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Super Warrior and His Girls

Super Warrior and His Girls


He was the king of the underground world, but he was forced to marry by his family and returned to the city. Although his wife was a ten-thousand-year-old beauty president, he still had a variety of beautiful women around him. He would see how he would travel around the flowers and never touch them.
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  In Jiang Hai City, a red Maserati president's car had just left the Civil Affairs Bureau.

  Zhan Ying, who was sitting in the passenger's seat, had an obscene smile on his face as he looked at the woman beside him. "Wife, can we build a North Nose now?"

  The woman was about twenty-four or twenty-five years old. She had an oval face and willow eyebrows. Her skin was as white as jade. Her beautiful eyes were clear and bright. Her nose was small and straight. Her thin red lips seemed to inadvertently emit temptation.

  The tailored black woman's suit perfectly outlined her beauty. Her long hair in a high bun added a bit of mature charm to her. She was conservative and dignified both in dress and dress.

  But under this dignified appearance, there was a kind of inborn sexyness that could not be resisted.

  "You want to build a North Nose? Okay."

  Chu Hanyan agreed without hesitation. There was a charming smile on her face, sexy and elegant.

  If people in the outside world heard her words, it would definitely make a sensation in the whole Jiang Hai City.

  Chu Hanyan was not an ordinary woman, but the perfect goddess in the eyes of most young talents in Jiang Hai City. At the same time, she was also the head of the top ten listed company Hong Yun Group in Jiang Hai City.

  The Hongyun Group was established by Chu Hanyan six years ago when she just entered the university. At that time, it was just a very humble Internet company. However, Chu Hanyan only spent six years to make Hongyun Group successfully listed, and after it was listed, it had an unstoppable and crazy rise. The business had been greatly developed. The series of companies had also expanded to the category of home, clothing, cosmetics, accessories, sea transportation and so on. Her value had now soared to ten billion yuan.

  At the same time, people who knew Chu Hanyan knew that this woman was cold, from the bone to the blood. Any one of her eyes could make people feel the coldness that was thousands of miles away.

  Even though he had seen countless women, he couldn't stand it when he saw Chu Hanyan for the first time.

  Therefore, when Zhan Ying saw that Chu Hanyan's attitude was turning 720 degrees, he felt that his mind was a little heavy.

  But he soon came to his senses, and Zhan Ying only felt that the blood in his body was boiling, and a gust of evil Qi almost rushed into his head from the soles of his feet.

  At the same time, he was very excited. After a month of hard pursuit, he finally got rid of the mist to see tomorrow and won the beauty's heart.

  The iceberg was finally melted by his deep feelings.

  "Honey, how about we get some delicious food when we go back later? Only when we're full can we have the strength to work." Zhan Ying asked expectantly.

  Chu Hanyan was stunned for a moment. After remembering what he meant, a trace of disgust flashed through her eyes, but on the surface, she smiled. "Okay, but my cooking skills are not very good. Husband, you have to help me."

  Hearing this call "husband", Zhan Ying felt that his whole body was going to melt.

  "Honey, let's hug one first. We've known each other for such a long time, but we haven't hugged each other yet..."

  Zhan Ying said and was about to reach out to hug Chu Hanyan.


  Chu Hanyan suddenly parked the president's car on the side of the road.

  "What's wrong, daughter-in-law?" Zhan Ying asked in confusion.

  "It's okay. It's just that I want to take the initiative. Why don't you take me here to drive..."

  Chu Hanyan said softly, with a little shyness.

  "Okay, okay, my wife, you are too overbearing as a president. However, I like it!"

  Zhan Ying's eyes lit up. He quickly opened the door and jumped out of the car, ready to change to the driver's seat.

  But when he came to the driver's seat, he found that the door was locked and couldn't be opened at all.

  Zhan Ying said with a fawning smile, "Dear daughter-in-law, what are you doing..."

  "Zhanying, if I remember correctly, you only have 30 yuan left, don't you?" Chu Hanyan looked at Zhanying and smiled.

  "To be precise, it's 30 yuan and 50 yuan."

  "Well, there shouldn't be such a cheap hotel in Jiang Hai City. Moreover, you haven't had dinner yet."

  Chu Hanyan nodded with satisfaction. "You can spend a night under the overpass tonight. I will lock the door of the courtyard at home. Even if you have a key, you can't open it."

  As soon as he finished speaking, the engine of the CEO's car roared and rushed out fiercely like a ruthless beast.

  When she looked away, Chu Hanyan's eyes were full of coldness and anger.

  Obviously, when she came with Zhan Ying to get her marriage certificate, she was not only not happy at all, but also extremely angry and resentful with Zhan Ying.

  Chu Hanyan and Zhan Ying had been together for a month, but she did not see any extraordinary things on Zhan Ying's body. There were countless things that she hated.

  She really couldn't figure out why her parents had taken a fancy to this bastard. He forced her to marry him, and even threatened her by cutting off the relationship with him. This time, even her mother, who had always loved him, had a very tough attitude. She had to get the marriage certificate with Zhan Ying, and today she would get it.

  Although she got the certificate, she felt even more disgusted with Zhanying.

  "What the f**k. Chu Hanyan, how dare you play tricks on me?"

  Zhan Ying instantly realized that he was completely fooled by this woman.

  He said, "When I'm full, I'll have the strength to work, and I'll kiss my son..."

  "All of them are fake!"

  This b*tch was deliberately making fun of him, and then decisively left.

  Women's hearts were the most vicious.

  "Chu Hanyan, just wait and see. I don't believe it. I don't know how many women I, Zhan Ying, have surrendered abroad. Even the princesses of many countries, are shouting to marry me. I can't even deal with you?"

  Zhan Ying began to practice martial arts with the masters in his family when he was ten years old. At the age of eighteen, he carried out some special tasks under the arrangement of his grandfather, which was even more powerful than the military kings of the Long Yan Kingdom.

  But because of one incident, he was forced to flee to the Longyan Kingdom. He was forced to enter the underground world abroad and established the Blood Shadow Mercenary Group. It took him five years to become the king of mercenaries.

  A month ago, his grandfather brought him back to the Long Yan Kingdom and asked him to marry and have children with Chu Hanyan.

  Zhan Ying didn't want to marry a woman who had no feelings, but his grandfather told him that he only wanted to have a baby with Chu Hanyan, and told him that his parents were missing.

  Therefore, Zhan Ying had to leave that world and return to the Long Yan country in a low profile. He lived with Chu Hanyan and got a marriage certificate today.

  But Chu Hanyan was like an iceberg. Zhan Ying didn't even touch her hand, not to mention giving birth to a baby with her.

  "You want me to sleep under the bridge? Ha ha... Do you think I only rely on my wife for dinner?"

  Zhan Ying looked around and then fixed his eyes in the direction of the flashing neon lights. He touched the 30 yuan in his pocket and walked over quickly.

  Although he left all his assets to his brothers before returning to the Longyan Kingdom.

  But Zhan Ying felt that it was not a big deal to rely on money to hook up with girls in such a green place. It was the real ability to hook up with girls without money.

  Bar Street was the most exciting place in Jiang Hai City, and it was also the favorite place for young people to come.

  When the night fell and the darkness gradually enveloped the noisy city, Huahei illuminated every corner of the city.

  Especially on the street of the bar, there was a flash of the neon lights.

  Zhan Ying walked around, then chose a bar called "indulgent Youth" and walked in.

  As soon as he stepped into the bar, deafening music and excited screams poured into his ears. The rich alcohol and the ambiguous atmosphere around the bar made Zhan Ying look more energetic.

  This kind of chaotic place was more suitable for him.

  His eyes swept around for a moment, but he did not find a satisfactory target, so he was not in a hurry. He came to the bar counter and snapped his fingers to the waiter, "Give me a glass of beer."

  The waiter sized Zhan Ying up and saw that he was wearing a white T-shirt and his face was still covered with stubble. A trace of imperceptible contempt appeared in his eyes. He poured a glass of beer and handed it directly to Zhan Ying.

  Zhan Ying pretended not to notice and sat down in the corner with beer in his hand. He tasted the wine quietly. His deep and dark eyes glanced around the bar from time to time, looking for suitable prey.

  "Do you... really want to sleep under the bridge tonight?"

  After more than half an hour, Zhan Ying didn't find a prey suitable for himself. He was a little disappointed.

  "Handsome, are you interested in treating me to a drink?"

  At this moment, a woman staggered to Zhanying's side, and her white arm directly wrapped around Zhanying's neck.

  "If you can get me drunk, I'll be happy tonight!"