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The Billionaire's Kid

The Billionaire's Kid



after a one night stand, the billionaire, Alexander Wilson, never knew that he had a 6- year old daughter from a co-worker who he considered as a friend Becca, tried her best to hide her from Alexander’s life, and be a great mother to her daughter What happens when they meet again by a coincidence, and Alexander finds out that, Becca Anderson, his lied to him and kept his daughter a secret from him and the whole world Check the story out to find out what happens next with the little family
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"Mommy, you will come today to my play? Right?" The 6- year old girl looked at me putting her hands together and giving me a begging look

"Eve baby, you kno-" I spoke as as I tucked a strand a piece of her hair behind her ears But she stopped me

"-Mommy no! You always say this, and it's my final play ma! Please" she said as I let out a sigh

"baby you know that whatever I do is for you, right?" I asked cupping her cheeks slowly

she nodded "but please mommy, just this once, I need you, because it's a big play and many important people are coming" she said giving me her puppy eyes

"alright baby, I'm coming" I said as she shrieked

"THANKYOU! THANKYOU MA!" She yelled jumping as she hugged me

"I love you ma!!" She said pressing a kiss to my cheek

"Oh baby; you know I love you more Eve" I said "now get ready love"

We both entered the room, I took her clothes out and she took it smiling at me before she entered the bathroom,

after getting ready, me and Evelyn got out

"E, Stay close" I whispered as I always do

"I know ma" she said taking hold of my dress as I locked the door, I held her hands and we got out as the people stared at us

the neighborhood we lived in wasn't anywhere near good, many bad things happen in here, many fights, guys would rape girls, and they'd always sit outside looking at girls hungrily as if they are the prey

this neighborhood wasn't neither safe for me or for Evelyn but this is the only place I could afford right now

I was dealing with many things right now

after taking the bus and making few stops, I held Evelyn's hand as we both entered her school

"Nervous?" I asked her as I held her hands

"bit, because it's a big event but really excited since you're here" she said looking up to me

"Im sorry baby" I said sadly

"I know ma, it's alright" she said and I smiled, I don't know how she grown up to be so understanding although she's only 6 years old

"EVE!" Sophie yelled running to her as they both hugged

"Guess what! Mommy's here today" eve said with a wide smile

"hey auntie B" Sophie said as I hugged her

"Hey baby, where's your parents?" I asked her

"they are waiting there, with the audience" she said smiling

"baby, I'm gonna go right now alright?" I said as eve nodded

"Good luck baby girl" I said planting a kiss to the top of her head

"thanks ma" she said

"Good luck to you too Soph; you both will do a good job" I said as they both smiled before waving a goodbye

I entered the theater and found it really busy, cameras were placed around the theater, the first seats had vip people

I looked through the audience before I found my 2 best friends sitting together

"excuse me, may I pass" I said smiling at them before both of them looked up to me wide eyed

"Becca!" Both Nate and Katie stood up looking at me

"bitch! You didn't tell me you're coming" Katie said as she hugged me

"change in plans, I couldn't miss it, she wanted me here" I said as I hugged Nate

"B, you missed many plays, you did right today by coming here and hey, it's about time since the three of us are together, without the kids and outside of our house or yours" Nate said as he took the seat next to the right making me sit between him and Katie

I sat between both of them before Katie gave me a look

"Hey! i would've said you could take my place and sit beside your husband but nah, I'd rather not be a third wheel today and plus I'm the reason you both are together" I said sticking a tongue out

"oh god, you have a child Becca" Katie said laughing

"I'm 24 babe, still a child" I said laughing

"shh the play is starting" Nate said as he immediately put a hand on my mouth before I can say a word

after the play the children presented, Evelyn had the main role as little red riding hood, as soon as they finished all of the audience stood up and started cheering for them and they took an award for being the best play

and the play made a lot of money that shocked us and it was all for charity

the children soon came down running to their parents, Sophie made her way to us before she was tackled into a hug by her parents

"congratulations S! You did so great!" I said pulling her into a hug

"thankyou auntie B!" She said smiling happily

"have you seen Eve?" I asked as I looked around

"Yeah She was talking to a man over there" she said pointing

"A man?" I asked looking at Nate and Katie"let's go congratulate her" Katie said to Sophie as they followed me before I was standing infront of Eve who had a man kneeling infront of her as they talked and shared some laughs

I couldn't see who the man was because he was giving me his back

"Eve baby" I cleared my throat before speaking

"MA!" Evelyn yelled before running to me and hugging me tightly

"I'm so proud of you baby! Congrats" I said

"Baby?" I heard a voice say before I looked up and I met the eyes of someone I haven't seen in almost 7 years

His features didn't change that much, he was still hot but he's grown up now

"Alex?" I said with a shock

"Alex?!" Katie said wide eyed as her mouth hung open and she looked at me worriedly

I can immediately feel someone wrap a hand around my waist and I knew it was Nate

"B..Becca?" Alex said confusedly