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Tyrants wife

Tyrants wife

Author:Marina I.


Story is about a girl who has her heartbroken and a tyrant how can’t find love. How will she cope with her heart getting broken? Find out how the tyrant falls in love and see how there story unfolds for the both to of them.
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  Liza is Lisa’s ex best friend

  Tom Lisa ex fiancé

  Lisa is the tyrants wife

  Alex jr. is the tyrant

  Henry is Alex’s secretary

  Marina is Lisa best friend

  Madame Charlotte is Alex‘s mom

  Mary is Alex’s sister


  ~The heart break1~

  Lisa you look so beautiful! I did a pretty good job if I do say so my self. Ann said pleased with her job. Thank you Ann said Lisa. You always do an amazing job. Can you believe it? I’m finally getting married. I have waited for this day for so long you don’t know how happy I am! Oh I can tell your happy with how Excited you are. Thank you again Ann for doing such an amazing job, Lisa said. You can leave now I want to spend some time alone before my wedding. Ok Ann replied. I should go to the bathroom this dress is so heavy but it’s well worth it. As Lisa walks down the hall way to go to the bathroom she hears Two familiar voices. I know those voices that is Tom is Liza what are they doing together? Lisa walks closer to the door and takes out her phone to record. Tom do you really have to marry that slut Lisa? Liza said. You know I have too Liza. Once I marry her I can take all her money and divorce her and marry you, I only love you Liza. Tom .I love you too Liza replied. I can’t believe I pretended to be That sluts friend. Liza laughed.

  Do you think she knows about us? Liza asked. Of course not how could she know Tom laughed. she is so stupid and slow of course she doesn’t know. Tom continued to a laugh . We should hurry and leave before someone finds us said Tom. Lisa walks always trying to figure out what just happened she thought that Liza was her friend and she trusted her. Lisa went back to the room and started crying she had her heart broken by her fiancé and her friend in One night. As Lisa is crying she hears a knock on the door. Lisa you in there Tom said. Lisa jumps when she hears toms voice. I’m in her she replied. Is everything think ok Tom asked, should I come In? No you can’t Lisa said, you can’t see the bride before the wedding it’s bad luck. Lisa said not wanting to seen him after what she just witnessed. Ok Tom said if there is anything you need just let me know ok. Said Tom. Ok Lisa replied. You think you can act all nice to me Lisa laughed to her self not knowing weather to cry or laughed. I will get you both for this. You will see.