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Everlasting love

Everlasting love



The story of a young man named Jason Scot who had a relationship with a girl named Janet Edward when they were little but left to pursue his carrier but later on came back for her only to receive the greatest shock of his life that she moved out two years after he left. Mr jason Scot began a journey of search. The question is will Mr jason Scot find her,if he should find her will she accept him?
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  The flight has just landed and people were coming down so as Mr Jason who came down and entered into the car that have already been prepared for him and he zoomed off the airport.


  Mr Jason welcome,the maids,gardener, gateman and driver welcomed him after his long trip .He smiled and said thank you and told them that later on they should come over the sitting room for the gifts he bought them,they were all happy and thanked him .Then he went upstairs to arrange his things and prepared for his visit of his long lost girlfriend who he had left in other to pursue his career.

  So he arranged his things in the cupboard arranged the room to his taste, Jason was a very good looking guy who is tall and light in complexion,and he was also very unique in his things, he is an online investor who was very rich.

  He was a well to do man which made girls to trip over him but he was very resistant and loyal to the relationship he added with Janet since he was a kid, Even if he had lost contact with her he was still determined to come back for her.whichmade his reaction towards women very cold.


  By the time he was through it was already evening,so he simply came downstairs for dinner,the cook had prepared so much dish because she didn't know his type.

  He simply just scooped some porridge and ate it after that he took some french fries and ate then he coughed a little and his nanny quickly rushed over to hand over a glass of water to him which he gulped down slowly,when he was alright he simply said thank you nanny mercy, nanny mercy has always been his nanny since he was a little child, even before his parents death,so he was so fund of her even now that he was an adult.

  When he was done eating he went upstairs

his room

and just did some research on Cambridge Street which was Janet's street when they were younger when he was done he smiled and couldn't wait to find his love,he was so happy that he slept with a smile on his face.