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Stay With Me, Naughty Baby

Stay With Me, Naughty Baby


"I like you very much! I want to make a baby with you!" Samson read the letter handed over by Fiona, who caught his attention at first sight, not aware she's merely doing an errand for her close friend. Samson went to the hotel room written in the letter, but Fiona was nowhere to be found. Miraculously, he ran to her again on the street when she got drugged by the gangster assigned by her half-blooded sister. This time, she pressed her lips against his, murmuring "I want you..." He lost his control and pressed her under him... A night of lust and ecstasy. "She's getting married? A two-timing woman!" he hung the call from her boyfriend, eyes smoldering with anger...
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At Global Restaurant in City A.

"I wish all of you a bright future and a happy marriage after graduation," The head lecturer said and drank up the beer in his glass at one go.

One after another, the students drank their beer and sat down.

Fiona Saison was a little drunk and her face was red. She rested her head on the table and tapped the glass with her fingers. Even though the atmosphere was lively, she felt a little melancholy.

Now that they had graduated from university, everyone would go back to their respective homes and pursue a career of their choice. They had been together for four years and were reluctant to part with each other.

"I heard that the reason why we can come to such a high-end restaurant today is all because Samson Hunt paid the bill."

"His family owns the famous Capital Corporation in Capital City. He is the only heir to the corporation, and they are involved in finance, entertainment, logistics, and real estate. With a casual wave of his hand, he can earn hundreds of millions of dollars. Whoever gets to date him is really godd*mn lucky."

"In your dreams. We were classmates with him for four years, but we have only seen him once back when we were freshmen. After that, he only came for exams. He's the same age as us, but he's already the CEO of the overseas investment department of the corporation. He's an extraordinary man indeed."

"He seems to have come today. The principal and the teaching directors are all flattering him in the next private dining room. After all, he can guarantee the employment of many of us with just a nod of his head."

Fiona rested her hand on her chin and listened as her female classmates talked about Samson. She smiled quietly.

She had been university mates with the heir of Capital Corporation, and she could boast about this for the rest of her life.

"Fiona," Jessie Howland shouted.

Fiona was tipsy, and she looked at Jessie with glassy eyes. "What's up?"

"Can you help give this letter to Samson Hunt? Make sure he sees the letter and ask him to meet me in room 1802. Don't mention my name in front of the principal. I'm shy," Jessie said shyly.

Fiona hesitated. "What if he refuses?"

"It's better than to miss out on the opportunity. I might not see him again after today, but I don't dare to meet the principal and the teaching directors." Jessie pleaded.

"I see." Fiona took the letter from Jessie's hand and went to the next private dining room. She knocked on the door.

"Come in." The principal's voice rang out.

Fiona went in and bowed respectfully. "Hello, everyone."

Samson froze for a moment before he looked at Fiona with his calm and composed eyes. His gaze was deep.

He gently shook his wine glass, and he looked more mature than other people his age. There was something majestic about him, like a noble and unfathomable king who was above everyone.

After Fiona greeted everyone, she looked at Samson and smiled shyly. She lowered her voice and said, "Samson Hunt, I have something to tell you. Can you come out for a moment?"

The principal and the teaching directors looked at one other and smiled suggestively.

More than ten girls had come to express their love, but Samson didn't even spare them a glance. Girls nowadays were really gutsy.

Well, he was handsome, rich and powerful. Who wouldn't want him?

The moment they finished laughing, they saw Samson put down his wine glass, get up and walk towards Fiona.

The principal was stunned.

So were the teaching directors.

Samson walked over to Fiona.

She had never been so close to him, and she realized that he was so tall that his shadow could envelope her.

Fiona flashed an honest smile and handed him the letter. "This, read it."

Samson took the letter from her and opened it suspiciously.

"Samson Hunt, I like you. I like you very much. I like you very, very much. I want to make babies with you."

The name at the bottom of the letter was... Fiona Saison.

Samson's gaze was profound as he looked at her. His eyes seemed to sparkle a little, but they were as deep as the boundless universe.

"Are you done reading it?" Fiona asked suspiciously.

"Yes," He answered in a deep voice.

"So, see you at room 1802?" Fiona whispered.

Her cheeks were red, and she was blinking. She looked pure and innocent.

It was unlike her usual quiet and well-behaved self to extend such a bold invitation. "Have you had too much to drink?"

"Yeah." Fiona nodded and showed him three fingers. She then extended one more finger. "Three bottles of beer and a little red wine. But I'm feeling okay. I'm not drunk."

"Don't regret it, then." Samson locked his gaze on her and said.

What would she regret?

She did not understand what he meant and replied casually, "Oh, you're agreeing to it?"

Samson looked at her, and a hint of emotions flashed past his eyes. "Yes."

"That's great, Samson Hunt. You're such a great guy." Fiona smiled happily and gave Samson a playful look. She took a few steps backwards, turned around and returned to the other private dining room.

Jessie was standing at the door.

Fiona grabbed her shoulder and said happily, "Jessie, he agreed. You got what you wanted."

"What?" Jessie's face turned pale as she asked in disbelief, "Did he agree?"

"Yeah, you should head over now. I'm going home too." Fiona grabbed her backpack and walked towards the bus stop in a leisurely manner.

Her family lived at Agape street, and it only took three stations for her to get home. She got off the bus and sauntered home.

In the darkness, someone made a call. "I see her. She's quite pretty. Her body's nice too... The knockout powder is ready. Don't worry, this kind of knockout powder only causes hallucination. She won't faint. I'll send you a video."

Fiona heard rapid footsteps behind her. She turned and saw a bald man approaching her. There was a pain in her arm.

The bald man had injected something into her veins, and she immediately felt a little dizzy.

She had a bad feeling about this. She shoved the bald man forcefully and ran forward as she shouted in a panic, "Help! Help!".

The bald man grabbed her arm and said with a lewd expression. "Pretty girl, don't worry. I'll give go easy on you..."

"Get out of my way." Fiona tried to break free, but she was unable to.

Her hands and feet were weak as the bald man dragged her along. Her vision was becoming more and more blurry. All of a sudden, someone wrapped his hand around her waist.

She was pulled into a strong embrace.

Fiona was dizzy and confused. When she looked up and saw Samson, she blurted out as if she had gone crazy, "Your Majesty."

Samson was speechless.

"I went to room 1802, and someone else was inside there. You lied to me." Samson said in a deep voice, and he sounded displeased.

Fiona did not understand what he was talking about. She looked at the bald man and hugged Samson tight. "Your Majesty, there's an assassin. The empress wants to kill me."

Samson frowned suspiciously and glanced at the needle on the ground. "Have you been drugged?"

"It was done by the empress. Your Majesty, you have to help me," Fiona said seriously.

Samson had no choice but to carry her and place her on the backseat of his car. "I'll take you to the hospital."

Fiona wrapped her arms around his neck. She cut a pitiful sight as she said. "I'm not ill. If I don't go to the hospital, will you use it as an excuse to lock me up?"

Samson ignored her and sat down next to her. He said to his bodyguard, "Go to the hospital.

"Your Majesty." Fiona was anxious. She wrapped her arms around Samson's waist and lay on top of him. "I'm not ill. I can serve you in bed today. I can serve you in bed every day. Can you let me serve you?"