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My Husband Taught Me How To Love

My Husband Taught Me How To Love



She was in love with her boyfriend but her parents are pressuring to get married with another person. Her boyfriend was not ready for the marriage as he wanted to concentrate on his career. At last she has to agree with her parents. Initially she has no feelings for him but his love and care changed her mind and she started falling for him. When she was happily living with her husband her boyfriend showed up and asked her to come back to him. He created misunderstanding between them to break their relationship.
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  'Quantum Physics'

  It was written in a big letters on the board of a classroom of a college. A 32 or 33 years old handsome young man was giving lecture to the students. His chiseled jaw line and masculine body was making him very handsome and attractive. He was wearing golden rimmed glasses.

  "In Classical mechanics objects exist in a particular space at particular time while in Quantum mechanics objects exist in probability. In another words...."

  Knock.... knock....

  He looked at the door and saw a peon.


  "Sorry to disturb you professor. This is a parcel for you."

  "Parcel? Who sent me a parcel here?"

  "There is no name of the sender."

  "Ok, thank you."

  He took the parcel, kept it on the table and continued the lecture. After finishing the class he went to his office and opened the parcel. He saw few photographs of a man and a woman kissing and hugging together. His face turned gloomy immediately after seeing these. Anxiety, anger, frustration filled his heart, which were causing him unable to breathe. He felt sharp pain on his heart as if thousands of knives are stabbing together ruthlessly. He clutched his chest on left side tightly and sat down on his chair. His breathing was uneven and cold sweat appeared on his forehead. He leaned back on the chair closing his eyes.

  After long time, he took out his phone and dialed a familiar number. The call was connected after few rings and he heard a charming female voice "Hello."

  He couldn't say anything at that moment, so he kept quite.

  "Mr. Black, are you there?"

  After long pause he answered "Coming home, wait for me."

  He hung up the phone immediately after saying this. He grabbed the car keys and left the office.


  One hour later..

  Ring.... Ring..... Ring.....

  "Hello." Lisa answered.

  "Hello maam this is sheriff here, calling from city hospital."

  An unfamiliar male voice came from the other end of the phone and she also heard him to say "Mr. Carl Black had met a car accident. You please come here as soon as possible."

  Dud.... dud..... dud.....

  Lisa's face turned pale immediately and her expression froze. Phone fell down from her hand and she was standing on the spot like a statue.

  After sometimes she regained her sense. She grabbed her phone and purse and rushed to the hospital.

  After half an hour she was reached to the hospital and ran towards the reception of the City Hospital. She asked something to the receptionist and after getting answer she rushed to the emergency room. She was pacing back and forth rubbing her palms impatiently outside the emergency room.

  After several minutes a nurse came out and asked her "Are you the family member of the patient?"

  Lisa quivered and responded "I am his wife."

  Nurse sized her up, handed over a bunch of papers to her and said "Please sign this paper so that we can start surgery immediately."

  Lisa took the papers signed the paper without delay and asked her "How is he?"

  "He is seriously injured. Lots of blood loss. We cant say anything right now." The nurse left after saying this.

  Surgery was going on. Lisa was sitting on chair outside the OT. Her gaze fixed on the door of OT. The nurses words kept on rewinding in her mind. She was very scared at that moment.

  "Maam, are you alone?"

  An unfamiliar male voice sounded from above her head.

  She looked up and saw the sheriff who called her. She was staring at him unable to say anything.

  "You should inform your family members."

  After long pause she regained her sense and responded "Yes. I will."

  "It looks like a hit and run case, though we will investigate thoroughly."

  "Thank you Sir."

  "Take care Maam."

  The sheriff left after saying this.

  Lisa informed her brother in law, Mack Black, about the situation.

  In a blink another hour passed. The light of OT was still on. Lisa was moving back and forth continuously rubbing her palms. Her hands and feet are ice cold. Her mind was totally blank. At this moment a terrifying thought appeared in her mind what if he cant make it? A shiver ran down through her spine casing her hairs to stand from head to toe. 'no no no no no.....' she brushed off the thought immediately. She was feeling so helpless that she started crying.

  "How is the situation?"

  Mack Black's voice startled Lisa. She turned around towards the source of the voice only to meet Mack Black's questioning gaze and her mother in law Helen Black's pitiful face whose eyes turned red due to crying. Unable to answer anything she turned around her gaze and looked at the door of OT.

  After another two hours the light off and the door of OT pushed open by a doctor. Mack Black rushed towards the doctor and asked with shaky voice "How is my brother?"

  "He had suffered severe brain injury. Though surgery was successful but the next 48 hours are crucial. Till then we cant say anything."

  The doctor left after saying this.

  Helen Black was crying uncontrollably.

  "Mom.... everything will be fine." Mack Black comforted his mother and continued speaking "I will send you first. Sister in law you also go back. I'll update you."

  "No I'll stay here."

  Mack Black sighed deeply and without saying anything he left to send back Helen Black.

  Carl Black was in ICU. Only one person was allowed to see him at a time. Lisa entered the ICU to see Carl Black. He was lying senselessly on the sickbed. His head was wrapped with white gauge and several bandages were there on his body. He was in ventilation and several wires were attached on his chest. Seeing him like this Lisas heart ached. She couldn't hold back her tears and ran away from there. She leaned on the wall outside the ICU and started crying.

  After 48 hours..

  Lisa and Mack Black both were in doctor's chamber. Doctor started explaining slowly about Carl Black's situation.

  "Mr. Blacks vitals are normal but due to severe brain injury he is in coma now. We are shifting him to the ward today."

  Hearing this Lisa was stunned. Chill ran down through her spine and she stared at the doctor speechlessly. After a long pause she heard Mack Black's low voice "When will he wake up?"

  "Its difficult to say. It may take 3 days or 3 months or 3 years or more. It depends on how he responds to our treatment. But nothing to worry well try our best to bring him back."

  After that they both came out from the chamber lowering their heads. In the afternoon Carl Black was shifted to a VIP ward. After finishing all the arrangements Mack Black left to office. As an IT professional he had lots of pending works to complete.

  Lisa was alone with Carl Black in the ward. She sat down on the edge of the sickbed holding Carl Black's hand. Tears streamed down uncontrollably and she whispered "Mr. Black...."

  Who knew how long she was crying like that. Several terrifying thoughts were pouring in her mind and she was feeling very helpless. She lost the track of time. Very soon the sky turned dark but she was still sitting in the same position on the sickbed motionlessly staring at Carl Black.