty will always be artificial,” he turned to face her with a cunning smirk, “ why don't you show me how you really look like?" He asked lifting one eyebrow.

                         "You say my beauties fake, yet I've lured many a man, even the great…Alec the fourth. Pure blood Vampire, king of Kings?" She asked slyly getting up in the sexiest manner.

  She walked over to him seductively, swinging her hips,

                       "and the girl,” she whispered, “ she's my human husband’s other child, " she trailed a manicured hand over his black suit, "I've managed to bewitch him, but there's a part of him that strongly wants his daughter, a part that even I can't change, and the little prick doesn't even deserve it. She gets on my nerve, little miss perfect."


                     "We wouldn't want that now would we?" Alec mocked dropping the picture.

                          "No, we wouldn't" Stephania replied slowly brushing the invisible specks of dust off his tailored suit, "but as you can see" she continued glancing at the table full of burnt pictures, "I've got it handled."

  Alec watched curiously as she walked away,

                     “what have you done to the poor girl?" he asked with a curious glance at the picture, though he was quite enjoying her display of cruelty.

                                "I've entwined her destiny with one so wicked that even his own father who is thought to have been molded by the moon herself… doesn't want" she replied turning around, her feather light gown twirling behind her.

                          "King Damian?” King Alec replied, even more intrigued, a humorous chuckle escaping his lips, “You gave her…” he trailed off, marveling at her wickedness, “no you wouldn't... You couldn’t have," he replied glancing at the pictures.

                               “Yes I did,” Stephania replied, with a wicked grin plastered on her features..

  King Alec watched the witch surprised at her confession, then chuckled darkly, tossing the picture back on the coffee table,

                     "Poor girl,” he said, turning to face Stephania.

                         "That's right Alec," she replied laying back on the couch, her feet back up in the air as she lifted the hand mirror and stared at her reflection.

                   "I gave her Legion."