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Ignite the Hidden Lust

Ignite the Hidden Lust


After three years of marriage, Zhou Mo'an's indifference had consumed all Su Jianxue's patience and love. Su Jianxue was desperate and decisively decided to get a divorce. From now on, she only wanted a career and no love! But Zhou Mo'an, who had become her ex-husband, always liked to show up in front of her. He bought her all her favorite things and cooked her all her favorite dishes. He even took her to buy wedding dresses! Su Jianxue was tired of Zhou Mo'an's belated love, she didn't want it, but Zhou Mo'an forced her to have it. She couldn't stand it anymore. "What on earth do you want to do?" then he leaned over and whispered by her ears, "You will know if you say yes first." Now, who could tell her what is this man up to?
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If everything went smoothly, the man, whom she had only met a few times a year and had barely spoken to, would no longer be her husband.

She would no longer be his wife from that day forward.

And this day would be Su Jianxue's last meal in the Zhou family.

She had already packed all of her belongings. Once she finished her meal, she would leave the house for good. From then on, she would no longer have any ties with the Zhou family.

Once upon a time, she had been ecstatic about her marriage and considered herself lucky.

As she thought about it, she realised that she had been naïve.

After finishing her food, Su Jianxue took a quick glance around the dining table.

She was sitting alone.

This was a normal occurrence for her.

She had always been alone in the house.

It was time to end her predicament.

She picked up her bowl of soup and was about to drink it when she heard Mrs. Zhou's scolding voice. "Lulu is here. Why are you still sitting there? Hurry up and prepare some food for her."

Su Jianxue paused and looked up. Mrs. Zhou entered the dining room with Lulu following closely behind.

Mrs. Zhou treated Lulu as if she was her own daughter. She was a frequent visitor at the house and she came and went as she wished. Although she was only a guest, she looked like she was the owner instead.

"Aunt Zhou, it's alright. I'm not hungry." Lulu smiled and said to Mrs. Zhou, "I'm on a diet too. I'm trying to lose some weight."

Mrs. Zhou felt a little distressed as she nagged, "You look perfectly healthy. Why do you want to go on a diet?"

Then, Mrs. Zhou looked at Su Jianxue with disgust and sneered, "She's the one who should go on a diet, not you. She has put on so much weight over the years! Look at her, she's still eating so well. There's nothing good about her. She's not pretty nor does she have a nice figure. She's a disgrace to the Zhou family!"

"If the Old Madam hadn't protected you back then, do you think you would have been able to marry into our family? You knew that Mo'an did not like you, but you still insisted on staying here. I've never seen a woman as thick-skinned as you!"

Mrs. Zhou always acted like that. She would never miss the chance to scold Su Jianxue.

The old Su Jianxue might have immediately apologised and tried to explain herself to Mrs. Zhou.

However, she had changed and she was not going to let Mrs. Zhou insult her anymore!

"Are you done yapping?" Su Jianxue looked up and asked in a calm tone.

Enraged, Mrs. Zhou said, "What's with your attitude? How dare you talk back to me? Do you think that just because you're his wife, you can talk to me that way? Has Mo'an ever announced your marriage in these three years? Has he ever brought you as his date to a social event?"

"Su Jianxue, you ought to know your place! In this family, you're at the bottom. Even the helpers rank higher than you!"

Su Jianxue smiled, "Yes, they might rank higher than me, but they're not married to Mo'an, are they?"

Mrs. Zhou was stunned.

Su Jianxue wiped her mouth and stood up. She took out an envelope from her bag and handed it to Mrs. Zhou, saying, "These are the divorce papers you asked me to sign. I've already signed them. I don't want any money. Here, take a look."

In disbelief, Mrs. Zhou grabbed the documents and read them carefully. Su Jianxue really had no requests for the Zhou family.

Lulu, who was standing by Mrs. Zhou's side, nearly failed to contain her happiness when she saw that Su Jianxue had signed the divorce papers.

Raised in the Zhou family, she had been in love with Zhou Mo'an ever since she was a little girl. If not for Su Jianxue, she would have been his wife long ago!

How could she not be happy upon seeing news of their divorce?

Concealing her glee, she said, "Aunt Zhou, divorce is not a trivial matter. Shouldn't we wait for Mo'an to come back first?"

Su Jianxue could only sneer upon hearing Lulu's pretentious words. 

Mrs. Zhou had already put the documents back into the envelope. She firmly said, "There's no need for that. She's the one who wants this divorce and I've played no part in forcing her to do so. Since she has signed the papers, I will accept her decision."

With that being said, she looked at Su Jianxue and said, "You are no longer part of the Zhou family, so why are you still standing here? Get out!"

Su Jianxue said, "What's the rush? I still have one more thing I need to do before I leave."

Mrs. Zhou frowned, "What else do yo—"

Before she could finish speaking, Su Jianxue splashed her bowl of soup onto Mrs. Zhou's face.

"Ah!!!" Mrs. Zhou screamed in pain from the hot soup, "Su Jianxue, you crazy woman!"

Su Jianxue's expression was cold as she put down the bowl. She wiped her hands and said, "I'm quite petty. Have you forgotten that you did the same thing to me when I married Mo'an? Now, I'm just returning the favour. You don't have to thank me."

After that, she picked up her bag. Not even sparing a glance at Mrs. Zhou and Lulu, she walked past them and left the house.

She vowed to never step into that house ever again!

But she never know that life was a circle, it always bring her back again...