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My Whole-hearted Love

My Whole-hearted Love


He was the head of the Bai family in the business world. He was cold and cruel, but he was crawled on the bed by this little thing and eaten everything. "How dare you?" Leaning against her wall, the man's voice was cold and dangerous. Her face turned red, and she looked a little flustered. "Let me go, I... I have your baby in my belly!" "Oh, is that so?" Suddenly, a warm and rough big hand came to her belly and drew a vague circle. "So you have my baby here." Evil's mouth curved and he smiled coldly, "Then you dare to run away?"
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  In the Jicious Hotel in City T—

  The magnificent corridor, the luxurious and grand crystal lamp, was full of the unique luxury style of the upper class.

  And how much filth was hidden behind this luxury?

  In the most luxurious presidential suite on the top floor, there was no light, and darkness covered everything.

  The miasma smell in the air eased people's nervous emotions slightly, but they could still hear irregular heartbeat.

  "Take off."

  As the cold and low male voice sounded, the little body in front of the bed suddenly trembled and opened its eyes wide in horror.

  There was a young figure sitting on the big bed. Although the light was dim, it could be vaguely seen that it was a tall man.

  He didn't even wear a suit or coat, only wearing a black shirt. He had a broad shoulders and narrow waist. His face was cold and handsome, and his whole body exuded a kind of dignity that no one could come in.

  Song Qingxiao was so nervous that she couldn't even breathe. Her little face was pale. She shook her fingers to untie her buttons, but she couldn't untie one for a long time.

  "Hurry up, if you don't want something to happen to your father!"

  The man's voice was low and mocking, suppressing a thin layer of anger. He only took a few puffs of cigar and casually pressed it into the crystal ashtray on the bedside table. It seemed that he was impatient to wait.

  The girl's unbuttoned hand stopped, and the button cracked. She bit her bloodless lip, and her face was even paler. "Mr. Bai, in fact, I..."

  In the middle of his words, he suddenly choked.

  The man had already stepped out of bed with his long legs. He picked up the coat on the hanger and walked out of the room.

  Song Qingxiao's heart skipped a beat, and she heard Song Yiwei's warning when he took her to the hotel.

  "That person wants your sister, but who is your sister? She is going to marry a reporter from M Country, and her future can't be ruined! You go and pretend to be her tonight. After the matter is done, I will take full responsibility for the medical expense of your little brother, including your tuition fees. Otherwise, don't blame me, as a father, for being cruel!"

  No! She couldn't let him go!

  "Wait a minute!" The little hand quickly untied the button of the shirt, and the blouse slipped down.

  A crisp and sweet voice came from behind. The man's strong back was stunned. He put one hand on the door handle and turned around, and a white and tender figure was seen in the bottom of his eyes.

  He raised his eyebrows and his eyes were dark and unfathomable.

  "What a damn demon!"

  The door slammed shut, and the man's footsteps were fast. His long body suddenly pressed toward her. "Song Xiyan, you seem to be very different tonight."

  He lifted her chin with one hand. In the dark, his rough fingertips with a smell of smoke gently touched her lips. Song Qingxiao was so scared that she trembled, and her delicate face was as white as a piece of paper.

  "Damn it, I can't let him see the clues!"

  Her little hand reached out to the crotch of the man timidly.


  His sharp eyebrows furrowed, and he sneered, "You're really slutty!"

  Then he grabbed her and dragged her to the big bed. A limited-level feast was going on in the dark.

  The man took the whip without mercy, venting his desire and hatred hard on her.

  Finally, a beam of white light flashed in front of her eyes. The girl fell down with a spasm all over her body. Her little face was so painful that it was pale and distorted, without a trace of blood.

  Tears fell from her eyes, but she could not help biting her lips. Her breath was so weak that it was as if she was dying.

  When everything was over, Bai Yechen slowly put on the buttons of his shirt, took out a cigar from the bedside table and lit it, which was wreathed in enchanting mist.

  He frowned. Although he had vented his anger a moment ago, his heart was still very depressed, especially when he saw the woman's tears.

  "Put on your clothes and get out!" The perfect lips moved, and he said unkind words.

  Song Qingxiao's face was hot and pale. She shamefully picked up her clothes and slowly put them on. Then she limped to open the door of the hotel.

  When the bright light in the corridor shone on her small figure, the man who was smoking on the big bed was suddenly stunned...