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The Billionaire's Son

The Billionaire's Son



“Let’s do it.” He said. I looked at him confused. “What? What are you talking about?” He took a deep breath. “This family, this marriage. Let’s give it a shot.” My eyes widened at what he said, this billionaire must be getting crazy. He’s starting to get weird. “Are you drunk? Do you want me to get you some water? You’re starting to say some weird things.” He shook his head. “For real, let’s give this marriage a shot. I want us to work, no reasons, and no excuses.” I eyed him. “And why is that? Two hours ago you were just accusing me off of cheating on you and now here you are, saying some weird things about us making this marriage work.” He closed his eyes for a brief second. “That’s me being possessive, I don’t like it when men talk to you, I don’t like it when you wear sexy things.” My forehead creased. “Wha“ “Because I think, I’m starting to believe we are real. I’m falling in love with you.” ***************************** Anicka pictured her future to be perfect, having her dream job, building her dream house and having her dream wedding. She had planned all of it but went downhill when her one-night mistake made her bear the billionaire's son. They were doing fine without the billionaire but all of sudden; his back and wanted to be with his son. Anicka decided to run away but she got caught, this time there is no hiding anymore. Anicka couldn't bear to be far from her son and the child wanted a complete family, she had to do it because it's no longer about her. This is now about her son. Here she is marrying the billionaire.
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My forehead creases as soon as I entered the office because of the noises employees were making. One thing is for sure, it's another gossip that's going around.

"Have you heard?" Chezka asked while I was fixing the table.

Quietly shook my head and started reading all the files on my table. It was a lot.

She throws some tissues at me; I rolled my eyes at her.

"What is it that you've heard, that clearly I haven't heard of, just tell me now cause there are things that I need to do." She rolled her eyes at me.

"The company has a new Chief Executive Officer." I nodded as a response.

She raises her eyebrows at me.

"No violent reaction or anything?" She asked.

I laugh a little. "Why should I react? That's normal, it happens besides it was supposed to be done last year. Why are you so shocked?"

She was staring at me intently.

"Let me guess. You don't know who the new Chief Executive Officer is and clearly, you don't have any idea what's going to happen to you?"

"Why. Should I be worried?"

Again. She rolled her eyes at me.

"Never mind, just attend the assembly later, there you'll know. I don't know if you will still come in tomorrow." She said before leaving my office.

Chezka and I have been friends since college, through thick and thin. Surprisingly, even though our attitudes are very different from each other we get along a lot.

I worked quietly for hours until it was time for the assembly, to introduce the new Chief Executive Officer.

Joining the employees in the assembly hall was excruciating personally, I don't mingle with the company's employees. I sat down at the first row; it was required since every department head should be at the front row, quietly waiting for the assembly to start when Chezka spoke beside me.

"Start to get nervous." She said.

I quietly waited for the board officials to start entering the stage and sat down. I just watched them with a boring look but a man immediately caught my attention.

He walks confidently on stage and started speaking with no trace of shyness and nervousness

It was a cold but familiar voice that was enough to chill my back and give me a shiver through my whole body.

"I've told you, you should be nervous. Look at him, it's been years." Chezka said to me.

I turned at her, not even realizing how pale my face was looking at the moment.

"Is that... HIM?" I made a mouth gesture at her.

She's giving me nods slowly.

"Good Afternoon. I'll just make this short since it's almost rush hour. I'm your new Chief Executive Officer and I look forward to working with all of you,"

I couldn't move immediately. Employees started to leave the assembly hall, but I was still there, processing the situation I was in.

"What. Let's go" Chezka said.

Chezka was arranging her things when she turned her gaze to me. "Aren't you going home yet? You used to always be the first to get things ready and go home." She stated.

I just looked at her.

By the time I got home, my mind was still floating. Questions are flooding me right now.

It's been years, why now.

Why would fate bring us together, in this kind of situation?

The next morning came and I was wondering if I should resign or not because if I would resign I wouldn't be able to see him anymore and that's what I want.

I've arrived at the office quietly, but to my great surprise, someone was sitting in my chair.

It was him.

"Good Morning Sir. What can I do for you?"

I tried to make my voice sound calm rather than shaky.

He just looked at me sharply and grinned slightly.

"Funny how fate brings us together. It's been what? 7 or 8 years. It's been a while."

I closed my lips tightly and stand up so straight.

Why should I be worried? He doesn't know and he would never know.

"Sir. If it's not too much, may I just tell you that this is our workplace? Personal matters should not be brought here. If you have anything to say, you can email me and I'll gladly respond."

He laughs out loud and leans back on the chair.

"Yeah. That's what you're good at, right? Running away."

He stood up and started walking towards me.

I just remained standing, I couldn't move.

"Better ready yourself, I'll make you pay for the impact you've done to my life."

I turned to him.

I just breathed a sigh of relief when he left my office.

Legs became wobbly, and I sat straight to the floor.

In less than a minute, I felt Chezka enter the office.

"Are you alright? I heard Nathan came here."

I nodded.

"Martha, are you ready for our dare to you? We're about graduate, don't be worried about the dare."

I shook my head at them. On our block, I was the only person left with a dare that needs to be done.

They didn't stop teasing me.

"What kind of dare is it? This better be good cause I don't wanna waste my time."

Ella smiled.

"It's pretty simple. Just have this shot with Nathan." She then gave me a shot glass.

But I didn't know that a mere shot glass would ruin everything.

All day, my mind was blank.

Until I got home, I was restless.

"Nathaniel is asleep already. Should I make coffee for you?" Manang asked.

"All right, Manang. Black coffee would be nice. I need coffee to be able to think properly." I said absentmindedly.

She nodded. "Is there a problem? Should I call your parents?"

I shook. "There's no need Manang. It probably won't last."

"This is why I keep on telling you, we should have followed your parents in the United States. It's better and more comfortable there."

I suddenly thought of what Manang said.

Another country.

Far away from the Philippines.

There is a greater chance that I will never see him again nor meet him.

"Here's your coffee. Drink it before it gets cold."

"You're right Manang. Maybe this is the right time for us to leave the country for good."

Manang shrugged at what I said.

"First thing in the morning, please ready all the documents that we need for filing the visa. I want it done as soon as possible."

Manang's forehead furrowed even more.

"Are you in debt or maybe you're in arrears? Why do you seem to be hiding from someone." She asked.

"No. I want it done as soon as possible, and it's for the best, especially for Nathan."

Manang can't the know real reason. If she finds out, she will definitely tell my parents.

Plans will be ruined.

We lived without him for several years.

And for the rest of our lives, we would not need his company either.