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It was love in the end

It was love in the end



It started with Shane who was a drunk and an abuser who could let Sascha go but while they was together he had cheated on her for 10 years that they were together and ended with marian who made her world complete and falling for him with children involved
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  There was a young girl Sascha was her name,she was still in school year 9.

  She had some trouble while being in school so she dropped out without her parents knowing.

  She hadn't really met her father till she was about 15 she moved to his 2 bedroom flat where he lived there with her half sister and brothers.She had met Shane through her father,Shane had seen to be a nice lad but that was what he was always in trouble.It was about 4 months into their relation ship when Sascha had found out she was pregnant,she was shocked she was still only a child herself