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Forever Yours

Forever Yours



She was the girl who has everything until they went Bankrupt. He was the boy who had everything until his family was betrayed. Sai was sold by her family to a ruthless ranch man where she fell in love with the cold face Chrys. A man whose mind is filled with revenge and had no time for love. Could he be Redeem by True LOVE or Destroyed by True LOVE.
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  The night was young and had no idea it pureness will be taken away. The sound is gunshot and screams woke a boy up. He helped his brother up and made their way out. They heard people running and shouting which echoed in the house as well as the outside. They could hear their father's voice yelling orders.

  The older brother and his younger brother ran off to their parents bedroom.

  "What going on ?" The older boy asked his mother as he started down the hall with his brother behind.

  "Vito!". Their mother,Layla bolted from the room. Raw terror could be heard in her voice. She stared at her sons and grabbed them to her. " Stat here," She commanded.

  The older boy who was thirteen felt like he was being treated like a kid. He was also taller than his mother. " I'm going to help him," he told her and then turn towards the stairs.

  "Oh hell NO! You are not going anywhere." She drag him by his collar backwards. " Stay here! I order you to.

  Take care of your brother. I'm going downstairs to your father. I'll find out what's going on and come back to tell you. Promise me! Promise me you'll stay here!"

  " I can take care of myself. " The younger one pouted and thrust out his jaw. He was trying to be as fierce as his brother. Stared at them for a second before she ran to her husband.

  The boys has never disobeyed their mothers direct order before. They stood there anxious because they didn't know what was happening and furious because they wanted to be part of it. The shattering of glasses and the booming sound of gunshot and the cracking of bones could be heard vibrating through the big house.

  As they were debating on how to join the fight, a scream splintered through the noise. It rose to a shriek then into a raw deep wail. It was their mother.

  The thirteen year old ran towards the noise but stopped due to a sense of caution that kept him from hurting himself. He threw himself to the floor and eased his head around the railing so he could see what was going on.

  He saw the his fathers dead body sprawled at the entrance of the foyer. An icy feeling of disbelief began to spreading through his body. His mother has thrown herself on her husband body and was still wailing in a sorrowful way. A man reached down and dragged his mother away from the body. As the boy watch, a lamplight fell across the man face. The boy froze. It was Sam Mends, one of his fathers men.

  "Get the kids too , and make sure they are dead." Mends said in a low voice but the boy heard him.

  He crawled from his hiding spot and drag his brother. "Run!" He hissed.

  They run to one was the guest rooms and climbed into one of the secret passage knowing fully well that their rooms will be the first place they are gonna check. They went through the secret way and ended in the kitchen.

  "What going on?" The younger boy whispered.

  "Dad's dead. It was Mends who did it. He's got Mother too. "

  The fight was still on going when the kids heard they're mothers scream grated through the cold air. They tiptoe through the the kitchen door. In side their mothers screaming was louder hurting their ears and they could hear thickly muttered curses too.

  The boy knew and went colder. Head thirteen but he knew. He rose to his feet, moving as silently as Black Panther. He saw a long-bladed kitchen knife.

  The screaming were only moans now and turning weaker. When he got there, he saw Mends rising to his feet between his mothers legs, pulling out of her body. His pants were open and his shrinking penis glistening wetly. He pull out his pistol and with a faint smile he put the barrel to the woman's head and pulled the trigger.

  Mends saw a shadow of movement and he dodge to one side but wasn't lucky enough. The boy jerked the knife free and the blade slashed downwards towards the man exposed private parts. Mends saw red when the blade sliced into his ball sac.

  "I will cut your useless cock off and shove it down your throat." Mends heard him and became pale white.

  One of his men were able to knock the boy and throw him off the floor.

  "Kill them!" He wailed and held on to his bleeding balls. Before he realize,the kids had already escaped from his sight. "Find them , find those bastards and kill them all." Obviously throwing a tantrums.

  The boys were able to escape and hid in a cave close to the forest. He found his brother lying still beside him. The younger boy took a bullet on his shoulder when they were being chase. Suddenly he realized they might die here.

  "No ," he said and touched his brothers still form again. "No matter what we have to get back what that bastard stole from us. No matter what it takes us we will avenge our parents death and take what belongs to us I swear it.