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Trial Marriage

Trial Marriage


On the other hand, there was a long way to go for them to get what they wanted, and they all knew that they had to go through all these.
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  "Qiqi, something's wrong at home. The Gu family is about to go bankrupt. Come home quickly."

  It seemed that her father's previous call was still ringing in her ears. Gu Qiqi was sitting in front of the bar. Unlike the lively atmosphere in the bar, she was very quiet.

  The Gu's Group was a relic left behind by her mother. It was originally given to her, but her father, on the excuse that she was still young, helped her manage the company. After so many years of poor management, it was finally on the verge of bankruptcy.

  Gu Qi gave a wry smile and drank sullenly.

  She didn't know how much she had drunk. After buying a bill, she was ready to go home.

  It was too lonely on the way to City C at night. Gu Qiqi wanted to go to the underground parking lot and staggered into the parking lot. After a long time, he couldn't find his own car.

  As he walked, his legs suddenly went limp and he fell to the side of a car...

  "Oh... My car!" Gu Qiqi giggled, took out the car key from his bag, and pressed it. At the same time, not far behind her, someone pressed the car key.

  The car let out a "beep" sound. When Gu Qi heard it, he thought, "Yes, this is her car!"

  At the moment, she opened the co-pilot's seat, got in the car, and wanted to climb to the driver's seat from this side.

  As soon as An Guyan opened the door of the driver's seat, he saw the woman who was about to climb to this side in the co-pilot's seat. He frowned slightly and said disgustedly, "Get out!"

  Gu Qi curled his lip and glared at him. "My car, do you dare to ask me to get out? It's you who should get out!"

  An Guyan smelled the smell of wine and knew that it was a drunkard. He wanted to pull her out of the car, only to find that she directly leaned over and sat in the driver's seat, trying to put her car key into the keyhole.

  As soon as An Guyan reached out his hand and touched her shoulder, she pulled him into the car...

  Gu Qi looked at his side face at close distance and got close to his ear.

  "Another woman who's here to seduce me? This is a unique way of seducing me..."

  While An Guyan was thinking, he suddenly heard her singing, "The great river flows to the east! The stars in the sky, the Big Dipper! Hey hey! The Big Dipper! The friend of life and death has a bowl of wine! We'll leave as soon as we say we're leaving!"

  "..." An Guyan felt that her ears were going to break!

  Listening to the sound of her hard breathing, An Guyan knew that this crazy woman still wanted to continue singing. He quickly reached out his hand to hold her mouth to prevent this guy's devil voice from piercing her ears.

  "Woo!" Gu Qiqi struggled and waved wildly. He accidentally grabbed An Guyan's belt and pulled it desperately!

  An Guyan held her lips with one hand and tried to remove her hand from her belt with the other.

  A few seconds later, the white and tender little hand left a little, but... pressed on his chest.

  An Guyan's breathing began to be unstable. It was very good. No matter whether this woman went crazy on purpose or deliberately seduced him, she succeeded!

  Just as he was about to pull her out, the belt on his pants was unbuttoned by her.

  "Shadow! I'm going to arrest you!"

  Gu Qi shouted and suddenly held his hand. She wanted to take out her handcuffs and searched for them for a long time, but she couldn't find them. She was a little anxious at the moment, so she could only point to him. "You, come back to the police station with me!"

  An Guyan's mouth twitched. Was this woman a policeman? So when he got drunk, he thought that he was a criminal.

  "It seems that I'm a bit unlucky!"