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Love you likewise

Love you likewise


In a marriage, he, God's favored son, married her, who was mentally ill. After marriage, he nibbled on her body and mind like a devil. Until he pushed her to a grave, she knew that she had become the most innocent debt maker.
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  The moon was like a silver hook, and the Lei Family's mansion.

  "Dad, you didn't get dizzy, did you? You want us to marry a psycho!"

  "Muxue was only mentally ill when she was young. She had been cured for a long time."

  "But she has the bottom of the case. Aren't you afraid that the disease will break out one day? This kind of disease will be inherited! If I want to marry that woman, I would rather give up that position."

  "Although I also want to take that position, it's terrible to think about sleeping with a psychotic."

  When Lei Zhenyu announced to his three sons that whoever married Third Miss Mu would be able to take over as the president of the "Thunder", he immediately raised opposition from his second son and his little son.

  Helplessly, he could only put his hope on his eldest son, who was the most calm, but this time, his eldest son, who had never let him down...

  "Dad, I'm sorry. I can't bet on the rest of my life."

  "You..." Lei Chenyu was so angry that he couldn't say no to Mdm Mu's compensation condition. Was she going to let him marry her?

  "I'll marry him!"

  Suddenly, the door was pushed open.

  Following the sound, he saw a tall and straight man coming against the light. He was in an iron-gray suit, with his sleeves rolled up carefully. Step by step, he was steady and powerful. The silent footsteps made him sound a little creepy. Especially when he appeared in the dark, he was like a pig, like the color of heaven and earth.

  When he walked in, Lei Chenyu and his son finally saw his face clearly. It turned out that his face was...

  "Brother Feng... Brother Feng!" Lei Chenyu's three sons shouted at the same time.

  "Uncle, I haven't seen you for a long time."

  This "uncle" made Lei Zhenyu tremble with fear. He stood up and said with a smile, "It's been a long time. I think the security of the Lei Family doesn't recognize you."

  "Are you talking about those good-for-nothing outside the door?" The man leaned to one side, and there were already eight well-trained people standing outside the big door. Their uniforms were all silver suit, and the security of the Lei family had already been lying at their feet.

  "What's the relationship between you and 'Yin'?" Lei Zhenyu asked incredulously.

  Yin, it was said that it was a transparent organization. As long as it asked it to do something, it could do anything it wanted. Whether it was in the business world or in the underworld or in the government, even if it involved cross-country cases, it was easy for them to do so.

  "I'm not here to talk old with you. I'm here to tell you that I'll marry the woman of the Mu family! Tomorrow, I'll take over as the president of Thunder!" After announcing, the man turned around and left.

  "Wait a minute! This condition won't work on you!"

  His feet stopped, and a cold light slowly swept over, which was very frightening.

  "...Eightty years ago, the Lei family sold her to one person from the Mu family. Today, I will marry back a woman from the Mu family! And 'Thunder' is just a tool that I used to defeat the Mu family! It will be your turn when I finish cleaning up the Mu family!" A deep and thick voice sounded slowly, but it made people feel creepy.

  In less than a minute, the man came and left again. If it weren't for the fact that there were still a few security guards lying outside the door, people would think that it was a dream.

  Lei Zhenyu collapsed on the sofa. The original wolf cubs had now become a very lethal wolf. With a cold expression and sinister eyes, he was like an Asura from hell. His whole body was full of violence, which made people shudder.

  "Dad, elder brother said that why did the Lei family sell a person to the Mu family 18 years ago?" Lei Wanjun asked in confusion.

  "That's not what you should ask! Now we have to find a way to stop Lei Li Feng from taking away the 'Thunder'!" Lei Zhenyu scolded sternly. Then he waved his hand and left, leaving his three sons looking at each other.

  In the early morning, the Mu family, in an idyllic villa, there was beautiful piano music, and Xiao Bang's night music was like the sound of nature.

  "Miss, Mr. Mu invites you to come over."

  The sound of the piano stopped abruptly, and the woman sitting in front of the piano slowly turned back.

  She had an angelic face, dressed in a light-colored floral skirt, and a pair of bright black eyes looked at the person with fear.

  "Uncle is looking for me... What can I do for you?" The slender white hand was secretly holding the hem of her dress, which fully showed her nervousness.

  She, Muxue... the third daughter of the Mu family, had stayed in a mental hospital for five years and returned to this big family when she was 13. She didn't like to talk to others, and people in the family also didn't want to talk to her. They almost didn't think she was there, but... uncle, was the man who controlled all the fate of the Mu family going to see her?

  The housekeeper did not answer her, but just urged her to leave. Muxue was very uneasy. How could she not be afraid when someone who had been forgotten was suddenly reminded?