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Author:Abi Tia


Belony Hillover is as hell as rich and innocent but a brainy girl, Bethany is her twin sister who is obsessed with acquiring whatever belongs to Belony, because she envies her. After a series of heartbreaks, betrayals and humiliations Belony at last can't take it anymore and leaves back everything to live her own life.. She has a heart of stone... On the other hand Yua is totally fro. Another world to say.. He belong to a very weakthy traditional Korean family. He has chosen a path far from his families interest into fashion industry... He has also seen his hell lot of experiences which made him cold and far from a friendly person.. The perfect description his personal body guard would give about him is the Iorn fist. He was always sarcastically mean.. Only people with special brains would understand his mean criticism others just come to a conclusion of him being rude.. This two stone hearts clash and only to form a valcano of very warm and molten forms of them in a completely u imagined way they planned lives for them..
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  Stanley Hillover was walking up and down the ward.Only to bump into each and everyone waking in the corridor.. Seeing his worried face they all forgave him without a word..

  Rodhes Hillover sighed, "my son everything will be fine be calm, sit down here" then she showed him the seat next to her.. Stanley sat down with much hesitation, " Mom I'm really afraid.... What if she...." his voice broke as he buried his face into his hands... After a few seconds both of them could only hear his sobs...

  Just a few moments passby as he sit their buried faced and Rodhes stroking his head witn care there was a load scream of pain which lasted for about a quarter minute... Stanley's heart froze, Rodhes could neither figure out the cause of the scream.. After a minute of stiff air Rodhes was about to open her mouth to say something " My....."

  This time the scream was very clear and long enough "STANLEY WHERE ARE YOU, STANLEY !!!!!" This time it lasted for half a minute.. Now nothing could hold him back... He just jumbled out of the seat and ran to the door of the delivery room and before anyone would utter a word he barged in like a ferocious lion and stood by her.. Abigail just landed her eyes on him and lend out a pair of fragile hands towards him he took them... She stared blankly at him before she let out a faint smile and she fainted...

  After a half an hour everything was over now he had two blossoms in his hands 'aww soo cute' his heart went out to them both... He looked at his wife who was still in her unconscious state... She laid their like a withered blue lily. Doctors told him how much she suffered, he put both the babies back in the cradle and walked to her, sat by her in her bed. To him today she looked more beautiful than ever in this five years of marriage..

  He just sat there and held her hands to him she was the only key to his heart, he remembered the first day he saw her, she was very bold and strong, if not how could she beat the hell out of a guy in midst of so many people in that market place. No one dared to say a word to her. While he just walked into her so carelessly not looking around, jus looking at the pathway hearing to his Walkman. Jus as she turned to slap him, their eyes met... She just blushed very slightly and left the place like a flash of light.

  It was then he found out who she was from the guy who she has beaten up. Then kept following her on daily routine then ended up joining the same college as hers. Only after a year in college he brew some courage to speak to her. Then rest was history.

  Stanley Hillover stiffened a bit when he sensed someone else's presence in the room, he turned to see his mother entering the room. She was glowing despite he age. Well how will not she be she has been waiting for this day for five long years.

  Rodhes and Steven raised each child in their hand and Rodhes said ''Stan! look at them they both look alike and she this one's got the chesnet brown hair and the blue eyes of her mother...'' Only then the babies opened their eyes to look at them both. Rodhes continued " I'll name them Belony and Bethany", Stanley replied with a little childish slumber "Mom let the blue eyes be Belony Pls..."

  " your wish is granted my son" laughed Rodhes heartily and Stanley joined him. As they stopped laughing the door flung wide open...