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Living in Style

Living in Style



A 20-year-old fresh high school graduate boy having little to no financial support for his university, he journey from country to country to find a life for himself. Throughout the journey, he have made many friends and also found himself someone he would then decided to spend his life with.
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  "BANG!" A loud glass shattering splashing sound that could be heard all over the house. It was Alain's mother who was throwing a tantrum in the house and happen to throw a glass plate on the floor.

  Alain's mother, Windy Chime, was always a hot tempered person, recently Alain's mother realised that they could not bear the future university fees for Alain anymore and also having lots of unsettled bills for the rented flat that would possibly get them kick out of the unit, Windy had engaged a big fight with Alain's father, Roux Wool.

  Roux Wool own a business on his own in Malaysia. Over the span of 20years of fail businesses, he have invested on gas pipe businesses, healthcare businesses, mineral water businesses, credit card refinancing businesses, even building his own sales team for daily products. All of these has also somehow break even and profitted him some money, however, most of them didnt last more than 5years. For the current project he was on, he had successfully loaned a huge sum of RM1,200,000 to buy over a terrace apartment.

  Having this new loan, plus the pre-existing old loans they had, Windy thought it was a very terrible idea to take up a new loan as it is going to be very difficult to repay the loans they had. Therefore there were a lot of clash in interests between them.

  Suddenly, in Alain's room,

  "Ahhhhh stop it!!!" Alain sprang up from his bed and pants heavily.

  The 2 roommates could only stare at Alain with a big question mark in their face. Alain has been ill for 2days, so it is understandable for the roomates to see that Alain was having a bad dream that might be triggered from his illness.

  Alain sat up straight from his bed, he noticed his roommates has been staring at him with a worry face, Alain returned them with an awkward smile and looked at the clock right across his bed and realised that it was already 10am in the morning and he is in Singapore, not back at his Malaysia home. To Alain, it wasnt just a simple dream. Those were the real events that has happened 4years back. He was 16-years-old back then, and did not know what was his future are going to be like. Always have been struggling financially, Alain has never been able to start on his university life. Fortunately, he was able to finished high-school, although it wasnt with good results, but most of the subjects has gotten a pass with credit.

  It was a Monday, an off day for Alain. Currently Alain is working for Skyshine Music Academy as a front desk administrator. Alain has gotten much better since he has been ill for 2days, today being the third day, he felt much more recovered and plan to think of any activity that he could do. Alain is currently single, and hoping to seek for a relationship, however, he doesnt have much money with only a monthly income of Singapore dollar 1,700


, and every month he would have to pay for his rental which costs him about S$350, S$120-150 for his food, S$100 on transportation, and some other miscellaneous costs that might roughly spend him about S$700-1000 a month. For about 2years he has been in this company now, he have saved up approximately S$15,000.

  It has always been Alain's ambition to find a better job, however, Alain has always been with little connection, little work experience and little education background. How could he find any job that pays him well? Through YouTube, Alain have watched many people vlog about their life, doctors, nurses, teachers, cooks, businessman, property agents, many others. Today, without any goal, Alain has wandered upom an advertisment about Cabin Crew with Samui Airline. They would pay between S$4,000-5,000 for an entry level Cabin Crew.

  Immediately, his head was full of thinking. With those money every month, it would only take him about 3-4 months that he could already overtake his current savings. He would make a lot of money. But what would require a person to be a Cabin Crew? With a lot of Google researches, Alain realise that the lowest requirement to get into Singapore Airline, he have immediately thought of following the requirement one by one to try out his luck. After all, it's been 2years he have been working in a Music Academy as a front desk administrator. He wanted take it up a higher notch to his career so that he could hopefully seek for an exciting relationship with a girl. But also hopefully he would be able to get a stable income to settle down his life with his own properties.

  Despite being in the front desk administrator of the music academy, Alain has never really pay attention of how he should be well groomed. Through Google, he was advised to groom his hair, eyebrow, facial products cleanse his face, how he should dress, and nonetheless, getting that workout tone body. Fortunely Alain has always been a sporty kid back in school, which also make him a lean built type of body. Alain is 175cm tall, which is not short, but not that tall either. Alain has a very structured complexion, and with all these knowledge, he thought that maybe he should really give it a try to groom himself up and take up the challenge to strive for this path.