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My Sassy Hero

My Sassy Hero


Chi Xiaoqiao had only entered the men's toilet by mistake once. Who knew that she had provoked an extremely overbearing man and was forced to marry him step by step? For the first time, he snatched her first kiss, and she bit him so hard that he was dripping with blood. "Chi Xiaoqiao, are you a dog? How did you bite people?" "So what if I'm a dog? It's light to bite you. Dare you touch me again?" Chi Xiaoqiao glanced at someone's lower body. The second time, he forced himself to hit her, but she kicked him in some key part... Someone roared, "Chi Xiaqiao, do you want me to die without descendants?" Chi Xiaoqiao said faintly, "I just want to help you solve the root of your impulse." Mr. Tyrant met a brutal girlfriend. Mr. Tyrant, take care of yourself!
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  At the bar.

  Chi Xiaoqiao was already a little drunk. She felt the beer mixed with red wine stirring in her stomach.

  "I'll go to the bathroom." Chi Xiaoqiao greeted her best friend, Shangguan Lu, who was sitting opposite her and went to the bathroom.

  It was her first time to come to this bar. Under the guidance of the waiter, Chi Xiaoqiao found the door of the bathroom.

  When she was about to look up at the sign on the door, a woman with long hair and fragrant smell came out of a door and passed by Chi Xiaoqiao.

  Without thinking, Chi Xiaoqiao stepped on high heels and walked into the door of the woman's room.

  The structure of the bathroom was a bit strange.

  It was different from any bathroom that Chi Xiaoqiao had seen before.

  The reason was that there was a row of urinals on the other side of the wall.

  The kind men would use when they were in the Dawn State.

  Chi Xiaoqiao was a little confused. Her drunken eyes quickly met a pair of deep dark eyes.

  It was a man!

  A very good-looking man.

  At this moment, he looked back at Chi Xiaoqiao.

  In the distance of two meters, Chi Xiaoqiao clearly saw that the man's pupils were shrinking little by little.

  Chi Xiaoqiao suddenly realized that she had come to the men's toilet!

  At that very moment, Chi Xiaoqiao thought of the woman who had just gone out. Was she a sissy?

  "It's really a trap!"

  A normal woman would make a terrible scream at this time, and then ran away in a hurry.

  Unfortunately, Chi Xiaoqiao was never a normal woman.

  She quickly made her eyes lose focus. She opened her hands and groped forward. She whispered in her heart, "I can't see, I can't see."

  Chi Xiaoqiao didn't know why he pretended to be blind. At this time, it was no doubt that it was the best idea to run away.

  However, when she encountered embarrassment, her brain would automatically short-circuited and she would do some strange things.

  Without focus, one could still see the man's eyes. From the corner of her eyes, she could clearly see that the man was wearing a zipper of his pants.

  Chi Xiaoqiao's ears turned red. Pretending to be invisible, she groped forward and found a division. She reached out and pushed it, and the door opened.

  Just as Chi Xiaoqiao's foot was about to stride into the compartment, the man came over.

  He stopped beside Chi Xiaoqiao and sneered. "Stop pretending. I know you can see that your eyes are too bright!"

  "Damn, it's not her fault that her eyes are too bright!"

  Chi Xiaoqiao did have a pair of very bright eyes. At the age of 15, she was described as bright as an electric bulb. Although this metaphor was not so beautiful, she still accepted it. A pair of bright eyes was better than a dead fish's eyes.

  At this time, Chi Xiaoqiao's lips twitched and her eyes focused, revealing an embarrassed smile. "Er, well, actually, I didn't see anything."

  The man sneered again. "You didn't see it? Then why are you blushing?"

  Originally, only Chi Xiaoqiao's ears were slightly hot, but when she heard this, her face turned into a tomato.

  It seemed that the man didn't want to let go of Chi Xiaoqiao. He looked at her red face very carefully.

  The look in her eyes was too serious, and there was even some research in it. Chi Xiaoqiao's embarrassment had reached its peak.

  She opened her mouth and was about to say sorry when the man's voice sounded in her ear with some doubts. "Have I seen you before?"