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Don't Spoil Her Too Much

Don't Spoil Her Too Much


It never occurred to her that she would fall asleep with her enemy, Huo Miyhen, a tycoon in the business of North City. They had thought that there was a narrow road between them, but they did not expect that they would have a marriage of "the best match". One day, a reporter interview. "Mr. Huo, I want to ask what kind of girl you like the most on behalf of your female compatriots." "I'm just like my wife." At this point, the news of Boss Huo's secret marriage spread all over the nine provinces. ~ After they got married, the warmth broke out. "Third Master, I'm not feeling well!" "It doesn't matter. I'm not in good health. It proves that I'm lack of exercise. Come on, my life is endless and I'm unable to stop exercising." Finally, she broke down and said, "Huo Tinghen, are you fucking done?"
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  "Well..." The pain under her body made her open her eyes from the coma.

  The room was so dark that no one could see what was in it.

  She could only hear the heavy breathing of the man and the pain he brought to her.

  She pushed her opponent away with all her strength, but it was as if her fist had hit the cotton. It was a futile blow.

  She couldn't make a sound and could only pray in her heart, "Stop it."

  The man's action made her faint again.

  When he woke up again, it was already bright in the sky.

  When Nuan opened her eyes and looked at the strange room, the scene of last night popped up in her mind.

  She suddenly sat up, only to feel a burst of pain under her body.

  When she got out of bed and saw the red flower on the sheets, she clenched her fist.

  It's not a dream...

  The bathroom door opened.

  A man walked out of the bathroom.

  When she saw the other party's face clearly, she fell on the bed with a look of horror. "How come it's him?"

  The man only had a bath towel wrapped around his lower half of his body. After glancing at him, he naturally said lazily, "Are you awake?"

  Nuan swallowed her saliva and got nervous. She struggled to stand up and said, "Mr... Mr. Huo."

  The man naturally wiped the water droplets on his hair and said, "If you have something to say, let's talk about it later. Let's go in and clean it."

  Nuan looked down and said, "No, I... I have something else to do. I have to go first."

  "Mr. Wen, don't you need to explain what happened last night?"

  Nuan blushed and thought, "What explanation does this kind of thing need?"

  Could it be that she had made a report to him saying that she had drunk too much and did not know what had happened?

  Nuan sighed, raised her head, and looked at Huo Xingshen. "Mr. Huo, I'm very clean, and I don't have that kind of disease. I don't think Mr. Huo has any losses last night, so can you just pretend that nothing has happened?"

  In fact, she seemed to be confident and confident, but the last sentence she said was very cowardly.

  "I know you're clean. After all, I've done it myself."

  Nuan's face was slightly flushed. If she knew it, she didn't have to say it out loud. How embarrassing it was.

  "I just want to ask you what you need me to do for you. I don't think you want me to send you away with the check."

  Nuan was stunned. "I don't need anything. I only hope that Mr. Huo can keep this secret."

  "That's all?"

  "Yes," replied Nuan earnestly.

  Huo Tinghen raised his good-looking eyebrows and sized up the thin girl in front of him. Finally, he nodded expressionlessly.

  Wu Lian grabbed her clothes and bag and left the hotel's room quickly.

  The corners of Huo's mouth curled up evilly.

  This woman... was interesting.

  There was only one thought in her mind, and she immediately left Huo Tinghen's side.

  In North City, Huo Xingshen, the president of the Emperor's Group, was only 27 years old. He represented power, wealth, and... danger.

  It was said that in order to take the position of president of the God's Shadow Company, he killed his eldest brother at all costs, mutilated his second brother, and finally succeeded in taking up the position.

  If there was a person, she would not even dare to think about it and would never dare to covet it.

  This man must be Third Master Huo in front of her.

  Because the Dyang Group was the deadly enemy of the Bai's Group.

  And she didn't want to have any contact with the Bai family for the rest of her life.

  When she walked out of the hotel, she slapped herself on the face.

  "Are you crazy? The toad on your legs is easier to find than Huo Xingshen. Why are you so..."

  If the Bai family knew about this, she shook her head. She really didn't want to think about the consequences.

  The phone rang at this time.

  She took it out and looked at it. It was Huo's call.

  Her fingers shook twice, and this was the first time his number appeared on her mobile phone screen.

  Why did he call me?

  If I don't answer the phone, will I look guilty?

  When the ringtone of the mobile phone was about to end, she picked up the phone and said, "Mr. Huo."

  "As a compensation for your first night, I promise to give you a condition. At any time, you can find me to do one thing for you, except that you want me to fall in love with you."

  Nuan paused for a moment and then said in a cold voice, "Mr. Huo, I think you misunderstood me. I didn't sell it."