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How To Be A Succubus

How To Be A Succubus



When a woman dies in the ocean with regret and hate, she becomes a siren to mesmerize men to sink their ships. When a woman dies in the snow in despair, she becomes a yuki-onna to freeze anyone who has the guts to look at her. When a raped woman dies with the desire for revenge in her heart, she becomes a succubus to suffer men and to be fed from them. This is my story; written for those who take the hard way instead of accepting death and rely on angels to bring justice. *Mature content *No underage character *No incest *No love, just lust
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  When I thought about that question, I couldn't imagine that my answer to that single question would cause all of these. Still, I've never regretted the answer I gave, even for once in all these years.

  ''Girl, do you want revenge?'' She had asked. I looked up at her from the ground, where I lie in my own blood at a desolate part of the forest. She was beautiful, she was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.

  She was beautiful enough to make me forget all the pain, hate, and regret I felt. I could do nothing but stare at her for seconds. I wished I could worship her, rip my heart out, and give it to her just to smile at me. Not only was she beautiful, she was mesmerizing. The moment I thought about this word, my brain started to work again.

  I was mesmerized by that nine tailed demon. When I got out of her illusion, I looked at the woman again. She was still beautiful enough to make men beg for her attention and duel to impress her, but I didn't want to rip my heart out anymore.

  Her skin exposed by the dress, which was sewn to show rather than conceal her body, looked white as milk and soft as cream under the moonlight. Her hair and tails were in the color of gold which the sun used to dye the clouds just before it disappeared into the sea.

  What color her eyes were, I didn't know at that moment because I was afraid to look directly into her eyes, so as not to be caught in her illusion again. She giggled, and I swear my heart forgot how to beat for a second.

  ''Look at you! What a strong will you have, my girl. Even in this state, you are able to escape my eyes,'' She said.

  I was happy that she praised me, and I was willing to be her girl. However, I hadn't lost my mind this time to realize that it was the magic in her voice that caused my feelings.

  Unfortunately, mentioning my state stopped the temporary dazedness caused by the illusion, and the pain came back. No longer able to hold my head up and rest my forehead on the ground, I clenched my fingers as feeling my nails going into the soil and bit my own tongue so as not to groan.

  ''My love,'' She said. Her voice was heartbreaking as if she was really sad for me. ''What made you like this?'' I felt she caress my head with her hand, I saw that her skirt, which is made of two pieces of fabric that do not actually cover her legs, soaked into my blood because she was leaning toward me.

  The rational part of my brain was aware that she had nothing to do with feeling sorry for me. Still, all I wanted at that moment was to embrace me and stay that way forever. Maybe, just maybe, if I was in my best state I could resist.

  I had let her in my mind without even realizing it. She looked into my mind to find an answer to her question. What made me like this? With her, I lived my memories again.

  In the first scene, I was five, holding my father's hand. He was introducing me to a black haired boy in dirty clothes. He was going to live with us from today so I should have been kind to him.

  In the second scene, the black haired boy was now taller and in clean clothes. He was walking behind my father and inspecting our soldiers. He looked at me and turned his face immediately. My heart was broken because he didn't turn and look at me again.

  I felt sorrow before seeing the third scene. My dad was lying on his bed weaker than ever, coughing frequently. I was on the edge of his bed, but he couldn't even see me. I felt a warm hand wipe my tear and I met the black eyes of the black haired boy, which is a man now. I let him confront me.

  The fourth and final scene was just yesterday. I saw black hair and black eyes on me. If he asked for it, I would give myself to him. But, no, he didn't want me. He wanted the power he would gain when he had been with me. There is no need for my will, so he didn't ask for it.

  My noble bloodline, my cultivation of years, and my purity. He took everything I had. My wealthy, my loyal men, my father. During my father's illness, I had been weak and let a man take control of everything. Without realizing that even the so-called illness was created for that man's purposes.

  My own thoughts echoed in my mind. I wouldn't spend the rest of my life as this man's concubine so that he could strengthen his bloodline with my body. Slashing my wrists would have been an easy escape. But I didn't want to run away, I wanted revenge.

  I stepped into a teleportation formation, not even knowing where it was going so that I could not be traced. Even if they realized I was gone and tried to follow me, they would be teleported elsewhere because the formation has been broken for years. So one day I could return for revenge.

  Luckily I came to a low-level forest on the demon-human border. Unluckily, I'm not even low-level now, I was a cripple. The love of my life had crippled my meridians because he didn't want me to escape. Hah.

  Even with this state of me, I could deal with a few low-level demons thanks to the experience of years. But those sons of bitches came in packs. Somehow I managed to escape, while cursing my own destiny, I run into the female demon.

  ''Ah, I see,'' She said and released my head. As soon as she stopped touching my hair, I missed her touch. Of course, the pain didn't wait for me to gather myself to come back, and this time I couldn't stop myself from groaning.

  The female demon didn't seem to care anyway. ''No wonder the system created a quest. You are too good to be wasted here,'' She said. She grabbed my face and turned it to look at her, ''Tell me, girl, do you want revenge?''

  Do I want revenge? There was no way I could lie, staring at her eyes that were a brighter yellow than her hair. ''Yes,'' I said. My voice was not silky like hers. It was cracked and in pain.

  ''Nice,'' She said and touched my lips with hers. It wasn't a kiss exactly. I felt something soft, warm, and silky begin to form inside my mouth. I could feel my tongue touching something like my hand was touching silk, but there was no taste.

  The heat slowly slid down my throat and I could not stop myself from groaning again. However, this time it wasn't because of the pain. I felt the heat slowly move towards my stomach, leaving a trail of fire where it passed through. The heat kept spread until it reached my lower belly and stopped there.

  The only thing I remember for minutes after that moment was that I was on fire. Then, I died.