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His only love

His only love



Romance novel angelica is a 18 year old girl, her mother passed away when she was 16 and her father locked her away until he could be useful to him. Angel's father sells her on to her future husband but luckily enough for angel it is the man of her dreams. She can finally be happy! but will she allow herself to trust the man who bought her? The man everyone wants?
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  Her name was Angelica, but she would be called by Angel, that's what her mother called her and since she passed away it's the only thing she has left. Her name , it seemed like such a small, worthless thing to other but to Angel it was everything.

  Angel was a beautiful young girl, she was a legendary hidden beauty in the small village where she grew up. but this was to be expected as her mother was one of the most beautiful women in all the lands, her hair golden and eyes as blue as the lagoon. angel inherited all of these along with a beautiful body anyone would ask for, but for all she had she was always alone. her father wanted nothing to do with her and so since the death of her mother she was hidden away in her room. hidden away until she could be useful to her father once more.

  Angel understood the ways of the world, her mother told her of them when she was young but she had always hoped to escape the fate that awaited her alas she had turned 18 now and the hope for escape was fading in her heart. all she could do now was hope for someone who would love her like the way her father loved her mother.

  angel sat alone by the window in her room, the only way she could see the outside world now. the only escape was the book in her hand, she would escape to her dreams every day with the help of her many books. she hoped to go to these places one day, she wanted to go out and see the wide ocean of peables, the city of Isonia, the castle of the kings. but she could never leave this room, she knew that but she could always dream, dream of a life she wanted.

  a knock dragged angel out of her dreams, she glanced to the door as it opened. Anita her maid walked in with a small tray

  "it is lunchtime Angel, how is the new book?"

  "it is lovely, thank you so much Anita, I don't know what I would do without you here"

  Angel smiled and stood up, walking over to the small table in her room. Anita placed the tray down,stop it was simple sandwiches and scones with jam Angel smiled

  " thank you anita, you treat me to well"

  Anita smiled and winked, her hand slipping in her pocket of her apron, she pulled out a small jar

  " I snuck some clotted cream for you as well dear, I know you love it on your scones"

  Angel's smile widened, Anita had always been there for her no matter what, sneaking new books into the room for her every day, giving her treats and always ensuring her happiness. Anita was her one price of sunshine in this dark hole that she found herself in.

  Angel sat down and picked up a cucumber sandwich, her favourite, Anita started walking toward the door

  " are you not sitting with me today?"

  Angel asked sadly

  "I'm sorry Angel, it's quite busy today, your father has visitors"

  Anita left Angel in her room alone, again. Angel was used to this but that never helped her feel less lonely, she was desperate for attention, for someone to stay by her side.

  But she had no one.

  -Note From Writer-

  Hi guys I'm ikkle❤️

  so I hope you like my first chapter, I'm sorry it's short but I promise the won't all be this short!

  Don't worry your ML will be here soon!

  Angel has been my muse for years and I have been writing about her since I was 15, she has taken many different roles but she has always been Angel.

  I really hope you guys stick with me and please feel free to give me some tips!

  this is my first time sharing my story's with others