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Spoil Me Without Excuses

Spoil Me Without Excuses


Cynthia Harris witnessed her boyfriend’s betrayal and broke up. Frustrated and irritated, she kept running outside and suddenly bumped into Colbert William. She quickly apologized, but he just threw her on bed and forced her to do THAT! Cynthia managed to run away, which provoked Colbert completely... When she backed home, she found that her parent’s lives were threatened. To save them, she had to sign a contract and became a stranger’s lifelong mistress! When she was brought to the stranger’s home, she only to find her sugar daddy was Colbert! He asked her to take off all the clothes! He pushed her on bed heavily! He intended to punish his wild kitten! "You can't escape from me, my cute kitten!"
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At night.

In the brightly lit A City, neon lights kept flashing, and all kinds of noise rang out in the city of light.

In the "Love" bar, the music was loud, as if the floor was shaking with the music. People danced with the rhythm of the music on the dance floor, enjoying the carnival.

A thin figure came to the door of the bar and hesitated whether she should go in or not. Cynthia Harris didn't like this kind of places, but her best friend Cara Aileen suddenly called and asked her to come over.

Cynthia took the courage to go in.

"Miss, do you need anything?" The waiter came up and asked enthusiastically.

"Where is Room No. 098?"

"Here, please come with me." The waiter made a gesture politely.

Cara called her and said that she was in Room No. 098 and asked her to go.

"Hello, Miss. This is the No. 098 private room." The waiter introduced politely.

Looking at the brown door, Cynthia suddenly felt disturbed and somehow panic.

She still reached out to knock on the door, but when her hand just touched it, the door suddenly opened. It was not locked.

"Ca..." Before she could say the word "Cara", Cynthia was shocked by the scene in front of her.

On the wide sofa, there were a man and a woman kissing passionately.

When the two were kissing so emotionally, the door was suddenly opened and they stopped. The woman looked back at Cynthia at the door. At this time, Cynthia saw the man's face.

She could not be more familiar with that face. Wasn't it her boyfriend Burke Barton?

Cynthia suddenly felt that her world was going to collapse. She felt heartbroken as if the blood was dripping down drop by drop.

"How can you..." She said in a trembling voice. She could not believe what she had just seen.

"Now that you have seen it, I have nothing to say. This is my girlfriend. Her name is Nina." Burke said, holding the woman's waist with one hand.

Girlfriend... then what about she?

"Tell me, this... this is not true..." Cynthia could not believe that Burke, who used to be so kind to her, would betray her.

"Cynthia, don't lie to yourself."

"Tell me why? Why? What's wrong with me?" Cynthia shouted hysterically.

"What's good about you? What else can we do besides kissing? Every time I want to be intimate with you, you always refuse. You always say that you can't sleep with me until we get married. You keep pretending to be innocent. But I am a man, a normal man. I can't stand you any more." Burke also said in an angry tone, as if he had tolerated her for a long time.

"But as you said, you can wait for me, until I am willing to..."

"I don't want to wait anymore. I have had enough of the relationship without sex. Let's break up!"

Cynthia's tears could not help falling down, like a broken pearl.

"Sister, let me tell you, you'd better forget about being in a relationship if you don't want to have sex. Do you want to pretend to be a holy virgin in this era?" Nina also satirized Cynthia.

Cynthia couldn't stand it anymore. She covered her ears, turned around and ran away. She wanted to escape from this place, and she didn't want to see the indecent couple again.