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Her Super Bodyguard

Her Super Bodyguard


In the meantime, Lin Wenxi and the others were attracted to each other. They all knew that they were lucky enough to be together with each other. They were all attracted to this.
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  Looking at the apple mobile phone shop in front of him, Qin Dahai couldn't help licking his dry lips with an anxious look on his sallow face.

  "If I sell my mobile phone, my father's medical pressure and my sister's living expenses will be down this week. If I find another job, this family should be stable."

  Thinking of this, Qin Dahai hurried in.

  There were about seven or eight people in the mobile phone store. The owner was a fat man with slick hair and slippery face. He was chatting with a few familiar guests. When he saw the depressed Qin Dahai coming over, he couldn't help but have a trace of irony in his eyes. He walked up to Qin Haodong with his beer belly shaking and said, "Mr. Qin, are you here to buy your mobile phone again? Did you lose your mobile phone in the game of playing in the Nine Serenities again?"

  Jiu You was the biggest entertainment force in Peng Hai City. The most famous one was the underground casino, whose reputation spread all over the rich circle in Be Liao Province. Although Qin Dahai used to play small games, he also liked to play a few tricks. The more he lost, the less he won.

  Mr. Wang's teasing face could be seen clearly by Qin Dahai, but he didn't want to care about it. He took out the brand-new apple 6S in his pocket and said, "I bought the mobile phone two days ago. I'll return it."


  Mr. Wang's face was a little weird. He took the phone calmly and looked at it casually. He just looked at Qin Dahai from time to time. After Qin Hahai's face looked a little anxious and ugly, he said slowly, "It's okay to return it. Do you have any bills and evidence?"

  Qin Dahai's face changed.

  His family background was not bad, and he had a few million yuan at home. Adding on to his parents' favor, he had always spent a lot of money. He often bought mobile phones here and had been in touch with store manager Wang. In addition, he bought mobile phones in a hurry last time. Not to mention the price, even the mobile phone boxes were thrown into the trash can in a hurry. How could there be any fee identifying?

  Not long ago, his father Qin Tang's wood factory declared bankruptcy and lost all his money. Qin Dahai was also reduced from a rich second generation to a useless son. His father was even more anxious to enter the hospital. His mother had to take care of his father and his sister in school at the same time. As the only one who could stand up and work for him, Qin Dahai had the responsibility to make a sum of money to alleviate the family's recent expenses. However, his former friends and friends could not rely on him and his work could not be solved in a short time. So Qin Dahai planned to sell his mobile phone. He wanted to return unconditionally, but he came here in a hurry because he thought of seven days.

  Of course, Mr. Wang bought the mobile phone, but Mr. Wang didn't intend to return all the money. Seeing Qin Dahai's sullen face, he looked embarrassed and said, "Mr. Qin, this is a matter of principle. I think you're in urgent need of money recently. Why don't you buy it? It's 3,000 yuan."


  Qin Dahai became anxious when he heard that.

  When he bought this mobile phone, it was worth 6,000 yuan. In just four days, it was cut in half. How could he agree? He said discontentedly, "Mr. Wang, you sold this cell phone to me by yourself. I used to buy more mobile phones here. Aren't you going too far?"

  "Too much?" The manager Wang smiled disdainfully and said, "This mobile phone is the same as Miss Ru's. It's a bad thing the next day. What you said is true, Mr. Qin!" After a pause, he added, "Three thousand yuan is a high price for you. If you don't sell it, you can get out."

  At that time, Qin Dahai was so angry that his face turned red. Although he couldn't afford to gamble, he couldn't tolerate his old friends to turn hostile and insult him. He couldn't bear it. He grabbed the collar of Mr. Wang through the counter and said ferociously, "You say it again!"

  "What are you doing?"

  Seeing Qin Dahai's bad attitude, several familiar guests who had been chatting with store manager Wang came forward in a hurry and pushed Qin Dahai away. They pointed at Qin Hahai's nose and scolded, "Do you want to make trouble?"

  "Let's make it clear that we want to kill our brothers to accompany us."

  Qin Dahai stumbled back a few steps after being pushed. In the past, he really dared to fight with these guys. However, the family had undergone a sudden change recently. If he suffered from the upper-class misfortune, he would not be able to support himself. Besides, if he was beaten, he was afraid that he would get hurt. At that time, his family would definitely suffer a lot. Now, he could only swallow his anger.

  The store manager Wang tidied his collar and put away his hypocritical face. He threw the phone to Qin Dahai and said with a shameless smile, "Don't look at yourself."

  Qin Dahai was so angry that his face turned red and turned into livid green. It seemed that his anger was about to explode in his chest. His bloodshot eyes were waiting for Mr. Wang with evil spirit.

  "What are you looking at?"

  One of them saw that Qin Dahai was weak and weak, so he pushed him again and said, "Get out of here if you have nothing to do. Don't be an eyesore here."

  "What are you doing?"

  A man's voice broke the tense atmosphere in the store.

  Everyone looked over and saw three customers at the door. One was a man and two were women. It was the man who spoke. He was dressed decently and dressed in a suit and leather shoes. He appeared with a posture that quickly suppressed the atmosphere in the store. The other two women were even more beautiful and had their own merits. As soon as they appeared, they attracted the attention of most people.

  Qin Dahai, who was in a daze, even looked at one of the two women with complicated and helpless eyes.

  "Mr. Gu!" Mr. Wang hurried to Mr. Gu in the counter as if he had seen his father. He smiled very flatteringly and said, "What brings you out? If you want to buy a phone, I will send it to you."

  Mr. Wang had to lower his status because Mr. Gu in front of him was called Gu Xiancang. He was a high-ranking official of Jinxiu Group in Penghai City and a star of Pengwei City. Every year, in the event of the Holding of Jinxiu Group, all the mobile phones in the prizes were bought from Mr. Wang. Gu was generous and created a lot of profits for Mr. Wang every year. Naturally, he was respectful to this God of Wealth.

  "I just happened to pass by and bought you a phone." Gu Xiancang waved his hand, indicating that the manager didn't need to be so polite. He said, "What happened here? Why is it so noisy?"

  "Hey." Mr. Wang pouted his lips and pointed to Qin Hahai. "It's all because of this bastard. I don't know where he got his mobile phone. He wants to get it back in my place. If I don't agree, he wants to make trouble here."

  Gu Xiancang looked at Qin Dahai, only to find that Qin Dahai's eyes were all on the woman next to him at this time. There was a flash of dissatisfaction in his eyes, but before he could speak, another young girl who was full of youthful aura jumped out excitedly and walked around Qin Hahai. Then she shouted to another woman, "Sister Shiwen, isn't this Qin Dahai, who wanted you to confess your love not long ago?"

  Liu Shixuan was also the woman that Qin Dahai had been looking at. She was about 22 or 33 years old. Her skin was white and beautiful. Her clothes were also very valuable. Although her temperament was a little cold, she was more mysterious and cold. When she heard the little girl's words, she rolled her eyes at her, but she did not look at Qin Dahai. She would not waste her eyes on a useless man.

  "Qin Dahai, it's you." Seeing that Liu Shixuan didn't answer, the little girl didn't lose her fun at all. Instead, she was even more excited. "You are very rich. Not long ago, you confessed your love to my sister Shiwen and held a big gold watch. Is this fat man wrong?"

  The little girl was naive and straightforward. When Qin Dahai heard her words, he could only smile helplessly.

  Liu Shixuan was his college classmate. They graduated at the same time, but Liu Shixuan had joined Jinxiu Group early. At present, she had performed a lot and was the goddess in many people's eyes. On the contrary, Qin Haodong felt good about himself and continued to eat and drink at home. Not long ago, he made a deep confession to Liu Shxuan in front of hundreds of people in Jinxiu Company. As a result, in Qin Hai's expectation, Liu Shxuan did not even look at him.

  Most of the time, Qin Dahai wondered if this woman still remembered her name. But the more so, the more he wanted to pursue her and made a lot of jokes about her.

  Mr. Wang heard the little girl's words and saw the dissatisfaction in Gu Xiancang's eyes. He turned his eyes and said, "Little girl, a wise man knows his face and doesn't know his heart. Qin Dahai is not a good person. He eats, drinks, sells, and gambling. I heard that not long ago, he lost a lot of money in gambling and lost his family's money. His father has been admitted to the hospital. Now he is short of money, and even his friends are cheating."

  The restaurant manager's words shocked the little girl. She looked at Qin Dahai as if her view had been distorted. "Really? Qin Dahai, you won't really lose everything, will you?"

  "I didn't." Qin Dahai said in a low voice.

  This sentence seemed to say to the manager, but in fact, it was to Liu Shixuan. He wanted to defend the manager's insult to himself. After all, no one liked to be thrown into a mess in front of the goddess.

  "Bah." Mr. Wang said with great disdain, "Who doesn't know that you're good at gambling? What's the point of believing this damn gambler's words?"

  "All right."

  Seeing that Liu Shi Xuan did not look at Qin Hahai at all, Gu Xiancang winked at store manager Wang and said faintly, "If he wants to sell his mobile phone, you just take it."

  "He thinks 3,000 yuan is not enough."

  store manager Wang glared at Qin Dahai. "Why doesn't this guy know how to be shy? Why don't he get out of here?"

  Gu Xiancang was a little surprised. He looked at Qin Dahai with a funny smile and asked, "How much do you want?"

  Only then did Qin Hai take his eyes back from Liu Shixuan. After a little calculation in his mind, he said, "I bought my mobile phone here for six thousand yuan. In three days, I'll sell it for five thousand yuan."

  5,000 yuan was a low price for him.

  She gave the 2,000 yuan to her mother and the remaining 1,000 yuan to her sister.

  As for himself, he wanted to find a foodie job first.

  He had already thought of a job. It was in the fast food restaurant. Although it was a bit tiring, three meals a day could be guaranteed. As long as the salary was paid, the family crisis could be relieved and the crisis could be slowly turned into peace.

  Mr. Wang was a little angry and said, "Bullshit, I didn't buy it here. Who are you lying to without a price?"

  "All right, all right." Gu Xiancang seemed to be a little impatient. "Give him 5,000 yuan. Let him go."

  It was not good for store manager Wang to reject Gu Xiancang's words. Besides, if the 5,000 yuan was taken back and sold on the market, he could earn some from inside and outside. He glared at Qin Dahai and was extremely reluctant to take out 5,000 yuan to buy Qin Dahai's mobile phone.

  After receiving the money, Qin Dahai breathed a sigh of relief in his heart. Looking at Liu Shixuan, he was silent for a while before he said, "I'm good at gambling, but I absolutely didn't lose all my money. I'm not so bad."

  Liu Shixuan frowned slightly, but she still lowered her head to show that she had heard Qin Dahai's words. As for whether she believed it or not, Qin Dahai was not sure, but he felt a little relieved. Beside him, Mr. Wang snorted with disdain and sarcasm.

  Qin Hahai didn't want to waste any more time here. When he was about to leave, he found a group of people outside the store. The leader was a young man with a gloomy face. When he saw Qin Hahai and the 5,000 yuan in his hand, he smiled insidiously and said, "Qin Dahai, you hid it well enough. When will you pay back the debts you owe us? This 100,000 yuan is not a small amount."

  The faces of the group of people in the store suddenly turned pale!