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Stop the World And Make You Mine

Stop the World And Make You Mine


Nancy was the Cinderella in her family. For all twenty-two years, she lived in her stepmother's shadow. To get her late mother's stuff, Nancy has even forced to date someone who was old enough to be her grandpa. Could life be tougher for her?! Yes, it could. She was drugged during the date and had a one-night stand with a total stranger. But who could expect that the stranger was the well-known military Chief, Collin Hughes! For an unknown secret, Collin proposed Nancy with a price of $10 million. Nancy caught this last hope... Collin loved her, cherish her, and protected her after the wedding. She almost regarded this a marriage of love, until she heard him saying, "There is someone else in my heart." Life was never a fairy tale. Who was the "someone"? Why did Collin propose in the first place? Nancy uncovered these mysteries step by step...
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It was a starry night in T City, and the moon shone brightly. The cafe was permeated with a soft light.

Looking at the white-haired old man in the opposite seat staring at her with lustful eyes, Nancy Grant felt as if a lump were stuck in her throat.

A 22-year-old in the prime of her life, she had been forced to go on a blind date, and this man sitting before her was it!

Nancy was feeling pretty d*mn terrible.

The second daughter of the Grant family was well-known for being lovely as a flower, yet who would've thought that the elder daughter was even better looking? Mr. Lind seemed quite happy about that as well. "Miss Grant," he said, "you must be tired after coming all the way here. Why don't you have a cup of coffee?"

The life of the Grants' oldest daughter had been a hard one. Her mother died not long after she was born, and her father had remarried quickly to her stepmother. She had been pushed into adult life earlier than usual, yet in the end she hadn't been damaged by it. She remained kindhearted and still believed in true love.

She drank the cup of coffee that Mr. Lind had brought her with no thought that there was anything wrong with it.

When her body began to have a reaction though, she realized that something was amiss. She made an excuse to go to the bathroom where she frantically splashed cold water on her face.

The cold water sobered her up in an instant, yet her body temperature kept increasing.

D*mn it! She had been drugged!

There were another ten thousand swear words in her heart that she wanted to scream out.

Alone in the bathroom, Nancy was leaning against the washstand panting, her face flushed.

She was leaning against the door listening for movement outside, looking for a chance to escape, when she heard Mr. Lind's voice. "Hold on everyone! No one comes in before I come out!"

Nancy was scared out of her wits. In a panic, she glanced at the window and a bold idea flashed through her mind.

As she climbed out, Nancy couldn't help but feel lucky that she was on the second floor. If she fell, at least it wouldn't kill her.

Climbing carefully down the water pipe, she could feel her body becoming weaker and weaker.

Seeing a small window below, half a meter wide, she stepped onto the ledge of the windowsill. She hadn't expected someone to be standing there in the window.

The man inside was unbuckling his belt. Just a moment longer, and she would see what he was holding in his hand.

Her eyes grew wider and wider and she stared without blinking. Outwardly, she looked calm, but deep in her heart she wanted to scream.

"Who designed this f*ucking cafe!? Who put the men's restroom right below the women's restroom on the second floor!?"

Just as Nancy put her foot on the windowsill, Collin Hughes noticed her. When he realized it was a woman, he was stunned. Seeing her staring at him without the slightest hint of embarrassment in her eyes made his expression darken in an instant. "Did you get a good look?" he asked calmly as he fastened his belt.

Upon hearing this, Nancy took another look at the man's face. She hadn't looked at him carefully just now, but after a second look she discovered that he looked like the devil himself. He was even better looking than she was!

"She's here!"

The sudden scream from above scared her so much that her feet slipped and she started to fall off the ledge.

In the nick of time, someone grabbed her by the chest and dragged her into the men's restroom before she could even react.

Nancy instinctively put her arms around Collin's neck and stared blankly at his face. If before she had thought that he was just good-looking, now she thought that he could easily charm the whole world.

Collin looked down at her with a poker face.

It made him look somehow heroic and Nancy involuntarily uttered "thank you".

The man's response was quite cold. "Not coming down yet?"

Nancy let go hurriedly, but as soon as her feet touched the ground, she fell down again. She reflexively grabbed his neck again and stepped on his shoes, but she continued to hold on tightly to him.

He was a big guy indeed.

The man's eyes turned even darker.

Nancy's whole body was as hot as a fireball, sending a scorching heat to the man's skin through his clothes.

Nancy's breath became heavier. Realizing that the effect of the drug was increasing more and more thoroughly, she felt embarrassed and softly apologized, "Sorry."