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My High School Love

My High School Love

Author:Samiara Dabre


A love which blooms at the school level and stays Forever. Story of a girl who is in love with a boy during their schooling. As they are moving in life same way there are many difficulties and problems which they have to face. But their love remains same as it was at last they meet each other under certain circumstances and the boy reaches the girl and finally they get married
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  Shreyas baby get up. You have to attend your business meeting today its your quite important day come on get up. Maira "No " I won't, but why? It's because you're by my side and it's enough to live without you for more than 14 years you were away from me. Now promise that you'll never ever leave by my side. Shreyas "I will never ever leave you till the end of my last breathe. " A sudden passionate kiss comes from shreyas as his kiss is loving and mild giving Maira a sense of love and caring. The kiss was long and intense finally shreyas releases maira as she goes out of the breath. Come on get up quicklyfresh up yourself be quick. "I am waiting to have breakfast with you be quick. Maira comes to living room and she ask aunt Sia ling to prepare the breakfast as per the taste of shreyas. While she goes in living room and starts watching their old pictures. Mommy , Mommy where's my drawing kit I'm getting late for my school. Sia every time I have to remind you same thing. Why can't you find your things baby? Its right there in you cupboard . Also come fast, your breakfast is ready on the table and even call your daddy for breakfast. Since the years have passed so quickly that you can't count it. The days, months and years have passed but some memories never vanishe from mind. 15th of June 2008 X school. Maira you bad girl why did you leave me all alone? Oh my god ! Miss Rin yen are you ready? "I thought you are coming to school after the prayers. " "Hahaha when did miss miara start to crack such pathetic jokes ?" Anyway let's go its almost time for bell. As we entered our classroom we got the biggest surprise Rin was transferred to class B where as I was in class A. Oh ! Our poor luck anyway maira "we are separated by class, not by hearts . Rin, are you alright ? "Ya" why miara? When did you start using such a poetic language . Hahaha. As I entered the class i took my seat with one of my classmate. Maira, where had you gone in vacations. We were discussing our travel history with some of our friends. Oh ! Shreyas is there in our class, oh god ! One of my classmate exclaim . Shao ling you are right why such crazy guy is there in our class. Leave its maira we don't have to think about such person. As time flew shreyas and I had became good friends. Now it was the month of my birthday to my surprise I was been admitted to hospital. Happy Birthday to you happy birthday dear miara. Hey girl, what a great birthday celebration you are having. Stop it Rin. I'm not in a mood for fun. Ok, don't worry you will be fine and soon come to school we all are missing you. Ok rin bye. As I'm resting I'm thinking about school. But more than school why my thoughts are diverting towards shreyas why his face is coming right in front of my eyes. Maira, "stop thinking about him, are you mad ? Why are you just thinking about him ? He is just your good friend . Hey miara, how are you ? When did you got discharge from hospital ? How are you feeling now ? As I entered the class, all of my classmates and friends started asking me . Today I'm feeling quite happy, but where is shreyas ? Miara, why are you again thinking about him ?. There he is as he came into class unkowningly there was a slightly arc form on my lips. Miara, why are you smiling one of my friend asked me. No nothing I tried to hide my smile. Now finally I came to know that I had crush on shreyas. As time flew, our final exams were near . Miara can you help me with this problem, "I don't know how to solve it. Shreyas, its quite easy look like that. Oh, thank you miara. Your most welcome shreyas. We were sitting in the same row he is sitting right in front of me. Miara what are your plans for vacation ? Now our exams are over. Are you planning trips? This year my dad and mom are quite busy with our business so it's not possible for trips. Shreyas : "ok". Miara : Shreyas where are you going for trip ? Shreyas : Even though I'm not going on a trip. Miara : ok. Shreyas : Miara, can you accompany me for my swimming practice as I have my swimming competition so I need to practice everyday can you accompany me ? Afcourse, I don't have any problem anyways, rather than dozing at home for the whole day I will accompany you. Ok miara, this my number 9123356780 call me when you'll leave. Now everyday I m accompanying shreyas but I don't have any guts to confront my feelings towards him, I'm scared to be rejected. As I was in my own world, a sudden voice came near my ears. What are you thinking about miara ? "Love" what don't tell me that you are also believing in such childish things . Shreyas have been crazy love is such a beautiful thing. Ok . It's quite late. Come on, let's go. Miara should I drop you home. Sure why not. As we were walking he held my hand. I felt a warm touch but I came to my senses and tried to withdraw my hand but he had held my hand tightly. My whole vacation has past with him. Now it was time for our new academics. Shreyas on the other hand was thinking why did suddenly caught her hand ? Dude I'm just her friend so its quite normal to catch hand of your friend . Let's go now it's new academic year with new challenges let's begin the year with fun. Miara should be in same class as me. As I came to shian ling my friend came to me with a great enthusiasm hey buddy shreyas where have you the whole vacation missed you so much. Ya buddy, come let's go to our class ya sure. As we entered the class we came to know again our class is been shuffle. As I was searching for miara she was shuffle in class B and I was in class A. Miara, why are you so upset what's the matter nothing rin. I quickly took out my cell and texted shreyas " hey". Where are you? "I can't see you in my class. " With in a second I got a text "come to our secret place." I replied ok. Soon we came to our secret spot as we came shreyas asked me how are you? Shreyas what type of question is it? As we are talking he suddenly hug me in his embrace. Miara I miss you. Shreyas is everything alright what's going on. As we realize we are in school before I could say anything he just left that place. I was happy but bit surprise . why did he hug me like? Do he also love me? As I came in my class I didn't know why I was thinking about miara. Why did my mind was relax when I hug her. No we are just best friends and best friends can hug each other any ways she is just my friend. I quickly took my cell and texted miara : "hey l'm sorry for what I did just now it won't happen again. After while got text its ok. Now the new academic year have began and time had just flew in its own way. Miara was busy with her studies and curricular activities whereas shreyas was also busy with his studies half of the year have past. Next week we are conducting our exams as our teacher announce the notice our whole class was quite. As the exam began we all were busy in our studies the days during exams were moving quite fast. As the exams got over it was Christmas during christmas the Northern city was very chilled and covered with snow. Every one was preparing for Christmas and new year. As I was seating in my balcony I got a text from shreyas "hey " are you free ? So I replied to him "yeah." Again I got text from another side can I come to your place for a while it's quite boring here. I asked my mommy she told let him come. So again I replied ya you can come. After certain period of he had came to my place my mommy was busy with here household work and daddy was in his study. As shreyas came he talked to my mommy and we went upstairs in my room. As we were talking and chatting all of sudden he grab my head and kissed me. At very first I tried to push him but all in vain his strength was more than me. I pinch him but it also did not effect on him at last I lost my control and I started to kiss him. We kissed till we were out of our breathe. Shreyas had let go off me as i was out of my breath. He started creasing my lips. At the other side i was very shy and blushing. As shreyas saw me blushing again he kiss me on my cheeks and he left the room without saying a word. A month has past but now shreyas was completely ignoring me as I went in school he started to ignore me. I felt quite bad why do is he behaving in such a way? Do he hate me???? Where as shreyas on other hand was bit confused why I did kissed her? It's wrong to kiss what would she think about me? I have hurted her. I won't talk to her. While I was thinking I got a text on my cell with the clear words "come to our secret place ". I don't know why but I could not ignore her text as I replied " ok only five minutes " from other side I got a quick reply " ok fine ". Miara where are you going as I was leaving suddenly ris asked me..