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Fire Burning in Our Relationship

Fire Burning in Our Relationship


For the sake of her own interests, her newly married husband sent her to someone else's bed. As a scheme, she decided to divorce and take away a large amount of her wealth! "Since you are pregnant with my child, then marry me!" The child's father came to the door and announced loudly. "It's okay to get married, but we have different rooms and beds during this period. When the child is born, we will divorce!" However, after they got married, this man repeatedly appeared in her room and lay on her bed!! Su Fei would never have thought that when Zuo Siyong saw her for the first time, he would think of ways to love her. In this world, Zuo Siyong loved two things: Su Fei; Su Fei who was naked. The former was her, while the latter was convenient for him to love her!
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  "She is pregnant!" Su Qian did not expect that the surprise would come so quickly! If Lin Chen knew it, he would definitely be happier than her!

  Su Qian was so excited that he couldn't help pacing back and forth in the bedroom with the pregnancy test report in his hand!

  "My sister is pregnant? Whose child is this?" A sarcastic voice suddenly sounded, and the pregnancy test report in her hand, Huo was taken away!

  Whose child was it? Su Qian was stunned. The girl who took away her pregnancy report was her half-sister, Su Luoluo. How could she not know that this child was her brother-in-law's?

  Su Luoluo's face was full of a cold smile and said, "Sister, you can't be on July 13th, the night at Xingdu Hotel, you were pregnant, right?"

  Su Qian was shocked when he heard that. He blurted out, "How do you know? It's your brother-in-law who told you that?"

  On July 13th, it was indeed the day when she and her new husband, Lin Chen, consummated the wedding. The place was chosen by Lin Chen, which was the Xingdu Hotel. When she arrived at the hotel room, the carpet was covered with petals, which was so romantic and beautiful...

  Su Luo said with a smile, "How do I know? Haha, do you think that the man that night was my brother-in-law? In fact, on July 13, in Xingdu Hotel, the man who was with you was another man arranged by me and my brother-in-law. That night, I drank the tea I prepared and was very enthusiastic to men."

  Su Qian's brain exploded.

  How... how could this be possible? She did not believe it!

  "Sister, the baby in your belly... is not brother-in-law's child. Since you are so sad, I will help you abort it. What do you think?"

  The shocked Su Li had been forced to step back by Su Luoluo. When her back was against the wall, Su Luoluo suddenly reached out, grabbed her shoulders, and pressed her body down.

  Su Luoluo's right leg bent up and her knees hit Su Fei's abdomen hard.

  Feeling the sharp pain, Su Fei instinctively pushed Su Luoluo away. With a "plop", Su Luoluo fell to the ground.

  "Luo Luo? What's wrong with you?" Lin Chen suddenly rushed in from outside the door and crouched on the ground to help Su Luoluo up.

  "Su Li, what are you doing? She is your sister!" Lin Chen rebuked.

  Su Qian looked at his husband in front of him. He was his wife, but he didn't help her. Instead, he helped Su Luoluo and rebuked her!

  "Brother-in-law, my sister was pregnant with that man's child, but she didn't want it. She forced me to abort the child for her, but I didn't dare."

  Su Luoluo burst into tears in an instant, and I still felt sorry for her.

  Lin Chen was stunned. He looked up at Su Fei and said, "Are you pregnant?"

  Su Qian saw the excitement in his eyes. In an instant, he felt like he had fallen into an icehouse. He felt cold all over. "Lin Chen, what do you mean?"

  Lin Chen's eyes flashed and he thought for a while. Then he said, "Su Li, it's on the night of July 13th. The man in room 309 in Xingdu Hotel is Childe Zuo."

  "Su Qian, I am just a deputy general manager of the company. Childe Zuo is in charge of the whole company. You can have a sleep with Childe Zuo. The position of general manager is mine."

  Su Qian's face was full of despair. The man in front of him was so familiar and so strange!

  She asked with her trembling lips, "So, that night, you and Su Luoluo worked together to send me to that man's bed?"

  Lin Chen looked into her eyes and nodded. "Su Li, I've been graduated for three years, but I'm just the deputy general manager of the company. Do you know how wronged I've been these years?"

  Lin Chen said a lot. He said that he had not graduated yet and he was working hard to enter the Zuo's Group. He said how hard and difficult he had been through in the past three years, and how unwilling he was.

  When talking about him and her at the wedding, he found that Childe Zuo had looked at her for a few more times, and then he knew that the opportunity was coming, so he was forced to send her out. Anyway, she was still a virgin, and Childe Zuo would be happy.

  Finally, he said, "Su Qian, in order to marry you to your home, I don't hesitate to quarrel with my parents and argue with the public. You can take it as a child for me, can't you?"