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It's Love

It's Love



A 22 year old Adeline has no idea what awaits her in her future life.She is the apple of the eye's of her family.Adeline doesn't want to be attracted to man's.But she is someone that attract men's just with her simple gesture.When men's approach her romantically ,she will find a way to get out from the situation.What happen's when a devastatingly handsome man Can Yaman approach her in the intention to own her in this life.He just can't bear other man look at her.How Adeline going to face this man? Would she head over heels for this man?
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Adeline pov

The sun poured through my window. Another day had dawned, bringing with it new hopes and aspirations.But I'm still in bed rolling under the quilt,refusing to wake up.

'Adel' ,that's how people around me ,who are close to me address me.

''Adel!'' there is a loud voice calling for me and there stand my elder sister and brother who barge in my room without any notice.

''How long would you sleep Adel,Wake Up!!!'' said Kate my sister.I refused to come out from the quilt .

''See she still doesn't want to come out from the bed'',said my brother Hudson.

"I exactly know how to get her out of bed," said Hudson to Kate.

Both of them stare at each other and smile mischievously.In a speed of light both of them pull my quilt and start to tickle me around my stomach.

That's our little secret where they know that I can't resist people tickle me and automatically I start to laugh and beg them to stop.

'' Stop it both of you'', as I said ,three of us were laughing unconditionally and lie down on the bed ,side by side looking at each other trying to control our laugh.

Three of us lie down for awhile, ''Both of us were waiting for you downstairs and you are still on the bed rolling,wake up and get ready in 15 minutes'',said Kate.

Three of us supposed to go for a jog today as it was a weekend and there is me fooling around ditching them by not waking up on time.

''I'm too lazy to go for jog today Kate,can I skip today's jog.''

''You can't do that as it's a must for us to go for a jog together at least once a week,remember''said Hudson.

It's true, three of us used to jog together every morning and as we grow up to be adult we rarely have time to jog together because of our schedule is different from each other.So we decide to jog together at least once a week.

''Fine,I will be ready in 15 minutes and would come downstairs,you guys wait for me''.

''That's like my little munchy'',say Hudson with a smile.

He know's that I can't refuse him.Both of them went down and wait for me.

In 15 minutes,I went down wearing my sportswear attire and running shoes.I tied my long hair in a ponytail.

''I'm ready let's go,'' I said after seeing my siblings waiting for me.

After one and half hour of jog,three of us came back home all drenched in sweat.As soon we come back home there is food fragrance all over the house where we realise that we are actually starving after the jog.

When we come to kitchen we found that Mom were making breakfast for us whereas Dad is helping her.Both of them are really showing their affection towards each other early in the morning.

Three of us look at them and smile at each others.We didn't disturb them and went to our respective room to get freshen up.